Black & White Preview

The Infernal Affairs fangirl inside of me is yelling YES! (But I doubt anything of its genera will ever surpass Infernal Affairs trilogy. Oh hail the subtlety, the intensity, the complexity, and Hollywood’s failure to reproduce it to the same level of excellency.)

On the other hand, I hear noisy booing and hooting at the back of my head each time I summon up the remembrance that this is a Taiwanese Drama. (Yes, I am entitled to my own prejudice, despite the number of T-Dramas I actually recap, as ironic as that sounds.) Since T-Dramas never fail to impress me with its utter lack of depth and amazingly abundant, alliteration-worth of asinine-ness, I am a little skeptical.

This is either going to be one of a kind or one of its kind. We’ll see, summer of 2009… (What? Yeah.)

A little background information: the production team and director had the idea for this drama as early as five years ago. Unfortunately at the time, the team felt that they were not sufficiently equipped to fully invest into this ambitious project and subsequently, produced Mars and The Hospital instead.

14 thoughts on “Black & White Preview”

  1. The Hospital was also an expensive, years in the making production, the director/ producer had to put some of his properties up as collaterals for loans. Jerry also lowered his talent fee for Director Cai. but they got the returns from expensive overseas copyright sales, so comes Black & White.

    I am looking forward to Black & White as it is from my fave TW director (Meteor Garden 1, The Hospital). i loved how The Hospital’s story and production was movie-like. i remember seeing The Hospital’s trailer before and i was like whoa!! and now another one from Director Cai. Yeheyy!!!

    i heard before it was supposed to be Jerry and Zai in this project, but Jerry has accepted another project already and LOL! he filmed nearly a year for The Hospital, filming another year for this is like screamingly tiring.

    KingOne looks scary in the preview BTW. it’s nice he’s finally getting challenging roles..and who’s Mark?? he’s goodluking in there.. has he acted in other series before?? and is dat Ivy Chen? has she acted in other TW series? sorry, i am not familiar with the other actors, except Janine Zhang, coz she debuted in TH as female lead for Jerry.

    hope this series is good as the trailer shows. Director Cai won Best Director for The Hospital. I hope he gets his 3rd Best Director Award for this series.

    but when is summer in TW next year? June/ July? that’s freakingly a loooonnnnggg wait if ever.

  2. Mark is the new face they screened to give opportunities to newbies.

    Ivy however has played several roles (ie Spider Lilies, I want to be a Hard Persimmon, and Smiling Pasta) hopefully this drama will help her raise to popularity.

  3. Whoa, this looks ridiculously awesome. I mean, unless they took ALL of the awesome from the series and stuffed it into this 8 minute trailer, there MUST be some awesome left for us to see in summer 2009 🙂

    Loved MARS! I think that drama proves wrong the stereotype of T-dramas lacking depth (of course, it was based of a shoujo manga…so what it had in depth, it lacked in innovation).

    And I’m currently watching The Hospital, which I am enjoying (not completely asinine). Everyone on crunchyroll says “it provides good life lessons” xD

    Seventh: Wow, Jerry was gonna be in it? I wish he was. I’m excited to see him in new dramas. This new project that he accepted, is it “Starlit”? Because someone told me that Jerry and Ariel Lin were going to be in a Taiwanese drama based off of Skip Beat, and I had thought it was going to be Vic and Ariel, so I am utterly confused. Ivy Chen was in Smiling Pasta, but it was a small role.

  4. yup, the script was originally written for F4 but things change so they had to screen new roles and edify the script a little. about innovation, it’s original work written by the production team (or was it the director? i forget). I’ve never watched Mars and I’ve never actually sat down to watch an entire episode of The Hospital, it’s always bits and pieces (too much politics. life is hard as it is, i don’t need to add extra spice to it as of now) — so I have nothing to base the expectation on other than the preview and optimism.

    i didn’t know starlit is going to be based on Skip Beat. (must watch anime now. lol)

  5. Yiyi,

    i wasn’t exactly sure, but i think i remember reading before that Director Cai wanted Jerry for the other male lead, i just don’t know if it’s Vic’s or Mark’s role. it would have been awesome if Jerry & Zai are in the same series!! But Jerry had accepted another series already (not sure if it was a Jap movie/ series that was reportedly moved bec of last minute acceptance of Hot Shot or his upcoming drama Stardust)

    yeah, i believe his next drama is titled Stardust. Rumor has it it’ll be airing in November, either in China or Japan first. mainly coz it was funded mainly by CCTV China & Dentsu Adv Japan & a TW prod co.

    anyway…i haven’t seen a police action genre series so this will be a new theme for me. and i think I am going to be a fan of Mark..his surname is what btw?..haha!! Director Cai wanted to give opportunities for newbies. well, he had always worked w/ newbies. talked about Meteor Garden.

  6. Stardust/ Starlit is different from Skip Beat. Jerry hasn’t confirmed accepting the drama series with reported female lead Ariel Lin. (but i kinda wanted to see them pair together)
    In F4’s Japan concerts last week, a trailer of Stardust was shown. Production is already done i think, it’s the airdate that’s yet to be finalized. Female leads are Terry Guan & Alice Zheng (i lyk her in Jay Chou’s MV Wo Bu Pei & Secret)

  7. I am sort of an enormous F4 fangirl, so I’ve been waiting for them to be in another drama together! ^__^ Waiting For You was almost an F4 reunion, but then Jerry had Hot Shot. But I’m glad he didn’t take part in Wish To See You Again because it was rather awful and boring and basically just a very long Taiwan Tourism Promotion.

    MARS is really an excellent drama; it’s not superficial at all. Suicide, rape, human condition, psychological disorders, all that good stuff.

  8. Jerry didnt take up Wish To See You after he read the script , even though there was so much pressure on him from Angie Chai & the Tourism Board. And I dont blame him seeing how the drama turn out.

    As for Black & White, Dir Chai & his wife wanted Jerry for the role played by Mark. But Jerry rejected it in favour of Starlit as I think Starlit is something new for Jerry as its a joint production by China, Japan & Taiwan, with China CCTV as the main party.

  9. thank u i havent been on your blog for so long now love you but this preview is for a drama not a movie right summer of 2009? i cant wait that long but i really appreciate what your doing thanks

  10. Hi! It’s my first time on your site and i’m glad I stumbled on it. I also look forward to Black and White. It is very interesting for me to see if and how the F4 guys have improved in their craft over the years.

    I basically have seen everything (still looking for a subtitled copy of Teafight, the movie that Zai was in with a Japanese actress) that they have been on despite the language challenge.

    I am also a huge japanese drama fan. So I look forward to checking out some of your recaps and opinions as well.

    I’ve developed a tri-nation drama/movie watching habit (Taiwanese-Japanese-Korean) and found your recaps of the same tri-nation tastes as well.

    Thanks and I enjoyed going around your blog. I’ll be back! 🙂

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