Fated to Love You 24: Last Episode

“Oh right, Chen Xin Yi’s husband’s stepbrother’s wife just gave birth to a healthy baby! By the way, Baby Ji the dog is pregnant again!”

Unfortunately, yesterday’s good news is today’s bad news. The dreadful reminder that everybody else is/can be pregnant, except for her is like a slap in the face that sends every pore of Chen Xin Yi’s body ache in pain of envy. Even Ji Cun Xi’s condolences and a lover’s kiss can’t quiet down the rippling yarning of being pregnant with her own child.

Whatever the misfortune, time keeps spinning, and life, keeps moving. So does Xin Yi. She goes to work in an art gallery and surprisingly meets her ex-co-worker Mary. Mary is pregnant. Once the two women make up for past misunderstandings, the conversation naturally falls on the pregnancy. Xin Yi gently strokes Mary’s protruding belly, then sadly touches her own flat belly. She sighs.

Cun Xi comes to pick Xin Yi up for lunch when his mother-in-law calls. So Cun Xi, Xin Yi, and Anson race back to Xin Yi’s home on Jiang Mu Island to deal with whatever mess that tops Xin Yi’s infertility. The issue is, not surprisingly, pregnancy related.

In a daughters-kneeling-mother-sitting, one-leg-up-and-a-duster-in-hand déjà vu, the mother is tracing the source of her daughters’ pregnancy, again. Feng Jiao is safe because she’s married, but Qing Xia…? Ever since her divorce, she’s been staying at home. How on earth did she get herself pregnant? “Mother, I cannot say.” “If you don’t tell me, I’m going to break your legs today!” The familiar dialogue plays. “STOPPPPP!” a figure dashes in to protect the pregnant woman from outside the doorway. Only difference from the last time we saw this, Anson is the man to kneel down in front of Xi Shi and admit that he is the child’s father. Xi Shi ceases to hit Anson once he promises to be responsible for the consequence of his sudden burst of passion. Still angry at being ill informed, Xi Shi blurs out, “Why does the one who shouldn’t get pregnant always gets pregnant but the one who should get pregnant never gets pregnant?”

To cheer Xin Yi up, Cun Xi thinks of the only way he can.

Late at night after both have showered, Cun Xi intersects Xin Yi as she goes to bed.

Xin Yi, it’s so hot today. I so want to take off All my clothes. *awkwardly pulls down a piece of his own bath robe to reveal a bare shoulder*

Hot? Why don’t you turn down the AC? *matter-of-factly*

*lets out a genuinely surprised, “what?” expression* But… but I feel hot from the inside out! *puts seductive emphasis on the word “hot”*

*looks back blankly* Then, do you want to drink some ice water?

*rips open his own bath robe and reveals a (not so muscular) naked body*

*looks down, then away, appearing uninterested* Cun Xi, do you, want to find another woman?

*wraps himself in the robe again and stands up straighter* What are you talking about?


You say it one more time, I’ll strangle you!


Enough! Not a word about it. I’m off to sleep. You, turn off the lights and remember to turn down the AC. I’m so going to burst a blood vessel! *off to bed angrily*

When Cun Xi wakes up in the middle of the night and finds the other side of the bed empty, he gets out of bed to look for his beloved wife. Xin Yi is praying to Cun Xi’s ancestors, perseverating on her inability to pass on the lineage. Cun Xi approaches her and hands her a white towel. “What’s this for?” “So you can hang yourself.” Cun Xi jokes. He comforts her again that he doesn’t mind if she give him a child and they leave for bed together. After the newly weds leave the room, Cun Xi’s grandpa’s picture lights up. (-_-”)

Next day at work, Xin Yi experiences an unpleasant sensation in the lower abdomen and is sent to the hospital. (and the hospital just happens to specialize in gynecology.) When Cun Xi and grandma arrive in the hospital, Dr. Hao storms out to chastise a confounded Cun Xi for not taking care of his wife. Turns out, Xin Yi is pregnant.

Finally, Dr. Hao clears things up: the clinic Xin Yi went to is infamous for purposely making wrong diagnosis in order to lure the patients to throw money into unnecessary testings, treatments, and medications. Xin Yi is not only fertile, she is one month pregnant.

An excited Ji Cun Xi runs to Xin Yi’s hospital room to bring her the good news. Upon seeing a doleful Xin Yi who is sorrowfully looking out of the window, Cun Xi gets an idea and puts on a straight face. He sits down besides her, regretfully informs her that the doctor has discovered something strange growing inside of her. As to what it is, the doctor didn’t specify. But, Dr. Hao did say that in 10 months, the strange little thing will jump out by itself. Xin Yi digests Cun Xi’s news word for word and finally breaks out into a relieved smile. :]

Eight months later:

The three pregnant sisters lazily extend their bodies on a mat, waiting for their husbands to bring them refreshments. The three busy servers dads cuddle in a circle, chattering to each other while busily peeling fruits and opening bottles. “She was a post-it before marriage, who would’ve thought she’d be like this?” “Brother-in-law, forgot to tell you, Feng Jiao used to be like Xin Yi before she married me.” “What about her body?”, Anson asks. “She was so hot! But once she gave birth, she became like this.” The other two men laments in unison, “What would my Xin Yi/Qing Xia turn out to be after labor?” The ladies grow impatient on the picnic cloth, “Are you guys done?”

The husbands bring the food to their wives and thus commencing a name-giving discussion for the unborn babies. Feng Jiao has decided to call her child plum juice (Wu Mei Zhi), Qing Xia settles for An Tai Sui (a tradition to appease the Gods), as for Xin Yi’s baby, the sisters have some interesting suggestions. Like, calculator (Ji Suan Ji), note book (Ji Shi Bu), memory card (Ji Yi Ca), monument (Ji Nian Bei), or taxi (Ji Cheng Che). (I would hate to be their kid.) Fortunately, Cun Xi already has a name in mind. He wants to call the kid Anniversary (Ji Nian Ri). “Because”, he explains while turning to Xin Yi, “everyday with you is worth celebrating.” (Attention goosebumps, stand up and salutes to Ji Cun Xi!)

If you think the sisters getting pregnant around the same time is freaky but you are willing to suspend the disbelief because it’s a drama, then maybe the fact that the sisters are going into labor at the same time is just as understandable. (But, for the rest of us, it may take a little convincing than just plain old “fate”.)

To top the happily-ever-after with a hot pink cherry, Ji Cun Xi decides to help the ladies give birth on the spot since the ambulance has a flat tire. (Don’t ask.)

After some oh-so-fake wailing, running around, and face-contortions, the babies are born.

PS: Just in case you are wondering, Anna became a top model and got married three years later; Xi Shi opened a spa on Jiang Mu Island; Grandma reunites with ZhongShang Long at last. As for Anson, after the marriage and their first child, his electric field with Qing Xia grew stronger than ever that it burned down a few buildings and cost them a couple hundred thousand dollars (or was it a couple million?) to repair all the damage. 🙂

Been half a year! It’s over at last.

Before I wrap this up, I want to express my gratitude towards my recap followers out there, especially those who followed through and took the time to leave a piece of their thoughts, opinions, complains, and praises. :]

Merci et au revoir!

48 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 24: Last Episode”

  1. Much Mahalo for all the wonderful recap you did for all of us. I trully appreciate the time & effort. Hope all is well!

  2. wow ..thanks so much for the recap…its kinda nice to have the fated happy ending and all but some of the scenes were so cliché..o well it all worked out and ended well…once again thank you so much and hopefully you will be recapping Invincible Shan Bao Mei

  3. I knew someone would ask about Dylan. Truth is, I didn’t quite catch it. Something about him going to class and there’s a girl who would volunteer to wipe the board each time.
    i watched that part three times on three different video sources but the follow up is rather short and there’s a line of annoying commercial scrolling on the left side of the screen that blocked a good deal of words. plus it’s hard to see white words against a pale blue background.
    in short, i blame it on the editor. 😛 but if anyone caught what i missed, you’re welcome to share.

  4. IRUGNOTMIS!! I so love you right now. I knew after returning from lectures, I might have a recap to the ending of Fated to Love You and here it is. You have been great with your summaries. Detailed and perspective enough for me anyways. Thank you!! And oh…I wanted to ask, so does the Shan Bao Mei appear in this episode? Or that would be next week?

  5. Hello!! And thanks, for always giving us, FTLY fans something to wait for. I’m sure going to miss it!!!

    BUT…… that scene of the 3 of them giving birth in the park…. didn’t quite like it. and i ask to myself, how can she be a month pregnant when just the day before was their wedding night?? nothing indicated time passed, am i missing something?? i know its drama, but please!!!

    Thanks!!! and i will see you again in SHAN BAO MEI!!!

  6. smalfoy: you started school already? dang so early.
    Shan Bao Mei doesn’t appear in FTLY but the cast of FTLY appear in Shan Bao Mei, which has already been aired after FTLY finale.
    wrote 2 recaps today, am completely drained of words, so Shan Bao Mei 1st epi will have to wait till tomorrow.

    Tuttie: i agree with your point on the lapse of time. they should’ve at least indicated. the one month pregnant thing, come on, don’t tell me she’s been mopping around the house for an entire month about not being able to give birth and her supposedly busy husband still has all the love and patience in the world to tell her again and again that he doesn’t mind it. i think past a certain point, normal people start to let the subject drop.

  7. yup, I started three weeks ago. I am in Aus..so its different here. Oops. I thought Shan Bao Mei starts this week and I was thinking the both shows will interlap. and I had this weird idea, I am not sure why and how but I thought it was because of Shan Bao Mei that Xin Yi will get pregnant. So I was wondering how that tied in with the show. No worries, when you do post the entry, I shall read it then.

  8. Thanks for all the recap. I wasn’t able to leave my comment when i drop by your blog but I read it all throughout the whole series. You did a wonderful job recapping. I am going to miss reading your side comments – love that =). Anyway, what am I going to to with my sundays now? I think I am going to experience a FLTY withdrawal for sometimes like some of you out there (sigh!). I think I need to find something worth my time on sunday to replace that FLTY-ish syndrome. Very quick!!!! i will be checking your blog every once in a while. Thanks again for sharing the Fun and Joyride with the rest of us – FTLY fans out there!!!

  9. awww…that was so nice…i have to watch it as soon as it comes out in english subtitles… i definitely salute cun xi for the beautiful name 🙂
    THANKS SO MUCH for making everyone happy with your recaps…:)

  10. omg i cant believe that it ended!!!!!!!!!!!! but the part about dylan it say he took time off of his job to go take a course on art and met a sticknote girl there and was determined to change her thats all i got from that lol

    p.s i love u

  11. what happened to Dylan.
    I saw from one subbing project, cus I couldnt see the text myself.
    Dylan leaves the whole art business while he’s going back to study.
    There in one of his classes, he saw a girl who similar to Xin Yi’s personality (the sticky note girl).
    He plans to change her too ~possible love interest~

    One other one, what happened to Baby Ji ;*)
    she becomes a dog actress hahah. because someone saw how well-behaved she is. pssh. lols

    anyway thanks so much for the recaps. I always read it before I watch the actual episodes so I can prepare myself.
    (for some intense scenes).

  12. Great recaps! Thank you so much! I really enjoyed reading them. You really did a great job, I loved reading your comments. I think I’m gonna be a frequent visitor now 🙂

  13. my comments may be waaayyy tooo late after it’s what? November.
    I finished reading all the posts and even if I have a DVD copy of this series,
    I have enjoyed reading your detailed and accurate recaps, not to mention
    the witty and amusing comments in between.

    I hope I get to read more recaps like this *ehem* from you
    in the future
    specially the upcoming series of Chen Chiao En
    (not sure of the title since it has not been shot yet)

  14. wei irugnotmis, i really love the way you write every episodes. your mandarin is really good. before i watch the tv series, i was able to read all the episodes and it helped me a lot while watching it. i only knows few words of mandarin and i can say that taiwanese speaks very fast.

    do you also watch korean tv series? i have encountered GOLDEN BRIDE and i hope you can do the same and post it. by the way im kleng from philippines. hope to hear from you.

    xiexie ni.

  15. Thanks a lot foor the summaries.. I’m kkinda remincent when i saw this recap..

    I kinda recall watching the whole series till the 1st or 2nd EP of Shan Bao Mei..

    I really wanted a part 2 for Fated to love you.. Coz the ending is kinda hanging…

    i love the pace of the story in the drama but not the ending..

    Anyway.. thanks for the recaps.

    HAppy 2009

  16. oh,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mhy.zhIt’
    i can’t help it.
    i am an addict fan of “FATED TO LOVE YOU”
    ethan ruan and joe chen looks nice together.

    i love you both.

    i always enjoy watching this show in our own language.

  17. I so very addict of this story and my heart beat so fast!!! I like them both and I finished it watching in 3 days!!!! if there’s a part two of this story please i will watching it again because im still watching again in again and im very in love with the boy Ji Cun Xi, I LOVE YOU!!!!! mwahhh!!!!

  18. i so love your writing style.. i would also like to commend your commentaries, it’s really entertaining.. kudos!

  19. Thanks so much for your recaps! I have been reading them along with watching and they are so very helpful. I love your comments on the side too. Very funny. I really enjoyed this series, it’s the first one I have watched and I have been addicted. I did, however, like the first half of the series alot more than the second half. It seemed to get a little too silly to me and dragged out their reunion but I still enjoyed it.

  20. thanks so much more for your recap…they give some reason why i should to be thankful for having a loving,caring,patient,and sweet boyfrend as of now… i was realy inpired to the story i was conected to their topic… i hope my bf watch it alredy to realize his mistake..!! il waiting for their nxt show, uuummmuuuaaahhh!

  21. hey, thanks for the wonderfully written, detailed recaps/ summaries.

    I hope to be able to find summaries/ recaps of other movies/ dramas that I am watching or will be watching too!

  22. Brilliant episode commentry – tried watching the drama because the manga was being slow, but just couldn’t deal with the over the top acting – your commentry was deffo better than the drama; loved your dry comments about it 😀

  23. it was indeed great reading your recaps and summaries.
    a) you have a great sense of humour {:
    b) your command of language was GREAT 😀
    c) you are a great writer.
    kudos. and write more summaries/recaps. appreciate them greatly.
    look forward to them. thank you [:

  24. Thank You for this wonderful 3 hours I had while reading every single one of your posts related to this show! 🙂 Your comments, vivid description really made my day today! Thank You!

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