Hot Shot: shot 13 – Distance

Shot 13

You go on dates, reach first base, but when you try to confess, things go bad. She starts to avoid you, not returning your calls, and practically disappears from the surface of the planet. What do you do now? Bite pillows? Sit in a corner and read Proust? Or do you…

tell yourself that maybe you are not giving her enough space. Maybe you are pressing too hard. Maybe you need to back off a little. But really, what does she think?

JieEr doesn’t know. She is torn between her desire to be with Xiang and the unequivocal understanding of the impossibility of such desires.

They are this close, yet they are that far apart.

So JieEr succumbs to the only way she knows how to be close to Xiang — play ball with him as Qiu Kui, perhaps for the last time.

Meanwhile, DaYing is cheered at the thought of going out of town for a brief vacation with W. W’s father is concerned with W’s well being and questions the benefit of an unnecessary visit to DaYing’s hometown. He is distracted, however, by DongFang Shuo’s offer and pays no close heed to W’s decision.

DongFang Shuo came to the principle the night W’s in the hospital and offered to purchase the school (I guess for the sake of the story, PiLi is a private school and the principle supposedly is one of the shareholders, that’s why DongFang Shuo discusses administrative matters such as this with the principle?) The principle reasons with W that if the deal is established, it certainly profits the school as well as the players on her team because once they graduate, they can automatically become part of DongFang family’s professional basketball team. (Dang, such wealth. Wonder what this guy did to obtain the riches. Did he go to Monte Cristo islet and dig up a treasure?) W recognizes the obvious benefit of the negotiation but she also points out that given DaYing’s nature, if he were to know the truth about his grandma, he will not acquiescent being on DongFang Shuo’s team. Dad sighs.

“I understand, but these are the past. Let the past stay in the past. I’m old and I’m tired. It’s time to retire so I have more time to take care of you.” (awww)

(On the other hand, W’s so sick that her skirt is now two inches longer than usual. Thought I’d point that out. :D)

Project Tian Wu is underway. Grandpa DongFang Shuo is confident the purchase will be granted and PiLi will become the last piece in the puzzle. But the bad news is that although Xiang has exhibited unprecedented potential, his stability is in decline, and hence, statistically unsuitable to join Project Tian Wu. Grandpa will not have this. And that’s where the absurdity comes in. But before diving in, let’s back up a little and explain this whole recurring Tian Wu people talk.

Tian Wu people is a special species of people , who are born with exceptional physical abilities, making them the perfect basketball players in terms of speed, force, and agility. (Yes, apparently allllllllllll the great anthropologists in the history of science missed a whole branch on their robustly bifurcating phylogenetic tree.) The WuDi brothers are Tian Wu people, so is Yuan DaYing, which is why grandpa is so interested in him. Although Xiang doesn’t belong to this (imaginary) species, he could make up for the lack of genetic advantage if he reaches a certain state — to reach that state, he must be free from all feelings. (Now we’re treading some unknown territory up above the clouds.)

To make Project Tian Wu possible (which we still don’t know what exactly it means), grandpa decides to pull some roots before Xiang’s love for JieEr grows into an evergreen.

Xiang comes to the court according to Qiu Kui’s text message. No one is there. JieEr stands outside the window and looks in. Sighing to herself, she whispers softly, “Sorry DongFang Xiang. Today, neither JieEr nor Qiu Kui wants to be seen by you.”

always hiding, always looking at him from afar

Just then, JieEr receives a text message from DaYing. It reads:

Stop running away from your feelings. DongFang Xiang faced his, so should you. Be yourself and accept DongFang Xiang. Good luck chasing after your happiness!

(this is so cute –>) your love cheer squad,
Yuan DaYing

Facing DaYing’s encouragement, JieEr still chooses to run away. Perhaps, in this life time, I can only face Xiang as Qiu Kui.

On the other hand,

W and DaYing are enjoying the greenery…

ephemeral happiness
ephemeral happiness


Xiang invites the PiLi trio to lunch. The three of them look at each other, then Du Fi whispers to XiaoYun and XiaoYu, “Can you believe it? The king of antisocial is actually treating us to lunch!” The other two nod is agreement, “I was just wondering about that.” “Oi, don’t be like that.” Xiang starts, “We are from the same team, why can’t I ask you guys out for lunch?” “Of course you can. I’m just surprised.” Du Fei replies. “More like astonished.” Xiao Yun corrects.

whoa yummilicious-looking food!
whoa yummilicious-looking food!

There’s no free lunch, before Xiang makes the intention of this lunch explicit, he chuckles shyly. (This is where my giggling fit started lol). “Actually, I need you guys’ help.” “Help? Did I hear you wrong? DongFang Xiang needs help?” Dismayed by the reaction, Xiang turns to the side and calls, “Waitress, the bill. I’m only paying for this drink.” then he stands up, pretending to leave. The trio shoot up to stop him. When they settle down again, the three of them started stuffing their faces with food shamelessly, just in case Xiang changes his mind again and they had to leave the delicious food untouched. Watching the three big boys devouring food at the speed of 80mph, Xiang hesitates slightly, then he swallows hard and asks, “Do you guys know… what girls are thinking?” *explosive laughter* The trio choked in unison. “Hey!” Xiang protests, then turning to the side he calls, “Waitress!” The trio get up at once to stop Xiang. (lol!!) “Ww..wait! We’re not making fun of you!” “Why would you ask something like that?” “There are so many girls out there who would love to be with you.” (mmm that’s true.) “You’re sure to have had more girlfriends than all of us combined.” Xiang makes a face and continues slowly and thoughtfully, “Being liked by many girls doesn’t mean I have lots of girlfriends…” The trio talk amongst themselves, “Why does it sound like he’s chiding us?” “No I’m not, just that…” Xiang’s voice trails off, as if talking to himself, “my past two attempts at confession fail so miserably…” The trio choked together again, as if on cue. Displeased by their reaction, Xiang turns to the side again, “Waitress I want the bill! They’re paying for this drink too!” (lol) The trio hurry up to appease Xiang, “Alright, alright, don’t worry. We’re on the same team, we’ll help. Don’t worry.”

The key to a woman's heart (according to the trio) - flower, cologne, and determination.

With the trio’s help, Xiang is ready to confess a third time. (This is gotta be the most comical side of Xiang that’s non-imaginary. Enjoy while you can because…)

Holding the HUGE bouquet of white roses, Xiang crab walks to the door with a wide grin on his face, confident that this time, he will succeed. He walks out into the hallway, and turns to JieEr’s door, then, his smile vanishes instantly. JieEr’s door is left ajar. He pushes in and looks around, empty. “JieEr?!” he yells. Nothing. Remembering JieEr’s request to not have to make a choice right away, Xiang drops the flower…

When JieEr returned home earlier in the day, she found Grandpa waiting, and her father standing close by. Without wasting a minute, DongFang Shuo ordered JieEr to stay out of Xiang’s way. To do that, she must disappear in front of Xiang. Forever.

Shes going to Austrilia.
She's leaving Xiang to go to Australia.

Looking through Tie Lan’s old clips, DaYing proudly boasts that he is almost as good as his grandma. This brings back the story behind Tie Lan’s leg injury and her abrupt departure from the basketball world. W decides it’s time for DaYing to know the whole truth and reveals that In order to gather all the top players on one team, DongFang Shou had used his influence to get rid of people who he considers obstacles to his success (analogous to what he did to JieEr). Tie Lan fought back but eventually succumbed to DongFang Shou’s brutality and made peace with ill fortune.

DaYing doesn’t understand. Why did W warn him that once he knows the truth, he might leave PiLi? (Obviously to DaYing, DongFang Shou’s conduct doesn’t speak for DongFang Xiang, hence their friendship are untouched by the mistakes of the earlier generation. But that’s only half of what’s happening.) “Because DongFang Shou wants to buy PiLi. Which is why I decided to tell you the truth.” W explains.

DaYing needs a moment to decide…

JieEr traverses the terminal ghostly.

Bits and pieces of thoughts encircle her with nostalgia.

DaYing made me realize that no matter what kind of difficulties we are forced to face, we must treat it with courage.

JieEr, DongFang Xiang has stopped running away from his feelings. You should too. Be yourself and accept DongFang Xiang.

Sinking into a deep regret, JieEr comes to the resolve — maybe the only way she can face DongFang Xiang is as if she is Qiu Kui.Therefore, she grabs her luggage and runs towards the exit, I will stay for you as Qiu Kui. From now on, Zhan JieEr ceases to exist. There is only Qiu Kui.

It’s a long night, for the three of them.

By dawn, DaYing has decided that he will leave PiLi and to pay back the suffering his grandma went through, he must challenge Xiang and win. Not because his friendship with Xiang is dampened by what happened to his grandma, but because he can’t really do anything about the old grandpa.

Unless, he wants this to happen:

but since that's out of the question,

the only way DaYing can avenge for his grandma is to beat whatever grandpa takes most pride and effort in, defeat it, smash it, and destroy it. (That would be Project Tian Wu, and by extension, the WuDi brothers, except DaYing doesn’t know about it yet. So the problem is how to work around it and let DaYing change his target.)

JieEr moves into an apartment without telling anyone, because Zhan JieEr evaporated yesterday when grandpa made the decision to cut her out of Xiang’s life. There is only Qiu Kui. (And with any major decision, there accompanies a hairstyle change.)

Xiang looks all over the place for JieEr with no luck, realizing it must be grandpa’s working, Xiang confronts him, opposes him, and leaves.

The short stay is over for W, she needs to return to PiLi and handle the problematic reality. Before leaving, she gives DaYing a special watch, whose cycle is exactly 48 minutes — the amount of time required for a basketball game.

She tells him,
She tells him,

Life is like the short 48 minutes. Until the last second ticks, anything can happen. The only thing is that each person’s time scale is different, and the end results are also different. What’s important is to find something worthy to be passionate about in the limited time you have.

Sensing the mournful undertone, DaYing wonders, “Will we see each other again?” Slightly stunned, W asks, “Why do you say that?” DaYing scratches his head and smiles, “I feel sad all of a sudden… But anyway, we will see each other again right? Take care.” “Alright, take care.” W leans over, pecks DaYing on the cheek and turns to leave a world of refreshing greenness behind.

Some distances stretch, others shorten.

Xiang has always listened to grandpa without objection, this time, he wants to live his own life for once. And so, he’s going to Australia to look for JieEr. Before leaving, he calls Qiu Kui to say goodbye. (Wow, JieEr does have two phones.) But he can’t leave and he shouldn’t leave, because JieEr is still here. So Qiu Kui rushes to the court to stop Xiang.

Xiang sees Qiu Kui and smiles happily while telling her he will be on the plane to Australia in two hours. (The thought of being able to see JieEr again must’ve cheered him up.)

Qiu Kui signs: Go to Australia for what? (Confession no. 3 coming up!)

Xiang smiles and replies without hesistation, “To find the girl I love. Do you remember a long time ago I told you I don’t know why I’m playing basketball? I didn’t say it right. In fact, it’s not just basketball. I don’t even know what I want to do. Until she left. So this time, *Xiang makes a face* (*faints*) I don’t want to miss her again.

Qiu Kui signs: Don’t be rash.

Xiang grins and says, “I’m not being rash. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.

Qiu Kui signs: You won’t be able to find her.

Xiang raises his eyebrow, “You don’t think I’ll be able to find her?” He chuckles to himself in uncertainty, “Qiu Kui, I know you are worried about me…. I know even if I go to Australia I might not find her, but I’ve decided. Even if it takes a life time. (Gosh this is soooo melodramatic) Unless I hear her say no to me in person, otherwise, I won’t give up. (Now, now, let’s not give her any ideas.) Alright, it’s getting late. (No, seriously, it is. It’s like 2 hours past my regular bed time, I’m gonna be so tired tomorrow… ACK.) I just wanted to tell you that I’m glad to have known you. If there’s a chance, let’s play ball together again. Take care.”

DongFang Xiang walks away. Watching Xiang’s silhouette disappear in the distance, Qiu Kui takes off her mask, the tears that she has been holding on to so desperately succumb to the laws of gravity at last…

End of episode.

Ack. More angst next episode. I need some angst proof computer screen to filter out some of the tearjerkers.

I feel so unoriginal making allusions to things I’ve referenced before. But they fit and Edward biting pillow is too absurd, I just had to poke fun at it.

I’ve never mentioned this and I should before this series end, so here it goes: the cinematography is BEAUTIFUL. So green and fresh and naturalistic. Except at times, when there are scenes in the dark, there’s always this patch of blinding white light on the upper right hand corner used to illuminate the scene. If that light were the moon, it’d be pretty, but alas, it’s just some high voltage light bulb.

FYI: There’s a Hot Shot internet game featuring the three male leads. The graphic figure for DaYing is rather cute. Thought I’d share it with whoever is interested. 😀

16 thoughts on “Hot Shot: shot 13 – Distance”

  1. Yey !!! It’s finally here. I was pressing the refresh button awaiting for your summary and here it is…

    Irugnotmis, I never get tired or bored reading your recap summary and I specially enjoy your commentary in between the summary and at the end.

    DongFang Shou indeed probably went in and dug up some of the gold at Monte Cristo to be able to buy such a big school like PiLi University ( then he should have been called ” the Count DongFang Shou ) lol.

    Anyway, thank’s for shedding a little light about the WuDi brothers. I started to wonder what their purpose in this series already since we hardly see them and only appears once in a while. I also found myself laughing at the restaurant scene and DFX’s grinning like crazy and the way he blew his hair ( that really sent me into frenzy since I love the guy ).

    OK enough of this before I used up all the space. Too bad I’m not good at internet games then I could have played with you…

  2. as always !!! you had done a very good recap…Thank You.

    so sad… i am now trying not to cry coz my offisemates will going to ask what happened..sigh!!

  3. JieEr does have two phones!! Makes a huge load of sense now! And like Jeunn, I get the purpose of the Wu Di brothers too. I have been curious about them but with all the other things happening between Xiang, YDY and JieEr and Can etc etc, I guess I never really stopped to think why they were there.

    “the great anthropologists in the history of science missed a whole branch on their robustly bifurcating phylogenetic tree”

    Oh dear!! Now I am getting worried with the scientists. First they removed pluto and now there is a whole branch never discussed before? lol…Amusing =)

    With the challenge between Xiang and YDY, what will we find? Will there be cracks? And with Qiu Kui, will Xiang find out her true identity soon?
    Thanks for the recap!

  4. thanks for the wonderful recap. from the upcoming teaser for the next episode i can see that dfx will now face the true obstacles.i’ve been more excited to see more of him and his grandpa.

  5. Thanks so much for the review… it’s about Ji Er ended the madness and just succumbs to her feelings and goes to Xiang as herself.

  6. I agree that the cinematography is beautiful! That’s what has always really impressed me about Hot Shot (aside from enjoyable character relationships) and that’s what makes the basketball games actually interesting to watch (because, you know, otherwise I’m not much into sports). The goodbye in the rain was lovely but not cheesy. Plus, when they got to Da Ying’s hometown and the “Sui Dao” song started playing…it was too beautiful.

    And I absolutely love that Xiang asks the basketball team for girl advice (again, the character relationships are really fun to watch) and get some bonding time. Xiang big smile before he went in Jie Er’s room was adorable! Also the smile when he tells Qui Kui where he’s going. The fact that Xiang smiles so rarely makes it even more worth it. Dimples, yay.

    And finally! Da Ying and Li Ying make some progress aside from playful bickering! All my dreams are coming true in this episode. 🙂

  7. you made my day. especially for translating the dialogue between qui kui and dfx. my heart is melting. lol.

    have a great week.


  8. Thanks again irugnotmis. Wonderful – both the epi and the recap.

    Xiang and jie ers story is getting a serious turn as grandpa has made his presence felt and sad as it is in such a tragic way.

    Inquiry again from usher. 😉 Was grandpa primarily against jie er because she is a destruction to Xiangs stability as a player hence a big hindrance to his Tian Wu obsession; or did he also declare out in the open that he oppose his affection for her because she is a servants daughter. Though most probably both. But if it is just the former… maybe their love is not at all impossible (but ofcourse it is not…happy ending is a must :)).

    You said – “This is gotta be the most comical side of Xiang that’s non-imaginary.” I recall that in epi 7 when Xiang brushed his teeth and shampooed his hair with the rest of the pili team wasnt imaginary. That was the most comical for me…the most hilarious too. But the scene in this epi, for me, is one of the cutest.

    Though i dont usually like the three main characters having the same intensity of pain at the same time….there are exceptions. i loved how you phrased this “It’s a long night, for the three of them “. The scene was very touching. Serene too.

    Agree. Cinematography is nice. best example would be W and Da yings vacation background. Even the backyard playground is nice and a lot of other sites too.

    Re da yings revenge… “he must challenge Xiang and win.” I am not very sure that his plan is the right way to go.

  9. oops agree too that Da yings graphic figure is indeed cute. Wu ji zun is nice too. nice copies of the real guys. but Xiang, does he have one? ow.. was he supposed to be the one who lacks some vitamins (lol)? ow fine. cute but i prefer the real Xiang. 🙂

  10. usher: the latter is implied since grandpa’s reaction at being informed of JieEr’s romantic involvement with Xiang is rather condescending. (like, oh a servant’s daughter.)

    about the game, xiang’s figure is the one in the middle w/ brown hair. totally doesn’t look cute or cool. don’t know what the developers are thinking.

  11. i’m one of fans zhi xiang. and from the first i watch i feel him so sweet.. i think just that.. and thank you

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