Painted Skin

One of the many trailers of this upcoming movie — the most un-scary, un-mystical, and un-spooky one — but it has English subtitles.

Adapted from Strange Stories (AKA 聊斋志异), it’s about demons, forbidden love, war, and all the goodies that comes with the whole dark-romance package. Be sure to wait for my recap, ‘cos it’s got all my favorite Chinese actresses! Plus they’ve got Jane Zhang (张靓颖) to sing the theme song! (The song is gorgeous once you get past the first 29 seconds of “lalala”)

6 thoughts on “Painted Skin”

  1. haha no problemo. it just occurred to me that we have similar taste! lol well maybe not so much in the horror aspect.
    oh and thanks for the Vienna Teng share. really like her songs. 😀

  2. I’d read the book a while ago so the story sounded really familiar. Translating was fun, gave my ancient Chinese a workout.

    😀 And I looooooove Zhou Xun so definitely will watch.

  3. lol i know you love Zhou Xun, I do too. haha but i’m more eager to see Vicki Zhao’s performance. ohh the angsty, bitter housewife whom no one believes~ and the whole whit hair (白发魔女) thing intrigues me very, very much.

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