Jay Chou Official Capricorn Album Released

Due to internet leakage, Jay Chou’s Capricorn album underwent a short delay. Whoever leaked the album was very creative with the song titles.

Here is the list of songs with my translated song titles: (If you have better suggestion for song title translation, feel free to drop a comment.)

01 龍戰騎士 (Dragon Knight)
02 給我一首歌的時間 (Give Me the Time of a Song)
03 蛇舞 (Snake Dance)
04 花海 (Flower Ocean)
05 魔術先生 (Mr. Magician)
06 說好的幸福呢 (Where is the Promised Happiness?)
07 蘭亭序 (LanTing Xu)
08 流浪詩人 (Vagrant Troubadour)
09 時光機 (Time Machine; Jay Chou said that if he were to have a time machine, he would go and see if people’d still listen to his music in the future.)
10 喬克叔叔 (Uncle Joker)
11 稻香 (Paddy Fragrance)

6 thoughts on “Jay Chou Official Capricorn Album Released”

  1. i don’t understand, what’s the difference from the leaked version from the official version? did they change all songs except 2? or just the titles?

  2. but i d/l the pre-order version, the one that came out before the official version. i don’t think they changed the songs, coz i hear the same songs. i think it’s just the title, but they really didn’t have english titles anyway.
    i am now waiting for the MV for the 1st track, i am surprised it’s not one of the first 4 MVs.

  3. yeah,,,i think it will be impossible to make that massive re-organization in a few days coz i don’t think they can pull of the cds from production until the scheduled release date. i understand Jay sells at least a million in China and cd production, package design does not really start the day before the release date with that high volume. and i believe the MV’s were already shot a considerable amount of time before the release date too.

    anyways if there was really a difference bet the leaked and the official version, then fans will be happy! LOL! more Jay Chou songs.

    i am now waiting for the MV for the 1st and 9th track. i hope it comes out next. Jay was shuai and so R&B in that 4the MV above.

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