Legend of the Condor Heroes Episode 7 Recap

“Last night I saw her. My wife. Standing in our old hut, against the pale moonlight, motionless, untouched by age.”

A song from Guo Jing, the female one:

The thrill of venturing into a dangerous place under the protection of darkness is addictive. Tonight, Guo Jing and Huang Rong are breaking into the palace again. But before that, there is much work to do to ensure a safe escape. Off they go – drawing maps, buying blush, thinking about Yang Kang – doing whatever preparation as long as it has to do with the palace or the people living there.

NianCi, Huang Rong, and Guo Jing were on the streets when Yang Kang and his men rode by to accompany the queen to the temple. Yang Kang looks triumphant on the horse, although his ego looks twice his size. He spots Mu NianCi from the crowd, his gaze lingers on her face. She quickly lowers her eyes to avoid direct eye-contact out of shyness. When Yang Kang finally turns away to look ahead, NianCi looks up and follows him as he rides further and further from her. Huang Rong darts her eyes back and forth, she looks at Yang Kang then NianCi, a mischievous, knowing smile creeps across her face. OuYang Ke rides behind Yang Kang. He notices Huang Rong and is pleasantly surprised to see her. She looks away in annoyance, pretending not to see him. OuYang Ke isn’t bothered by Huang Rong’s reaction. He is rather amused and winks at her. (*puke*) She rolls her eyes in disgust.

Ever since the notion of seeing his wife at the palace occurred to Yang TieXing, a throbbing curiosity to see the queen in broad daylight as a confirmation that he had only been hallucinating is growing stronger by the second. He decides that he wants to thank the queen for saving his life. To do that, he needs to get past the layers and layers of guards that surrounds the queen like an onion first.

Huang Rong comes to the rescue. She brings NianCi and Guo Jing to the shops directly in front of the temple and gestures for OuYang Ke, who is guarding the temple from the outside with Yang Kang, to come near. He is taken by surprise but quickly walks over to set a rendezvous with Huang Rong. She agrees without hesistation, which only pleases OuYang Ke.

Overhearing the conversation, Guo Jing blurs out, “But Rong Er, aren’t you going to…” To prevent Guo Jing from slipping out her real intention, Huang Rong pushes him towards NianCi. Taken by surprise, he runs into her, ignites Yang Kang’s torch of jealousy. He walks over in incredible speed to punch Guo Jing. With a single push, Huang Rong started a commotion that attracted the attention of passersby. Yang TieXin slips into the temple while no one is looking.

Bao XiRuo is reading poet Wang AnYi’s poem – The Everlasting Regret – when Yang TieXin treads in. Upon hearing the familiar lines, he speaks out loud to pick up where she’s left. She hears the response and gasps, “Who is it?” As Yang TieXin comes closer, he is surrounded by guards to protect the frail woman. Being kept far away, Yang claps his hands together and expresses his gratitude to the queen for saving him the previous night. Unfortunately, the guards didn’t give him enough time to convey the message. As he is being hurded away, Yang yells out, “The hut yesterday… It looks vaguely like my home… Her majesty, do you know Yang…” “Yang TieXin!” alarmed, she completes his sentence with another gasp. “Who are you?” she inquires again. Before he could answer, Yang TieXin is pushed away while she, the queen, is escorted back.

“Are you Bao XiRuo?? Do you know Bao XiRuo?” Yang calls after her. More guards swim between them. Then something clicks in her, she looks back, the memories of 18 years ago flooded through her, she yells out, “Tie Ge? Tie Ge!!” Then, they are pulled apart…

Late at night, Guo Jing and Huang Rong sneak into the palace for the second time while Mu NianCi meets OuYang Ke in place of Huang Rong as a decoy to buy time.

Ever since hearing the queen muttering the lines from the poem, Yang TieXin has been acting like a zombie. He wanders around aimlessly until he finds himself back in the now empty temple. Then, he spots a handkerchief dropped by the queen. He bends down and picks it up, there it is, the poem embroidered on the handkerchief. It’s suddenly clear for him. The queen is Bao XiRuo. (a dramatic irony for us) He sets out to look for her when WanYan HongLie’s men came for him to have a little chat with Bao XiRuo’s soon-to-be husband.

Huang Rong and Guo Jing’s palace reentry is complicated by Mei ChaoFeng’s presence. Ever since Guo Jing accidentally stabbed her husband some double-digit years ago, one of the few things that kept her alive is the desire to seek revenge. When she hears Huang Rong calling Guo Jing’s name, Mei ChaoFeng is determined to have his blood shed on the spot. She follows him and gets a hold of his neck with her whip, while strangling him to ensue a slow, torturous death, Guo Jing begs her to let him find the antidote before killing her, promising Mei that he will come back and let her kill him once he completes the task at hand. If it were someone else, that person might be testing luck, but Guo Jing means every word he says. Mei ChaoFeng won’t let go.

Huang Rong has departed to search for the antidote in a different direction when she stumbles upon an inconspicuous meeting between Yang Kang and his followers, discussing the ambition to steal Wu Yue’s War Strategy, then using it to conquer the rest of China.

Guo Jing manages to escape Mei ChaoFeng’s claw and runs away to find the antidote.

Mei ChaoFeng’s persistent predation alarmed the guards and kung fu masters in the castle. Since her trade mark kung fu Nine Yin White Skeleton Claw was rather infamous for its precision and viciousness, the kung fu practitioners become eager to fight with her in order to prove themselves. Mei ChaoFeng is hence hindered from her pursuit of Guo Jing.

The fight prolonged.

The white bearded Santa man returns to his room in the midst of the chaos to prevent getting hurt. Fame to him isn’t half as important as a long life and gold. He opens the door to find the basilisk he’s been feeding for 20 years is dead. Its blood is sucked dry. The blood he intended to drink himself is drank by someone else. Enraged, he wails and runs out like a madman, swearing to find the culprit and drink the culprit’s blood. (We’ve got a wannabe-Santa and a going-to-be-vampire mix here.)

More fighting ensues.

Guo Jing runs away with a giant bag of herbs and finds Huang Rong, watching the scenery on the roof. They wave at each other in recognition and Guo Jing jumps up the roof to accompany Huang Rong. Noticing Guo Jing is drenched in blood, Huang Rong knots her thin brows in a furrow and checks around to make sure he is fine. Guo Jing explains that he enters a room and finds a variety of valuable herbs. Since he doesn’t know which is which, he grabs everything. While he is concentrating on herb-collecting, a huge snake wrapped around him. He tries to break free, but the snake only wraps tighter. Finally, he bites the snake and the next thing he knows, he drank every last drop of that snake’s blood. (Yuck.)

After hearing the story, Huang Rong claps her little hands and congratulates Guo Jing. She explains that the blood of the basilisk is a valuable potion used to prolong life and increase kung fu. Guo Jing’s kung fu, compare to before he drank the basilisk blood, has increased by 10 folds.

Unfortunately, better kung fu can’t make the blood-sucking old creep who will be chasing after Guo Jing disappear.

There is going to be a lot of angst in the next few episodes.

One thought on “Legend of the Condor Heroes Episode 7 Recap”

  1. lol your recaps are so funny! I read them after every episode (my mandarin’s bad and I watch the raw version of LOCH) Thanks a bunch for these!

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