Invincinble Shan Bao Mei 8: The Fortune of Misfortune

If you haven’t seen the electrically induced jerking response of a frog’s leg, you’re in luck. Because every one of Shan Bao’s family is involuntarily jerking and twitching at the breakfast table, switching between 365 channels and listening to the news of Sun Wu Di’s possible affiliation with the food poisoning scandal occurring at the cook off with Eight Nation Alliance 365 times.

Jewel – Foolish Games

Sun Wu Di dresses in his father’s suit to welcome a brand new day of change. After all, today should be the day his uncle hands him the proper ownership of Tian Xiang Lou, according to their verbal agreement. He is welcomed by Wei Qing, hinting the upcoming change and thanking Sun Wu Di for giving him the chance (to get near Sun Wu Di, orchestrate the food poisoning scandal, and frame Sun Wu Di with full responsibility). Wu Di’s light heart, however, overshadows his intuitive dislike for Wei Qing as well as the malicious intonation of Wei Qing’s dualistic congratulation. The man’s got a right to enjoy himself while he can.

Unfortunately for Sun Wu Di, his cheerfulness lasts only as long as an elevator ride (should’ve taken the stairs!) Once the elevator door opens, he is ambushed by a flock of reporters with their long beaks out reached to pick out the tinest speck of information from Sun Wu Di’s demeanor, hoping to use it for an eye-catching headlight. Sun Wu Di decides for himself that this entire paparazzi gathering is confabulated as a perverse prank in celebration of his victory the day before and yells for the director. (Oh come on, even if it IS a prank, you don’t spoil the fun by letting everybody know you knew.)

The situation is exacerbated by half of Eight Nation Alliance’s arrival. Namely Lin and Cheese (Some weird name. But I can see how they love cheese so much. Speaking of cheese… Let me get some to munch on.) The worst comes when the shameless man whom Sun Wu Di respectably calls uncle stands up to accuse Sun Wu Di of intentionally causing food poisoning by not throughly cooking toro as a result of his lack of confidence to defeat Eight Nation Alliance. (Obviously the uncle is living on a different planet. You don’t do this kind of “doubting” and accusing in public. You take it to the dark and guillotine Sun Wu Di with as much gore as you like, but sans gossip-lusting spectators.)

Sun Wu Di is furious. But frustration usually accomplishes little in the real world. This is when Shan Bao comes to the rescue. (I know, you guys are so, so, so tired of hearing this phrase from me, but hey, the truth is irrefutable!) She and her brother bust out the left over toro from the competition (out of thin air) and comes forth to the camera, “I trust Sun Wu Di isn’t the kind of men who would do anything for victory. If you guys still have doubts, here is the left over toro from yesterday. Have someone try it (Or take it to a lab) and you shall know.” The reporters talk amongst themselves, wondering who on earth would be willing to gamble their health for Sun Wu Di. (That sounds like a rhetorical question doesn’t it? 😉 ) Shan Bao takes a long breathe and puts a piece into her mouth.

The inspector takes the left over toro to lab and the spectacle is about to conclude with Wu Di and participating party going to the police station for a through interrogation when Wei Qing steps up to make up for his negligence to take care of the left over toro. (Although technically, restaurants usually dump cooked left overs.)

Wei Qing admits poisoning the food, but points his dirty finger at Sun Wu Di and concocts a highly plausible story of how the kitchen staff quit before the competition, Sun Wu Di, afraid of losing, paid to have Wei Qing poison the food and leave the clean left overs to prove his innocence. He on the other hand, felt deeply guilty for what he did and couldn’t bare the burden anymore so now he is confessing. (Oh puh-lease) To provide proof for his story, he finds a text message from Wu Di, sent to him the night before. The ambiguous text-message says that Sun Wu Di has made a mistake paying him, now he is willing to pay more and asks Wei Qing for a time to discuss the details. The media buys the story but Wu Di and Wu Di’s metro assistant both know the text-message is meant for Wei Qing to re-evaluate his relationship with Shan Bao.

Although Tian Xiang Lou is at stake, Wu Di chooses to preserve Shan Bao’s newly found “happiness” with Wei Qing and refuses to explain the back story of the message (which could be an even better piece of information for the gossip-loving paparazzi). Wu Di wants to keep Shan Bao out of this messy entanglement, but Shan Bao interjects, addressing her beloved Wei Qing directly,

I can stand you bossing me around or being mean to me. Because I liked you a lot and I am willing to tolerate all that for your sake. But today, you’ve crossed the line. Sun Wu Di is my best friend (oh lala best friend now eh?) and we put so much effort in obtaining the piece of toro yesterday, I don’t think Wu Di would poison the judges. If you continue to accuse him, I.. I am going to break up with you.

(Too bad he doesn’t care, otherwise it would be interesting.)

The effect on Wu Di was enormous. From the moment Shan Bao ate the piece of left over toro and subjected herself to food poisoning to defending Wu Di against Wei Qing, Sun Wu Di is gaining a new respect for this small, ordinary girl.

The subsequent inspection scene isn’t any better for Sun Wu Di as he refuses to explain the text-message. (What kind of unprofessional investigator inspects two people together?) In any case, Sun Wu Di is lucky enough to be bailed out and leaves after orally firing Wei Qing, still confident that this is but a small wave in the ocean, unforeseen of the shipwreck coming his way. Shan Bao comes to look for Wu Di and sees Wei Qing. She ignores Wei Qing’s presence all together and inquires only about Sun Wu Di. When she hears that he has already left to return to Tian Xiang Lou, she turns to leave. This is when Wei Qing grabs her arm and swings her forcibly back and demands why she is speaking to him in such a dismissive manner. She softens and apologizes but emphasizes that the more pressing matter at hand is to look for Sun Wu Di, because she trusts that he does no such thing as intentionally poisoning people.

Wei Qing objects, refusing to let Shao Bao go NOT because he has developed feelings for her, but because she is “something” that belongs to Sun Wu Di. He wants to isolate Sun Wu Di just as he was isolated. Facing Wei Qing’s command, Shan Bao bursts into tears and formally frees herself from being Wei Qing’s emotionally abused slave. He hugs her, trying to keep her by his side, but she struggles away. He tells her gently that he cares for her but he was just not ready. But things are different now, if she will give him a chance… She shakes her head in confusion, too much. Too much is happening at once, she needs a moment to clam down and process the situation, slowly. Then her phone rings…

Sun Wu Di returns to Tian Xiang Lou to find his world turned upside down. He is cast out, his place taken by Zhao Wei Qing, the very despicable man that dug a hole and led him in. And the legal process is facilitated by the fact that he had given his stamp to Zu An the previous night. (Imagine how jaded he must’ve felt.) Don’t forget, Sun Wu Di lives on top of Tian Xiang Lou. He is thus rendered homeless as well.

Shan Bao breaks away from Wei Qing a second time and picks up the phone. From the other side of the receiver, comes Ah Qiang’s exasperated voice, updating Shan Bao with Wu Di’s current state of being and makes her promise to take care of Wu Di. Shan Bao hangs up, signals goodbye to Wei Qing and leaves to find Wu Di.

Sun Wu Di is left by himself at the basketball batting place, fermenting away his sorrows like a pot of sour grape juice with no one to call, no where to go.

Shan Bao finds him and watches as he releases his anger on the baseballs that are shooting at him like sinister arrows. (He couldn’t even hit the balls) When he finally calms down, Shan Bao approaches him. She cheers him up and ends up batting for him. (She though, hits all the balls) He watches her working so hard for him and finally he smiles.

Unfortunately, there comes a time to say goodbye. Wu Di boasts that although he’s lost Tian Xiang Lou, it’s not going to defeat him. He is going to go to live at a five star hotel, do a spa, and lodge comfortably. Only, he’s lost his wallet at Tian Xiang Lou. Noticing that Wu Di has forgotten his jacket, Shan Bao follows Wu Di’s car with her little bike and eventually sees Wu Di sleeping in the with all his belongings scattered in the back seat. She smiles at his sleepy face lovely and leaves him to be.

Wei Qing and his daughter move in to Wu Di’s floor. Uncle, who is the true culprit of Wei Qing’s misery offers to provide his daughter with the best dermatologist and psychological care to repent for Tian Xiang Lou’s mistake. Wei Qing is untouched, he insists that this is what Sun Wu Di owes him. (Hmmm reminds me of Can.) Uncle is alarmed to see how deep Wei Qing’s resentment ran. (This is surely going to come back and haunt.)

While Wu Di is dreaming of his dashing entrance back to Tian Xiang Lou, received by his usual circle of crazy fans, he is awaken by a police officer with a ticket. The nightmare has just begun. To get ready for the day, Wu Di finds a park to brush his teeth, only to get pushed out of the way by three unshaven homeless guys competing for the sink and mirror, who mistook him for a gigolo. (Ahh I see the resemblance. lol) He drives to the TV station, gets eyed upon and cold shouldered. It’s only after filming starts, was Wu Di finally informed, by Wei Qing, that he has been replaced as the host of the show. Even the title and setting have been changed to Wei Qing’s name.

Things certainly aren’t going well for Mr. Invincible.

In the face of all of Sun Wu Di’s misfortune, he is still fortunate. He is fortunate enough to still have Wang Ye, Ah Qiang — his assistant — and Shan Bao’s Guang Ji on his side. In contrast, although superficially, Zhao Wei Qing has everything that used to belong to Wu Di, really, he has no one.

On the other hand, the fact that Sun Wu Di and Shan Bao defeated Eight Nation Alliance is established, but the story doesn’t end here. They are sure to come back and bite hard. When they do, it’ll be Sun Wu Di’s chance to for a comeback. Till then, there’s plenty of room for relationship development. 🙂

For the record, this is the quickest full recap I’ve posted for a Sunday’s drama. Ironically I don’t even like this drama that much.

Alright, time to cook lunch.

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