Take Me Away

Mmhmm, this is the ending theme song of Miss No Good, and the overture to Rainie Yang’s new album: The Proclamation of Entering Womanhood (半熟宣言)*, due to be released on the 7th of November.

True to the album title, a transition to maturity is evidently seen from the first released MV, which greatly deviates from the quirkiness of her last album.

Take Me Away [dl here] is expected to be another major drama theme song hit success following Ambiguous** (if it hasn’t already.) It’s written and composed by Qing-Feng Wu from SodaGreen, whose lyrical power (*melts*) and compositional complexity is self-evident.

album cover

*About the album title translation, YesAsia translates it as “Not Yet a Woman”, which I think has an entirely different meaning. So I translated it my way.

**I still think “Ambiguous” is a terrible translation, but since it’s well established, why bother changing it. But I’m still free to rant. I think. (Although according to Naomi Wolf, Democracy is turning into Fascism.)

7 thoughts on “Take Me Away”

  1. ^ in fact, her new bangs annoy me. i still prefer her with side bangs. but her singing definitely improved. although, i think she’s still got some way to go before she can be considered good.

  2. Her voice isn’t all that (certainly hasn’t a patch on the likes of Jane Zhang or Faye Wong), but it’s been improving.

    As for me, TW drama is a definite no these days. *sigh*

  3. 嗯!


    我很欣賞你的文章,非常期待你即將要po的Bloody Monday第四集,我把它拿來練我的英文。


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