Heads Up

Usually when there is a new post categorized as Blog Matter being published, it’s just a string of words scrambled in different order to explain the same old “I don’t have time, recaps will be pushed until I do”.

I’m not dropping anything (I totally would if people didn’t comment each time thanking me for not dropping a certain drama. *ahem*) but I won’t have time to write anything until After the 30th, but even then, it’s still two to three hours a night max of free time to recap, if I’m lucky. You guys all know one episode ranges from 45 to 90 minutes, so really, three hours isn’t much.

So, if the next time you check back, you don’t see a Hot Shot or an Invicible Shan Bao Mei, or even a Bloody Monday recap, don’t be alarmed. I wasn’t mysteriously murdered and left to rot! (At least, I hope it won’t happen.)

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