They Kiss Again ♫-track

Erina asked for the piano version of Ariel Lin’s “You” from the OST. Since I’m so nice that I set off looking at once, I thought I might as well post the entire soundtrack.

[zip] [rar]

Track List:

01. 幸福合作社- 范曉萱 (Mavis Fan)
02. 你(吉他甜蜜版) – 林依晨 (Ariel Lin)
03. 忠於原味 – 鄭元暢 (Joe Cheng)
04. Be Your Superman
05. 藏在微笑裡的秘密
06. 你曾經讓我心動
07. Heaven
08. 幸福合作社
09. 你
10. 藏在微笑裡的秘密
11. 你 (弦樂版) – 林依晨 (Ariel Lin)

3 thoughts on “They Kiss Again ♫-track”

  1. taiwanese seem really fond of superman ey?

    im talking about superheroes again…need to shake off that spandex image from my mind.

    joe cheng sings? i aint aware of this. tnx.

  2. ahh i see where you got the superman from. flying ZhiShu.

    the thing is, Joe Cheng DOESN’T sing. but the poor model-turned-actor is forced to sing because the entertainment industry demands it so. and now, we have to bare with his singing. 😦 (no one’s going to tomato me for saying he can’t sing right?)

  3. hi! I was looking for a piano instrumental from They Kissed Again. I can’t seem to find it. Its the song that was playing when Gan gan was denied to say the nurse pledge. Thanks. Hope you can help me…..

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