babbspanglisnese is cute!

Let me break it down for you, babbspanglisenese is essentially babble with a pinch of Spanish, a load of English, and minimal Chinese created, widely used, and copyrighted by my one and only three-year-old niece. 😀

It’s one of those trivial, but amusing things:

I was sitting on the couch with my cousin’s wife, talking over the kid bouncing between us. My babbspanglisnese-speaking niece was having great fun jumping up and down, as all small children love to do. At one point, she was too excited flying across the sofa that she let her inner gas tumble as well, sending out a loud, clear fart. Her mom started laughing, so did I. She went completely silent and gave us the best sheepish smile then darted out of the room to cry! It was So Cute.

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