Eagle Eye Movie Impression

** Beware of Spoilers** (Well, just one. But if you don’t want to read the spoiler, don’t highlight the white patch.)

Personally, I think it helps the movie and the viewers to suspend the disbelief (so their BS detectors don’t go off flashing, beeping, going berserk in every conceivable direction during the first quarter of the movie) if they are informed that this is going to be a scifi movie set in the “future” that’s not so far detached from the society today. Meaning that it looks like a modern time movie, but it will be twofolds more believable if there was some sort of indication at the beginning, making clear that this movie isn’t set in present time.

With that being said, it’s a decent movie. It wasn’t one of those OMG-you-GOTTA-watch-it trailed by a dozen exclamation marks (!!) kind of movie, it’s more like a ahh-you’ll-get-the-full-effect-in-theatres movie. It exceeded expectation considering how reluctant I was feeling towards thrillers after watching Wanted not too long ago (now Wanted is a waste of money). And, have you seen I, Robot? Well, there ya go, that’s Eagle Eye in a nutshell.

What I liked:
– It’s well paced — no hateful draggage, but, no subtlty either, which I didn’t mind too much.
– Jerry Shaw and Rachel Holloman didn’t fall head to heels in love with each other and tangle up the story with a romantic subplot. Thank Goodness. The coexistence of sex and thriller/action is over rated. (Except in Bond, where sex is essential.)
– The concept of deciphering the content of a conversation through the analysis of the wave functions from the surface of a cup of water is ingenious, though, I’m not sure how viable it really is.
– Finally, imagine signal transmission without delay!

2 thoughts on “Eagle Eye Movie Impression”

  1. I just saw this movie last night, and I loved it! Of course, I had low expectations too, since most action movies are rather formulaic. What I loved most about it was the 1984 influence and the jab at the Patriot Act. Plus, lots of cars blowing up, lots of little plot twists….yea I really enjoyed it.

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