Gourmet 20

For those who have brothers and sisters, sibling rivalry is a difficult lesson to master. Especially when the brother you’ve been on good terms with suddenly takes away something you’ve righteously claimed as yours with unblinking ease. The jealousy and resentment are bitter pills to swallow.

With desires for attention and affection to deal with, the discovery that Joo Hee has paid a visit to Sung Chan cracks Bong Joo at last. In a blind state of white wrath, he demands, rather rhetorically, why must circumstance place him inferior to his brother? The engagement is reconsidered, which, may not necessarily be a bad thing for Joo Hee in the long run, but is hurtful news to her at the present. Unfortunately, circumstance hasn’t had its fair share of “fun” yet. Bong Joo receives a call, informing him of the committee’s rejection to his proposal to host the kimchi exhibition. Joo Hee chases out in attempt to placate Bong Joo when they, in an abrupt halt, come face to face with Sung Chan and Jin Soo.

Bong Joo steps up and sends his fist flying. Although sening something is amiss, Sung Chan is still caught off guard. Bong Joo drags Sung Chan by the collar and threatens Sung Chan not to reappear before him, essentially calling him a theif for stealing Un Ahm Jung, his father’s affection and Joo Hee from him. While desperately trying to stop Bong Joo from stepping over the boundary of an irreparable relationship, Joo Hee shoots worried glances at Jin Soo, who has only recently reconciled with Sung Chan.

No amount of head shaking or appologetic looks can save the damange. Still unsure of Joo Hee’s role in the relationship, and perhaps a little too sensitive against her good nature, Jin Soo walks away in dejection.

Years of training has taught Joo Hee to prioritize well, she assures Sung Chan that Bong Joo’s explosion is the result of a misunderstanding and hurries him to appease Jin Soo.

Sung Chan catches up to Jin Soo, rather than stopping her, he follows her to the bus stop, keeping a distance. “Are you, going back now?” Getting no reply, Sung Chan starts to explain but is cut off by Jin Soo. “I admit I feel attracted to you. I have thought to myself that maybe you will grow to like me back and have, at one point even felt that the attraction is reciprocated. It’s just an illusion.” The bus comes and takes Jin Soo away, leaving Sung Chan standing alone in the bus stop in pain.

He hesitates to follow her up the bus, still unsure of his feelings.

Bong Joo releases his negative energies on golf, all the while giving himself more time to think about the numerous past instances where Joo Hee exhibited particular inclinations towards Sung Chan. By the time Joo Hee grows tired of waiting and checks the front desk of the hotel to see if Bong Joo is in, she is informed that he has promptly checked out.

While the youngsters tend to their own troubles, Chief Oh and his old flame are walking the plains for old time’s sake, talking about Sung Chan. Chief Oh is worried about the impacts defeat has on Sung Chan while his old lover takes a different perspective. She dismisses his concern as being overly protective and says that one day, after he has seen enough, Sung Chan will pick up his natural talent. Before finally leaving, Chief Oh and his old lover enjoy in a final, long embrace. (Aww)

Problems continue to surface. The rejection from the committee for the kimchi exhibition comes as a big blow to Un Ahm Jung’s ego. Min Woo is determined to find the cause of the rejection, even though he already holds the key to it.

Bong Joo comes back, tastes everything and finds the problem. It’s the yeast in the shrimp sauce. He unleases his anger on Min Woo for being inept. He kicks Min Woo and humiliates the pompous chief in front of the kitchen staff. Min Woo may deserve this kind of severe reproach, but Bong Joo is definitely having a hard time restraining himself. Or rather, a lack of will to do so. Natually, Min Woo wants a vicious revenge for the public humiliation, and he wants it when Un Ahm Jung is most vunlerable. The vendetta is straightforward, he will leave Un Ahm Jung for its rival restaurant when a major disaster looms over. (Foreshadowing huh?)

Bong Joo continues to be spiteful. He puts on a guise and “regretfully” informs Joo Hee’s father that Un Ahm Jung will not continue using his brand of chinaware for the overseas chain stores. Reason being: the investor doesn’t like it. While Joo Hee’s father protests, Bong Joo enjoys his juvenile but sweet vengeance on Joo Hee and takes off. It’s about time this guy get some private time to think things over, although him leaving Un Ahm Jung now is more of an escape of reality than working on some serious business.

Late at night, Sung Chan ponders over his relationship with the two girls he has feeling for. Chief Oh comes out and sits beside Sung Chan, “If all fails, come back to cuisine. Because real emotion will reflect in the food.”

To help Sung Chan get in touch with his roots, the chief takes Sung Chan to look at the sauces the deceased imperial chiefs have made more than 30 years ago the next day. Chief Oh tells Sung Chan that even when the world is changing rapidly, the taste stays the same. He then says that for imperial cooks, the sauce tanks represent them instead of tombstones. Then, after asking Sung Chan to open two nearby tanks, Chief Oh points out his father and grandfather’s tanks. Chief Oh bends down to the empty tanks and yells, “Sung Chan has came to visit.” Sung Chan, standing watching silently has tears welling up in his eyes. The chief then takes Sung Chan to see the forest Sung Chan grew up in, which, is the same forest Chief Oh met Sung Chan’s father. Memories of childhood are revoked, Sung Chan is left in a serene sense of nostalgia.

Un Ahm Jung is in full force remaking kimchi, trying to find out the problem with the shrimp sauce. However, even after changing the sauce, the kimchi still doesn’t taste right. Sung Chan has dropped Chief Oh back at the restaurant, the chief jumps into work and moves difficultly from tank to tank, trying to figure out what went wrong. In fact, none of the sauces tasted right. Perhaps passable in normal restaurants, but in no way accommodate Un Ahm Jung’s high standard. (While it’s sad seeing an old man testing rows of tanks one by one on his own in sadness, the idea of cross contamination as he moves about the tanks is difficult to ignore.) At last, Chief Oh has had enough. He is disheartened at the quality of the onece superb sauces and infuriated that Bong Joo has left the restaurant to inspect the chain stores because issues like this has never happened before.

In a fury, Chief Oh smashed the tank with the lid and crumbles into surrounding people’s arms. Sung Chan returns after finding his father’s bag on his car and witnesses the outbreak. He rushes to his father’s side.

The father is physically okay, but emotionally, he is devastated. Thinking that generations of persistent taste has been changed in his hands, he will be too ashamed to face his ancestors.

Bong Joo is not there, Chief Oh is sick, there is only Sung Chan left to help Un Ahm Jung. Although Sung Chan states that he is ill fit for the leadership position, he starts thinking and resumes the role of the good son.

He begins by looking at the storage rooms, inspecting raw materials, and munching on books. All the while, Min Woo hovers around Sung Chan, keep an eye and up to no good.

The good news is, hearing about Un Ahm Jung’s recent trouble, madame Jo returns to look after the sauces. After all, her expertise is what supplied Un Ahm Jung with their top notch sauces all these years.

Meanwhile, Jin Soo’s former boss starts to realize how good it was to have Jin Soo as a reporter. He gets an idea and decides to brib Jin Soo into returning to her post.

The next morning after Jin Soo returns home from jogging, a carton of milk with a happy face pasted on the side waits for her at the top of the stairs. (lol very characteristic of her boss.) When she leaves the apartment, there they sit again, three fun-sized soy milk bottles, bundled together and a smily face taped on top. (Some cheap bribe, but cute.)

The next day, when Jin Soo leaves her apartment for morning exercise, a tomato with large goldfish eyes and a smiling mouth welcomes her at the door.

It's too cute, I couldn't resist.

Jin Soo’s finally had enough, she brings back the bag of treats guarding her door everyday and is coerced back to her position. (lol she’s so adorable.)

Sung Chan is redoing sauces with Madame Jo. In the process of which, a large group of pigeons stopped by. As usual, Madame Jo splurges these birds with a mixture of soy beans and black beans. Sung Chan watches in amusement. However, when the birds fly away, Sung Chan notices that they have been eating only the black beans and avoiding the soy beans. In order to confirm the suspicion, Sung Chan returns to the storage rooms to inspect. The doors have all been locked by Min Woo. He knows, whether self-consciously or not, that although Sung Chan lacks the proper training most revered, he will come up with a solution. On the other hand, Min Woo is too arrogant to allow Sung Chan, whom he has always regarded as undeserving, to solve the problem.

However, without the proper sauce, all the dishes at Un Ahm Jung have changed taste. Without a proper solution, Chief Oh decides to close Un Ahm Jung.

For the love of good food, Sung Chan storms into the kitchen to confront Min Woo. Min Woo verbally assaults Sung Chan, but the sense of urgency kept Sung Chan away from wasting time on Min Woo. He charges straight to the office. Min Woo is enraged by Sung Chan’s disregard of the holy pecking order and throws down his knife to come after Sung Chan. He is, however, stopped by his fellow chiefs. (HAH.) It’s Jang Goo who finally hands Sung Chan the keys to the storage room. It’s comforting to see that this prideful butcher has changed for the better.

Bong Joo returns to hear the decision of closing Un Ahm Jung. In his hypersensitive state, he perceives it as a mean to stop his expansion dream, to further separate him from the success he desperately tries to prove to those most dear to him. Facing Bong Joo’s opposition and Chief Oh’s resolution, Joo Hee’s father calls for a meeting. And it’s at this intense moment Sung Chan decides to crash the party, so exhilarated with his new discovery that he fails to see Bong Joo’s glaring eyes.

The problem for the sauce is indeed on the soy beans.

Good episode. An equal share of relationship changes, sweet moments, crisis, the search of a solution, and the satisfying final answer.

Matters escalate, climax, then resolve. The question is how. How will Bong Joo compose himself to face the changes that’s about to take place in Un Ahm Jung? How will he learn to reconcile with the fact that no matter how hard he tries, all he does is distancing himself away from his loved ones and grudgingly watching his brother outperform him in every aspect?

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  1. Thanks for the episode guide! It’s always so informative and clear. I can’t wait until it comes out with English Subs!
    Thanks again!

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