Hot Shot ♫-track

It’s hot and it’s here!

Since Jerry Yan and Show Luo/Allan Luo are from different recording companies, the soundtrack does not include any of Luo’s songs. (see pic on right) They will, however, be in Luo’s next album.

OST Info:

Album name: 籃球火音樂聖典
01 絕隊無敵 – 倪子岡(Nese)
02 霹靂決鬥
03 Superman – 倪子岡(Nese)
04 隧道 – 林凡(Freya Lim)
05 絕隊無敵之箭在弦上
06 真的我沒事 – 符致逸(Adrian Fu)
07 不要對我再說愛 – 林凡(Freya Lim)
08 隧道之彩虹盡頭
09 真的,我沒事之天後
10 絕隊無敵之籃球夢

4 thoughts on “Hot Shot ♫-track”

  1. coz jerry’s releasing his album soon too. probably sony wants to keep his songs from releasing earlier than it supposed to, coz they already released another song for a sony mp3 cm.

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