Legend of the Condor Heroes Episode 5 Recap

As if being the son of the crown prince doesn’t give him enough power and wealth, Yang Kang’s ambition is insatiable. He wants to out-kung fu all the wushu practitioners (because they are not yet master level) that came to WanYan KongLie out of greed and become the commander in control.

Ambition aside, the itching desire to confirm that he is WanYan HongLie’s son probes harder than usual. He hurts a bird on purpose and brings the poor thing to his mom as an excuse to press about the truth. Bao XiRuo hesitates, then decides to take evasive action.

His mother’s silence confirms the existence of a background story and dampens Yang Kang’s worry. Irritated, he decides to take a stroll and hopefully engage in some reckless accident to prove his worth. (Such a teenager!)

It just so happens that Mu NianCi and her adopted father Mu Yi are holding a sign with “Joust for Spouse” written on it in the center of the streets, attracting attention and trouble. If you’re wondering why Mu NianCi is looking for a husband in Jin territory, considering the animosity between Jin and Han, well, she isn’t really looking for a husband. She’s looking for something else. Rather, a certain someone.

If the rowdiness is novel enough to attract Yang Kang, it is to Guo Jing. A few arrogant horny brutes consider the challenge a piece of cake and volunteer to fight NianCi. Monks included. (lol how ridiculous. If the monk really wins, should he grow hair back out of his little bald head or should NianCi become a nun?)

They don’t win of course, which prompts Yang Kang to try. Yang Kang wins. Mu Yi steps up, wanting to talk Yang Kang out of the marriage. Before he could finish, Yang Kang interjects, “Joust for Spouse is just a bluff where people use to compete with others. Who wants your daughter? Plus, why would a Jin prince marry a Song farm girl?” His outward rudeness enrages Mu Yi. NianCi walks up to appease her father while shooting dirty looks at Yang Kang.

Yang Kang is provoked. Rather, he wants to be provoke. He challenges NianCi again. They fight, Yang Kang takes the upper hand and uses the opportunity to grab NianCi’s waist. NianCi is irked and strikes back. Yang Kang takes pleasure in NianCi’s frustration and grabs her shoe. (The beginning of a foot fetish I tell you!) She picks his jade pendant while he throws her onto the ground. Mu Yi inserts himself between the two youngsters to protect his daughter. Yang Kang steps over bound and attacks Mu Yi. He hurts Mu Yi and pushes him onto the hard pavement. Then ominously, he looms over Mu Yi…

Guo Jing jumps out and blocks Yang Kang. He lectures Yang Kang, like a big brother. (I guess when you see the right person, the brotherly instincts just gushes out without you realizing it.) Yang Kang dismisses Guo Jing. Guo Jing blocks his way, wanting him to apologize to NianCi and her father. Yang Kang fights Guo Jing for him to get out of the way.

Guo Jing takes the upper hand. Yang Kang, whose pride wouldn’t allow any humiliation, uses Mei ChaoFeng’s Nine Yin Skeleton Claw to terminate Guo Jing. A taoist from the Quan Zhen Sect intervenes to save Guo Jing. Yang Kang leaves during the commotion. Mu Yi thanks Guo Jing for saving him the face and his life and asks for his name. He is shocked when he learns that the young man’s name is Guo Jing. (Some more background story heading your way.)

Guo Jing blocks Yang Kang’s way, still pressing for the apology. Watch, they go on the roof. And it’s a cat-and-mouse. Until finally the taoist blocks the little sneaky mouse’s way to interrogate him. Fortunate for Yang Kang, his followers arrive in time and hurts the taoist with a poisonous palm.

Ever since Yang Kang’s questioning in the morning, Bao XiRuo has been thinking. Thinking hard. Whether to reveal the truth and let Yang Kang bare with the burden or to cover it all together and choose happily-ever-after? She finally decides that she doesn’t want her son to suffer the unbearable sense of uncertainty. She decides to become WanYan HongLie’s wife after 18 years of resistance. WanYan HongLie is trilled to hear the “good” news. (Of course, good is subjective.)

Guo Jing stops by the tavern to get Huang Rong some pastry before heading towards the ocean for the rendezvous. He is shocked to see Huang Rong dressed as a girl but he quickly gets over the surprise and takes out the refreshments for her. She is reduced to tears at his display of care for her. So she sings to her. (Ahm. No comment on the singing.) They bond so well that Huang Rong decides to tag along with Guo Jing no matter where he needs to be.

The fight for chief commander starts in the Jin palace. OuYang Ke arrives on time for the show. He radiates with confidence (I’m sure it’s just the sun and the white fabric) that he dares all the warriors to attack him together, obviously not considering them as his equal.

After a one-man’s show, OuYang Ke, Xi Du OuYang Feng’s disciple wins and claims the role of chief commander. Yang Kang stands up to challenge OuYang Ke after stealing a glance at his father, eager to prove himself. (Teenager, teenager. *shakes head*) WanYan HongLie stops Yang Kang and hands the position to OuYang Ke, much to Yang Kang’s dismay.

Guo Jing and Huang Rong are strolling the streets when they found the taoist lying on the street, dying from poison. They moved him to the tavern where Guo Jing is lodging in and help the taoist as he tries to get the poison out of his body. After saving half of the Taoist’s life, Huang Rong urges Guo Jing to find out the man’s identity. As it turns out, the man, Wang Chu Yi, belongs to Quan Zhen Sect as well. Ma Yu, the taoist who taught Guo Jing two years’ kung fu, is his kung fu buddy, so to speak. Great, now they’re all related.

The downside to being friendly with each other is that now Guo Jing and Huang Rong are responsible for healing the taoist. Unfortunately, since they are in Jin territory and the monk who poisoned the taoist works for the prince, hence a single order eliminates all herbs in town that can help the taoist recover. No amount of begging, threatening is to any avail. Bickering between Guo Jing and Huang Rong doesn’t help either.

But perhaps, a little exciting adventure in the Jin palace can solve the problem at hand. 😉

Can you tell I’m trying to squeeze in as much recap as I can before school starts? Hah. School, how unholy. I can just imagine how sleep deprived and groggy I’ll be in just a few weeks.

Off to do something productive.

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