Unfortunately for me, there is a thing called School that sucks away most of the energy and time from my life. (The remaining energy will be spent on grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, etc, etc, etc and occasionally but definitely(??) recreation. *knocks on wood*)

SO, doing 5 recaps a week, like right now, is going to skin me alive — which leads me to make the natural decision of cutting down on recaps.

Effective starting today:

I’m going to continue with:

Hot Shot (duh, just look at the reader responses! I live for comments! šŸ˜› This one is just too much fun to give up.)
Invincible Shan Bao Mei (I said this one is going to be placed in a slow cooker, and it still is. But I’m not dropping it.)
Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008 — till episode 12 (No one reads it, but it’s a series where I experiment on the recaps and have fun doing so. Besides each episode is only 45 minutes, so the recaps require less time.)

I’m going to drop:

Beethoven Virus (The reason is it airs two 90-minute episodes per week. That’s way too much to keep up in a week. The plot is predictable and, IMO, too many side stories of the secondary characters who I don’t really care for. Yeah yeah, they contribute to the whole story, but at least try to develop the characters a bit more so I can start paying attention.)

Future Involvement:

– Am going to recap a Dorama from the selection listed here. (I just said I’m unloading, why am I promising to pick up something else in a month? Well because by then I would have finished recapping LOCH 2008. Besides, it’s gonna be one episode per week, each will only be 40 minutes long. Short and sweet, just the way I like it.)

– Am also recaping the movies I’ve listed, once they are available of course. (Can’t wait to see Painted Skin!)

– Will be posting random entries from time to time.

Ok, that’s all. šŸ˜€

8 thoughts on “Announcement”

  1. woohoo! thanks so much for not dropping hot shot or invincible shan bao mei. for a second there i was scared that i would no longer be able to read the summaries for each episode =P

  2. Thanks for not dropping hot shot and invincible shan bao mei…i appreciate all the recaps!!no pressure on the recaps..goodluck on school..

  3. Hey Irugnotmis,
    I visited your website to see if you updated the reviews on Shan Bao Mei and Hot Shot episodes when I saw the announcement.I would rather like you to write a good piece of review which you always do then a rushed one. So please do take your time. And sch is important so don’t fret about updating immediately. best wishes to you!!

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