Hot Shot, plot holes, and rambling

May contain spoilers to some. If you don’t hate spoilers with a hot, burning passion, feel free to click more to read the rest of it.

Seems like most people knows Qiu Kui, our ninja friend is JieEr. Or thinks. Naturally, it would slaughter the mystery if Qiu Kui turns out to be a complete stranger; but to jeopardize plot consistency in favor of a few laughter or convenient coincidences, is, in my opinion a planning flaw.

Come on now, Qiu Kui, being one of the best street basketball players, got hit, twice (not once, but twice), in the face by DaYing’s ball during PiLi’s first formal basketball game while she is Intently watching the game – is totally, completely, undoubtedly sound. Not to mention the utter disregard of time and space where one takes to travel from one place to another. Like how JieEr transformed into her Qiu Kui attire and apparated to the basketball court from the hospital that’s said (according to W) to take about 4-5 hours of driving, the night before Pi Li’s game. (She might even have a Firebolt, just in case. Because a Nimbus 2001 is just not fast enough.) Oh one more, JieEr must not be too poor being the survant of DongFang Xiang, because she has two phones – one for him to call her as JieEr, the other for him to text her as Qiu Kui. Different phone numbers because he mustn’t know JieEr is Qiu Kui, Qiu Kui is JieEr right? And the fact that apartments around school were too expensive to afford that JieEr Had to consider moving into the haunted dorm (back in the first few episodes), was just her being cheap.

13 thoughts on “Hot Shot, plot holes, and rambling”

  1. i agree. i’m actually rooting for her to be the student council girl. i also think that daying has too many potential relationships; student council girl/ w / and Ji Er. also wish they could wrap up something atleast.. there’s just too many questions piling up.

  2. yeah i had hoped that she’s the student council girl as well. that would make things a lot more reasonable. unfortunately, with Qiu Kui appearing more often now, it’s hard not to notice how her eyes look like JieEr’s. 😦

  3. lol! that’d be hilarious. but then – what about cute student council girl? maybe she can have wu zun – they have matching screen time. lol

  4. if it’s the student council girl, then i think it is also flawed. the times she appeared in the series, the plot gives a lot of clues she liked Da Ying already, but they don’t even give a 1% clue or indication that she knows DFX…it’s weird.

    the story may have loopholes if QK is really Jie Er, but the story is also giving clues Jie Er is QK (i.e. QK saying he can’t meet DFX anymore coz she’s moving, then next scene Jie Er is homeless; doctor saying she has a body stronger than normal girls; that random comment on Pi Li’s opponent being good at streetbasketball and might cause P Li trouble, then we saw QK’s gang coming to the rescue of DFX, the worried look on Jie Er when she saw Can, and the similarity of QK’s height and eyes to Jie Er)

    among other characters, JE has the most clues given by the story to be QK, not to mention the fact that she knew DFX from childhood and is the closest to him.

    and the flaws you mentioned above, they might have answers later on..who knows? JE might have gotten help from the rest of QK’s hooded friends, or she doesn’t really want to show she knows anything about basketball.

    anyway, i think the identity of QK when revealed should at least be climactic or significant to the progress of the story. it makes if it’s JE. coz if it’s another girl, i don’t know how much that can contribute to the already ending series.

    but i also think the student girl or another girl can be QK, but JE is the most probable.

    but i think the story is not giving anything definite from the start, lyk they don’t want anything to be obvious, like until now JE’s feelings are still vague, and QK’s identitiy is also vague. actually, WZ’s character is also vague, but i think it’s bec people guess too much. i think WZ is just really their greatest battle in the end. and that he only stalks to learn and defeat DFX.

  5. seventh: actually, Xiang calls Qiu Kui the first time we saw her because he is moving and not playing basketball anymore since he can’t find the passion and reason to continue playing. so their dual was Supposed to be his last basketball game, or so he thought.

    about JieEr being stronger, remember she is the servant subjected to all housework. in a family as rich as DFX’s there’s gotta be A LOT of rooms for diligent dusting and mopping. as to her knowledge of the street basketball players, it could very well be that her master is into basketball, being his childhood friend, she was influenced by him while growing up. as to JieEr being worried at seeing Can, well, she grew up with Xiang didn’t she? she could know about Can and Xiang’s past.

    I’m not trying to antagonize you at all, I’m just saying that compare to the not subtle “clues” the writers are throwing out there, the loopholes are more unexplainable. of course, if Qiu Kui doesn’t turn out to be JieEr, the viewers are sure to go wtf and wonder the purpose of it all. but still, the writers should’ve been more through if they want to create suspense at all.

    etherealbird: lol we’re such horrible matchmakers aren’t we? haha

  6. *sigh* this is just too sad. We are horrible match-makers – but we can’t possibly get as bad as the writers of Hot Shot. I mean, YDY has, like, 4 love interests? Sheesh.. would it kill them to give sub-characters some lurving.

  7. etherealbird: i would like to see a female version of YDY fall in love WuJi Zun and stalk him while he and his brother are stalking DFX and DYD. will prob thread the mystery — of WuJi Zun as a character — into pieces, but it’d be fun 😀

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