I know, I’m procrastinating. And that’s bad. Procrastination in this current state of mine is like cotton candy to a diabetic; a wet dream to a castrated man — it brings momentary escape, but the pain it inflicts in the near future clearly out weights the cheap, guilty pleasure of the present and therefore, should be averted.

But man, I need some cognitive enrichment. Just like an animal in the enclosure of a zoo. (Except, what confines me is the resentful shackle of an laborious duty called “exams”. *sigh*) So here they are, my guilty pleasure:

Isnt she so graceful?

I’ve actually had chicks as pets in the past, which is why this picture (above, right) makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (and sadly, nostalgia). And, isn’t the little hawksbill turtle so cute? Unfortunately, more and more sea turtles are falling victim to light pollution. 😦

The picture on the left is a man washing his elephant. I wouldn’t mind living in Africa if I can have an elephant or a giraffe as a pet. The picture on the right is a Venus Fly Trap. She looks so luscious. (I’ve also had a Venus Fly Trap at one point in my life. I was so sad when mine died. 😦 )

What’s this on the left? An endangered Beluga Whale. Endangered Palin woman, ENDANGERED!!! (Ironically, she’s from Alaska.)

Ok. Enough procrastination. Time to get back to the boring stuff. (Oh I’m so screwed.)

PS: Doesn’t diene sound awfully like dying to you?

6 thoughts on “Enrichment”

  1. I don’t know what you do ( I guess I haven’t read enough posts) but as a college instructor I can say a little procrastination is healthy…as long as you know when to quit. You really are kind to share you language skills with the rest of us. K

  2. haha! its like you threw a stone straight into my thick skull. ok fine…ill go and study too… enough with our little pleasures (mine now includes reading your entries) haha!

    God bless on your exams.

  3. hiya, stop procrastinating but i agree a little procastination won’t hurt. sometimes it gives you the energy to go back to the boring stuff. hahaha.

  4. I teach business courses, mostly at community colleges and small business centers–and I don’t give exams. For my areas and my students I find that papers, case studies and projects better prepare them to use the material in the real world. My guilty pleasure for the last couple of years has been watching various soaps from Asia. I must confess I like the silly and happy ones the best…I get enough “drama” in real life. I wish you and all the other students on this forum well in your studies. K

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