Gourmet 18

Joo Hee decides to visit Suk Dong. While she’s sitting awkwardly with Suk Dong’s grandma, Suk Dong is visiting his mother. He sees her. She is happy. She has a new family now. Two kids, one boy, one girl. She sees him standing outside of her door with his back turned towards her. She walks by him, looks back and then walks on.

When Sung Chan finds Suk Dong, he is sitting on the pavement, crying by himself. The poor guy doesn’t understand, if his mother left him, then why does she keep sending back packages? Why not just take off and never trouble her pretty head over him? As they speak, the family returns. Suk Dong jumps up and hides behind the wall, leaving only his head poking out to look at his mother. The woman sees him, says nothing, and enters the house.

Suk Dong laments more. Before he knew who his mother was, he would search for her hours at the time, risking being punished by grandma. Now that he’s finally found her, he doesn’t know what to do.

As he squads down to cry, the woman walks out of the house and walks towards them. “Excuse me, are you… Suk Dong?” Suk Dong stands up rigidly and is at a lose of words. The woman smiles, “So it is you.” Suk Dong musters all his courage and murmurs, “Mo-mother?” She shakes her head, “I’m your mother’s friend. She always speaks of you, that’s why I’m curious to see who you are.” “Where is my mother? She lives her doesn’t she? That’s the address from the packages.” “The packages… Your mother asked me to send them to you.” “Then where does she live? You must know her address, don’t you?”

When the woman agree to give Suk Dong his mother’s address, this big boy starts to smile like no other. Finally, he will be able to see his mother before he goes in for military service.

Meanwhile, Un Ahm Jung is busy looking for a dish that depicts the “contenting apprehension of waiting” (so poetic) for a large scale competition. No success so far.

By nightfall, when Suk Dong still doesn’t show up, Joo Hee grabs her luggage and bids grandma goodnight. When Sung Chan and Suk Dong sees the name card Joo Hee left, Sung Chan grabs the car keys to look for her. He finds her walking by herself and hastily pulls the car over. He stumbles down from the car seat and falls onto the ground. (lol.)

“Do you welcome me?” Joo Hee asks. “What?” “Me coming here, do you welcome me?” Joo Hee repeats. When Sung Chan still look puzzled, she clarifies, “The bad feeling between us, is it resolved?” “Oh, I thought I was dreaming when I saw you.” Joo Hee smiles for the first time since the episode started.

Sung Chan takes Joo Hee to a hotel. After checking in, a faint, but visible awkwardness creeps upon them. Joo Hee suggests that Sung Chan can take her tour the place. Sung Chan agrees and asks Joo Hee where he should take her. They both laugh at the silly question and agrees on a date tour tomorrow morning at 9.

At night, an excited Suk Dong reminds Sung Chan that Jin Soo is still looking for him and that he can’t be dating two women at the same time.

Not quite content with the reminder, Suk Dong calls Jin Soo and tells her to come down and find Sung Chan before something happens.

The next day:

Sung Chan and Joo Hee sneak up a light house and talked about the past and Un Ahm Jung’s present. Before Joo Hee could ask about Sung Chan and Jin Soo’s reconciliation progress, a man spotted them two and yelled at them to get down.

While climbing down, Joo Hee accidentally slipped and fell in Sung Chan’s arms. The two of them lean in towards each other and then… “What are you guys doing? Get down here now!” the two of them separated before they could lead themselves to a kiss.

Bong Joo hears about Jin Soo’s leaving of her reporter career and pays her a visit at the restaurant she waitresses in – the restaurant she was to have the rendezvous with Sung Chan. He tells her that she had, accidentally, uncovered the truth for the world to see and Sung Chan had, purposely, covered the truth for Un Ahm Jung’s sake. They don’t owe each other anymore. Therefore, she should let go of the emotional burden and return to her post.

When Sung Chan and Joo Hee returned to Suk Dong’s house, Suk Dong is curled up in a blanket, crying. He didn’t get to see his mother during the day.

Jin Soo decides to go to Sung Chan.

Sung Chan decides to give another try to find out Suk Dong’s mother’s address. Sung Chan finds out that Suk Dong’s mother is already dead. Before leaving this world, Suk Dong’s mother had asked her friend to send Suk Dong gifts every year to make up for the guilt she felt for abandoning the child.

Sure enough, Suk Dong finds out as well.

Jin Soo finds Sung Chan’s truck and runs towards it. Standing beside the truck in the shade is Joo Hee. The two women talked and Jin Soo decides to leave after knowing Sung Chan is fine. Joo Hee gracefully persuades Jin Soo to stay a bit and leave after she sees Sung Chan, reasoning that she has come thus far. Jin Soo decides to leave anymore and asks Joo Hee not to mention seeing her here today.

Although minding it very much, Joo Hee still tells Sung Chan of Jin Soo’s visit and urges him to catch up to her before the boat leaves the dock. And he does. She’s already on the boat. They see each other, and watch each other become farther and farther, until the other is no longer visible.

Food is the best remedy for emotional turmoils, and so a nice dinner follows an eventful day. They made abalone dinner in memory of Suk Dong’s mother. Because abalone is the last meal she cooked for Suk Dong.

Joo Hee leaves the next day. As she is packing, a thousand things went through her mind. She decides to help Sung Chan and Jin Soo, because she knows whatever her feelings for Sung Chan may be, he has already fallen in love with Jin Soo. She will step aside and make everything easier for everybody, like she’s always done, and consider the engagement with Bong Joo.

Before leaving in a taxi, Joo Hee tells Sung Chan, “I will be engaged soon. You will wish me the best won’t you? And, I will cherish the memory of the past two days.” Once the taxi drives away, two streams of hot tears find their way down Joo Hee’s cheeks.

Sung Chan is left to reflect on Joo Hee’s words…. Good thing, Sung Chan has Suk Dong to distract and cheer him up. Suk Dong tells Sung Chan that while he serves his term for the required military service, which is five years, those abalone must wait for his return. “The contenting apprehension of waiting”, an idea occurs to Sung Chan.

The next day, Bong Joo receives three anonymous packages of huge, fresh, exceptional abalone. So rare that these abalone are said to be cultivated for five years.

Viola, Un Ahm Jung’s food choice for the competition.

Good episode. Lots of character development. May be slow for those who don’t care for development, but I really enjoyed it. Reconciliation on the way for Sung Chan and Jin Soo in the next episode. And personally, I don’t think I would be able to deal with a relationship as elegantly as Joo Hee had done.

4 thoughts on “Gourmet 18”

  1. thank you.
    its good that Joo hee is so considerate.
    she would step aside when she knows SC already falls in love with Jin Soo.
    very unlike other dramas

  2. my cynical side tells me Joo Hee is too perfect to exist in the real world. pretty, prefectional, self-sufficient, and considerate. maybe i just don’t see enough of people.

    but on the other hand, it makes the drama clean having her step aside.

  3. Considering Joo Hee’s actress starred in All About Eve as a clingy bitch, this comes as a bit of a 180 turn. But very nice of her.


    But 19 doesn’t air this week! D:

  4. Reply to Sevenses,
    OMG, if u did not say that she acted in All About Eve, i would not have recognise her.
    i thought that she looks familiar but cant remember which serie was it?
    Now, i know, thanks to you : hahha

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