Upcoming Movie Sequels

Most of which concerns Mr. Jay Chou.

Fist of all, Kung Fu Dunk is filming its sequel at the beginning of 09, featuring Jay Chou, Jerry Yan (more basketball related acting experience for him after Hot Shot), and rumor has it, Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Secondly, Jay Chou’s self-written, directed, acted, and composed movie Secret is due for Chapter 2 by the end of next year, after filming Kung Fu Dunk 2. The sequel is said to contain different characters, presumably a brand new story inheriting the tradition of well paced mystery and haunting dark romance set by its predecessor.

Now Kung Fu Dunk did not impress me. Its style resembles that of Stephen Chow‘s way too much and hence loses the originality I respect. (Part of it has to do with me growing up watching Stephen Chow.) However, I still expect it to be a hit for most, especially if you enjoy Hot Shot.

Contrary to my indifference to Kung Fu Dunk the sequel, despite its A-lister actors, I’m looking forward to Jay Chou’s Secret 2. Because Secret went down my alley and the movie spoke for its own merit. (Meaning I recommend watching it!) With that being said, here is the soundtrack to Secret.

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