I’m going to skip the boring introduction of how society’s demand for efficacy brings about businesses for caffeinated drinks, and by extension, making caffeine the queen of “dietary supplements” yadayadayada.

And get to the meat of this post.

Whether Energy Drinks are hazardous to health, I think it’s important to at least know how much caffeine you are flooding your system with each time you take a swig at whatever it is you need in the morning to wake up or to keep yourself alert from the all nighter you just pulled — as either a reference, or to know which drinks to choose when you need a buzz (not recommended), OR which drinks not to touch when you want to go to sleep.

So here is a list of the caffeine content in 16 different drinks, taken from webmd:


  • Mountain Dew: 54 mg per 12 oz. serving
  • Dr. Pepper: 41 mg per 12-oz serving
  • Pepsi Cola: 38 mg per 12-oz serving
  • Coca-Cola Classic: 34.5 mg per 12-oz serving

Energy Drink:

  • Red Bull: 80 mg per 8.3-ounce serving
  • Tab Energy: 95 mg per 10.5-oz serving
  • Monster and Rockstar: 160 mg per 16-oz serving
  • No Fear: 174 mg per 16-oz serving
  • Fixx: 500 mg per 20-oz serving
  • Wired X505: 505 mg per 24-oz serving
  • Bomba Energy: 75 mg per 8.4-oz serving
  • Whoop Ass: 50 mg per 8.5-oz serving

Coffee & Tea:

  • Brewed coffee: 200 mg per 12-oz serving
  • Instant coffee: 140 mg per 12-oz serving
  • Brewed tea: 80 mg per 12-oz serving
  • Canned or bottled tea: 20 mg per 12-oz serving

Note that although different drinks come in different serving sizes, the chances are, you’ll chug the whole thing, so, abide by that logic, we have a winner! Wired X505 with its 505 mg per 24-oz serving!

Personally, I’m good with just tea and latte. 😀 I care about downregulating my system & the changes in neuromodulation too much to touch things like this –>

9 thoughts on “Caffeine”

  1. Yea, I didn’t believe the could taste good either (since Red Bull tastes awful) but Monster is like Mountain Dew to another level. That’s mainly the reason I drink it – for the taste. Otherwise, it kind of makes me want to vomit.

  2. Redbull lite, the one that comes in a light blue can is my favourite during exams if I need it. I refrain from taking it unless I absolutely must.
    Have you tried Vitamin Water? Cause alot of people are drinking that and its supposedly good. If you do, can you let me if it works?

  3. yeah i’ve seen those. in fact, one of my apartmentmates drinks ’em. never tried so iono. BUT, i’ve heard people say it tastes just like sugar water.

    so if you ever try it, be sure to let me know how it tastes like!!

  4. Oops, I feel like I am spamming your entry here. But I was utterly intrigued by this post in particular because coincidentally I read it afew mins after hearing about vitamin water. My friend substitutes water with vitamin water. I have reports due and need to stay awake most nights and she suggested I try it.

    I tried vitamin water a day or so ago and my verdict is, it doesn’t help. Your apartmentmates were right! Its just sugar water. It didn’t help me with being awake. I tried the one for endurance, it has pomegranate juice or something, I couldn’t taste the pomegranate at all, I think it had 1% or maybe less than that of juice in the drink. Eventually I drank tea to keep me awake but this (juice + tea) resulted in multiple visits to the ladies. =(

    I am sticking with tea for now.

  5. oh don’t worry about “spamming” that’s what comment boxes are for!

    lol it’s so paradoxical, tea supposedly drenches water out of you, so you should drink more water to counter balance it, but the result is often more visits to the bathroom.

  6. I do know that there are some energy drinks out there, that are harmful to your health. However there are a fair few that actual have some benefits. I have used energy drinks for years. I used to drink nothing but sugar free red bull, but I stumbled on a much healthier and cheaper version. Energyfizz, this is The Healthy Red Bull. You’ll never drink coffee again, and have all day energy. A combo energy drink and vitamin supplement, the healthiest energy drink on the market. 41,667 RDA of B12 per serving. That is a b12 shot the athletes get” Watch this free video now at Purchase some today this will help you balance your hectic schedule.

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