Fated to Love You 23: Fated, to Love You

Wiping away the tears, Chen Xin Yi lingers a little longer outside the restaurant and touches the reservation sign with the tip of her fingers. The names looked so nice and perfect together, side by side. She lets herself indulge in the absolute harmony for a moment and walks inside to face Cun Xi with an effortful smile.

Cun Xi stands up to welcome her arrival. He hurries over and pulls out the chair across from him for Xin Yi. With the same nervousness, he sits back down in his own chair and waves for the waitress to come over. The waitress brings over a covered plate and lays it on the table. She lifts the lid up, revealing a pink, delicate case. Xin Yi only forces another sad smile at the sight of the wishing box. So many memories.

“Eh.. umm, Chen Xin Yi, we’ve came this far. It’s time to think about marriage… Grandma has been waiting for a real long time, and… and Heritage should change its package. You know I… You know, I can’t wait anymore… Look! My hair’s turning white..” Xin Yi only smiles. “Then… then why don’t you take a look at that? No need to be touched, I didn’t spend a long time on it.” Xin Yi reaches for the pale wishing box and slowly opens it. There are post-its packed inside. She takes out the top most sticky note, unfolds it quietly and starts to read: I wish Cun Xi’s temper will not always be so fiery. “The back.” reminds Cun Xi expectantly. Xin Yi turns the post-it. It reads: My temper’s gotten better. She looks up at Cun Xi and smiles. Cun Xi smiles back. Xin Yi picks up a second post-it: I wish grandma will always be happy like now. Turning to the back: With you being here, grandma will always be happy. Xin Yi smiles again, this time with tears welling up in her eyes. A third note reads: I wish Anna can come back to celebrate Cun Xi’s birthday like always. Its back says: But I to spend my birthday with you. A fourth: I fell in love with Ji Cun Xi. I wish he will never know. On the back: I fell in love with Chen Xin Yi, I want her to know immediately! (lol) Xin Yi chuckles for the first time.

“Can you give me another chance?” Cun Xi asks earnestly. He walks over to Xin Yi and takes out a heart-shaped ring. “Let’s not miss each other again.” Xin Yi reaches for the rolled up post-it note in the ring, remove the ribbon, and unrolls the pink sticky note. The heart shaped post-it note reads: Let’s start anew. We can have our souvenir. (oh no) We can be happy. The three of us can go out for picnic. “Let us start over. I really, really want to have another souvenir with you. Maybe, maybe one isn’t enough. We can have a whole soccer team of them! (mamamia) That way we can group and play sports together!” (Why must Mr. Ji hit all the jack pot of Things-Thou-Shall-Not-Mention?) “….” Xin Yi says nothing. Cun Xi waits, uneasily. When Xin Yi looks up again, she asks Cun Xi, “Can I make a wish?” A second elapsed before Cun Xi fully understood what Xin Yi had asked. “Of course, anything you wish for, I will do my best to fulfill.”

“Can we, just be normal friends?” Xin Yi asks. Cun Xi shakes his head in disbelief, “But, didn’t you come today because you are ready to accept me?” “I’ve decided to go back to Shanghai with Dylan.” Xin Yi answers, “I planned to leave once your eyes regain sight. Going to Shanghai is a very valuable opportunity for me…” Cun Xi tries again, “That’s ok. We can get engaged before you return to Shanghai to pursuit your career and marry after you’re done with…” “I won’t come back once I go back.” Xin Yi cuts him off. Cun Xi sinks into a deep denial, “Why wouldn’t you come back? Shanghai is so close… I know, you want me to go back to Shanghai with you. That way you can tend to your career and we can be together. That’s great. Shanghai is a good place.” Watching Cun Xi’s desperate attempt to hold on to her, Xin Yi turns her head to hide the tears in her eyes. “I’m going back to Shanghai to be with Dylan.” Xin Yi interrupts again, more curtly than before, bursting Cun Xi’s final hope. “I am, going to be with Dylan.” She repeats, enunciating every word.

“Sorry I’m late.” Dylan walks into the restaurant. Xin Yi stands up and puts her arm around Dylan’s, “During the past two days, I realized that I like Dylan more than you.” Still unwilling to accept the sudden turn of tide, a devastated Cun Xi puts on a smile and inquires with all the restrain he can muster, “Did I do something wrong? Or, did something happen?” Xin Yi denies. Cun Xi turns to Dylan for explanation. “Don’t look at me. I have no idea either.” he turns to Xin Yi, “Do you want to enlighten me while he’s here? Why did you all of a sudden call me to pretend to be your boyfriend? And, why were you so sad on the phone? Now that this idiot’s eyes have recovered and he’s proposing to you, why are you throwing it all away?” Xin Yi pouts her mouth and whispers to Dylan, “Didn’t we reach an agreement?” “Chen Xin Yi, why do you not want to be with me?” Cun Xi asks again, holding on to the last inch of composure. “I just don’t want to be with you. Don’t force me.” She turns and puts and end to Cun Xi’s denial. Cun Xi is out of his wits. He stands up and inquires with a shaky voice, “What’s wrong? Is it something I did? Is it something I said?” “No, it’s nothing. You didn’t do anything wrong. You are too good for me, there’s too much pressure being with you. Can we just be friends?” Xin Yi raises her voice, utterly exasperated. “Don’t treat you too well is that what you are asking? If you had told me earlier, I could…” “Didn’t you say you will grant me any wish I dare to ask for? I just want to be friends. You should find another woman.” Cun Xi walks towards Xin Yi, shaking his head in astonishment, “Are you serious? You want me to find another woman?” Xin Yi nods. Cun Xi sighs. “One last time, do you mean it?” She nods again. Taken by incredulity, disappointment, and hurt, Ji Cun Xi storms out of the restaurant, leaving Xin Yi sobbing inside.

Once the sadness washes off, a wave of anger sweeps across Cun Xi. He throws his arms in air, loudly demanding an explanation for the fact that no good ending ever comes to his proposals. First he went to bed with the wrong person, now he gets dumped, can things get any worse? As he speaks, a car drives by, splashing water all over him. Ji Cun Xi decides that he will never propose again. If someone wants to marry him, she can submit an application. He tells Anson to arrange for blind dates. If he can marry Chen Xin Yi, it doesn’t matter who he marries. (how childish.)

Late at night, Dylan brings back home a drunk and unhappy Xin Yi. Needless to ask, the proposal went south. Xin Yi’s family checked the health report and discovered the reason behind Xin Yi’s rejection to Cun Xi – she’s infertile and hence unable to fulfill grandma’s wish to pass on the Ji family line. (What happened to trust? And faith?)

Super assistant, now matchmaker Anson arranges for Cun Xi to interview interrogate single, family-compatible women. Cun Xi eliminates the eligible bachelorettes by evaluating their number of affirmative responses to three of the five questions: Do you make wishes? Do you like jiang jun bun? Do you make pottery? And do you use post-its? Do you use wishing boxes?

Only one woman raised above everyone else with two affirmative answers and the mentioning of MSN. Her name is Chen-Lin Xi Shi. Right, Xin Yi’s mother. She comes allllll the way from Jiang Mu Island to show Cun Xi the infertility report. (Ironic the Relieve Clinic Xin Yi went to made her anything but relieved.) At the end of the talk, Cun Xi asked Xi Shi to bring back a letter for Xin Yi. A letter arrange for her to sign the divorce paper.

Although dejected, Xin Yi appears as if nothing is unexpected to lessen the worry her family has for her. She plans to sign the divorce paper then fly back to Shanghai. Xin Yi’s oldest sister Qing Xia persists to dress Xin Yi up so when Cun Xi sees her at the law firm, he’ll regret letting her go.

Cun Xi didn’t show up in the law firm. Xin Yi is more hurt than disappointed. The process isn’t as easy as signing the name. Ji Cun Xi is not giving Xin Yi any money. Instead, because Xin Yi has not been doing what a wife should do in the past two years, Cun Xi is asking for compensation. The content of the compensation goes like this (in 4x speed):

Suppose Ji Cun Xi is A, Chen Xin Yi is B.

1. If any argument results between A and B, B must apologize first under all circumstances.

2. If A is at any time, unhappy, B must lap dance to console A. (Xin Yi looks at Douglas in disbelief.)

3. A and B must not use divorce as a bargaining chip.

4. B must love A with sincerity.

5. Every morning… (Lawyer Douglas chokes from reading too fast at this point.) every morning B must let A (Douglas chokes again) ki-kiss B.

The above mentioned… (Douglas turns to suppress a gag. He gasps, then shivers. “Look for yourself.” Douglas hands the paper to Xin Yi.)

“If there’s no problem, please sign here. This is my copy. And this one is yours. Your copy is identical to the legal copy, except there’s a date and it says Mr. Ji has the right to keep the contract alive for as long as he wishes. Come on, sign here.” “I.. I don’t understand. I’m here to sign the divorce paper…” “Ms. Chen, your question is outside my knowledge. I have another client waiting in the other room. Sign here, quick.”

Among the documents, Xin Yi discovers a yellow post-it smiling at her. Tearing it off, it reads: Chen Xin Yi, you want to divorce me? Not in a hundred years! MUAHAHAH! 😀

The door opens, a chicken head pops out. “AH! Chicken!” Xin Yi turns to Douglas, “CHICKEN! Cun Xi!~” she runs after the chicken outside, forgetting about the papers and the luggage.

The chicken wobbles ahead of Xin Yi, who’s dragging her feet in a pair of high heels. A clown holding a board marked with “I Love You – Z” made of post-its blocks Xin Yi’s way. She takes one quick look at the board and pushes the clown aside to chase after the chicken. The chicken stumbles, and falls. Xin Yi catches the opportunity to jump onto the chicken and pulls the head piece off. It’s Xin Yi’s second sister. Before Xin Yi has the time to ask why her sister is in the costume, another chicken appears in the corner across the street. “Ahh! Don’t run!” Xin Yi leaves her sister lying on the ground and runs after the second chicken. While she’s waiting for the cars to go by to j-walk the streets, a bus drives in front of Xin Yi, on the bus, ten thousand post-its arranged in the words “I ❤ You – Z”. Xin Yi watches in awe as the bus drives past her.

Then she remembers the chicken and chases after the it again. The chicken runs and runs and runs into a wall. It bounces off the wall and falls flat on the floor. Xin Yi catches up to the chicken and jerks its head off. Her big sister Qing Xia. Xin Yi yells in frustration, “Big Sister! Why are you….” Before she could ask the five W’s another chicken pops its head in the three o’clock direction and runs off. Dropping the chicken head, Xin Yi picks up her feet to follow after the third orange chicken.

Another "I <3 You - Z", this time, life size.
Just in case the previous two aren't big enough.

Xin Yi continues to sprint after the chicken while yelling, “stop running, stop!” This time, before Xin Yi even needs to halt the chicken, it falls on its own, the stuffy head piece rolls to the side, revealing Xin Yi’s mother. Just as Xin Yi is helping her mother up, another chicken pokes its orange head at Xin Yi. “Another one?!” With a “help yourself”, Xin Yi runs off the fourth chicken, leaving her mother stretched out on the pavement. This time, the chicken is swift. It runs straight to the church (mockingly, the same church Anna wanted to have her wedding with Cun Xi.) After a drag and tug, the chicken leads Xin Yi into the church, where Xin Yi finally manages to drag the head piece off the fourth chicken – Anson.

Then realizing where she is, Xin Yi turns to face a smiling Ji Cun Xi, dressed in white, holding a bouquet of flowers, slowing approaching her.

Chen Xin Yi, did you see me as a pig? Whose sole purpose is to pass its genes to the next generation? What about love? Care? And a happy life? (Hon, it’s survival of the fittest in the Darwinian notion of natural selection: Sexual selection means EVERYTHING to survival.)

Can’t I have any of those?

Xin Yi pouts her lips, “Weren’t you going to divorce me?” “Divorce you? I thought you were simple minded, I didn’t know you were simply silly.” “But…” “But there is only one Chen Xin Yi.” Now all of the fatuous worries regarding infertility are wiped clean, Xi Shi tells her daughter that when Cun Xi hears about Xin Yi’s infertility, he had said, “Is she an idiot (worrying about things like that)? Even if she is, I’ll still marry her!” Xin Yi still hesitates (more like give the second casts a chance to spit out their lines). Dylan walks over and grabs Xin Yi’s hand, “Elaine, this is the last time I’ll call you by that name. … For this life, you are fated to be with Ji Cun Xi. You are no longer the post-it girl, don’t run away now because you are afraid. Don’t miss the chance God has created for you.”

Need I say more? Ji Cun Xi is skipping the proposal all together, giving Xin Yi the proper wedding he owes her, and the golden necklace she pounded to buy him the Mont Blanc ink pen.

At the end of the wedding, Dylan brings Anna’s best wish and her present to the newly weds. Anna is performing in Shanghai and she is busy dating, she can’t make it to their wedding. Her present for the pair of lovers is the certificate of purchase for Elaine’s Souvenir, attached with a post-it, scribbled with her love: Out of the five billion people, you chose to go to bed with each other; then out of the one point five billion people, you two met again. This certification is the best evidence for your love. Wish you two live happily ever after.

Wait, the Happily-Ever-After isn't over yet.

There’s still the bed scene, the sweet breakfast for the newly weds, and the painful reminder that Xin Yi cannot have baby, even though everybody else is. Even the dog.

Pretty good episode.

At this point, I’m willing to call it closure, but there’s still episode 24 to draw the final period to the drama. So I will leave my last words and thoughts for next week. Hope y’all enjoy this recap. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 23: Fated, to Love You”

  1. man ur recap was better than watching the drama!!!!!!
    ur the best.. how do u do all of this so quick? the recap n all lol but anyways i love u

    p.s this was a really good episode compared to the lame previews lol

  2. Thanks again for the awesome recap! I’ve been frustrated not understanding a thing. Now, I’m satisfied & happy. Thank you for your hard work on helping the non-taiwanese (?) speaking people understand.

  3. thanks so much…meaning there is still another episode? thanks i haven’t seen 20 -23 yet..so you’re recaps are a gift from heaven! 🙂

  4. woah i thought itd end by now ty for the recap yours very deatialed 😀 shes dumb worried over nothing and why did they get married at the one annna wnanted too kinda dumb

  5. oh my god!!!! this episode is so great…im from malaysia and therefore this drama havent been shown at our country yet.!!!if so, i guess it will have my faithful audiances…BTW,thanks a lot,i watched this drama at mysoju.com….n havent seen the 23th episode yet…for the last episode,i dont think i will have the oppurtunity to watch it either as im going back to my boarding school again…so, this means a lot to me…
    Thousand of thank you…i appreaciate your hard work re-telling this episode…thanks

  6. I luv this drama, i think this drama has the best bed ep in all twdrama that i have ever seen i was hopeing the honeymoon was going to be as good as the 2nd ep…..btw you can watch all ftly sub at http://www.show-link.tv…they are always update with sub…now with ep 23 sub

  7. what can i say .. reading your recap felt like i was waching it already that’s why i am not even angry not being able to watch from episode 19 until this episode.. i wished i had seen your recaps earlier..
    you were really a great writer keep it up…

  8. Can someone please tell me the name of the song that plays when they start the ceremony? it is a guy and a girl…i love the song, but do not know who sings it!!!

  9. I really want a Fated to Love you 2 although it might seem draggy-ish. i didnt think the ending was that great.

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