Chinese Paladin, 3 not 2?

Good day gamers and wu xia lovers, here’s news for you:

The same production team, director included, are skipping Chinese Paladin 2 and jumping ahead to film the 3rd story after 2005’s video game converted drama Chinese Paladin (duh).

The drama is currently in the making, expected to be hot out of the oven by summer of 09. The cast includes Hu Ge, Wallace Huo (At the Dolphin Bay, Emerald on the Roof etc), and Yuan Hong (LOCH 08, The Young Warriors, etc)


PS: If you haven’t seen Chinese Paladin, it’s done by the same production team as Legend of the Condor Heroes 08. Now you know what to expect.

5 thoughts on “Chinese Paladin, 3 not 2?”

    1. well in the end chinese paladin 3 is kinda related to chinese paladin 1 and also chinese paladin 3 is suppose to take place a few hundred/thousand/whatever years BEFORE chinese paladin 1:P

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