Fated to Love You 22: Is It the Church Bells that I Hear?

It’s a pleasant day outside, warm without being searing; cool without being chilly. Nonetheless, the day left a nervous sweat on Ji Cun Xi as he wakes up from a nightmare filled with scenes of Chen Xin Yi leaving him. He looks down, Xin Yi sleeping quietly by the bedside. His brow relaxed in relief. Wait a minute, he can see! And that means… without the moral obligation of taking care of this blind man, Chen Xin Yi can go.

When Ji Cun Xi plans to be honest with his love interest for the first time in his life, Dylan’s phone call bursts the timid bubble of truth that’s slowing surfacing. Cun Xi falls back into the swamp of falsehood and plays long with the idea of being blind for the sake of keeping Xin Yi by his side.

Cun Xi is enough of a business man to know that since he is playing dumb blind, he might as well indulge in the various benefits that comes with being blind. Like, groping Xin Yi, resting his head on her breasts, hugging her at he will, and asking for forgivenesses that won’t be given otherwise.

Once Xi Shi hears from her daughter that her son-in-law to be is blind and her daughter will be staying in her ex-husband’s house to take care of him, she brings her oldest daughter to the Ji family house to help out. Someone’s forgetting ALL about the Big notice on her own front door. What holy battle field, what not permitting anyone with the surname of Ji to enter? She’s running to the Ji family maison faster than a fly. Once inside the house, pass the “ahh your house is so big” and the “ooh your cars are so luxurious”, Xi Shi’s back to the oh-so-familiar disapproving mother-in-law persona.

Anson comes out with tea to welcome the visitors (pretty soon, Anson will be babysitting Ji Cun Xi’s baby, if he were to have any.) The moment he casts his eyes on Xin Yi’s oldest sister Qing Xia, oh la la, a jolt of uncontrollable electricity travels across the room, bridges the distance between himself and Qing Xia, and insulating them from the surrounding world. (Sounds almost like Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu.) They start to wiggle their eyebrows at each other, hoping to transmit their own code of flirtation through the crowd of amazed onlookers. (I can almost hear the Calcium influx and the buzzing of apoptoses from the strong surge of electric attraction.) It takes Xi Shi’s flabby arms to separate the two, who in response, jump back and assume a flirtatious posture and peak at each other through their own curtains of fluttering lashes.

The family sits down upstairs around a table for their afternoon tea. Oh and by the way Cun Xi is willing to move all his properties, stock, and money under Xin Yi’s name to show his total devotion. That this time, his feelings towards Xin Yi are genuine. In any case, Xin Yi’s family are convinced by the extent Cun Xi is willing to go, as anti-romantic as the gesture is. (What, so she can have total control over his finance? Who wants that? She would have to worry about paying the bills, mortgages and loans, file income taxes, fend against identity thieves, and manage investments if she wants to make some extra cash. But of course, Anson can take care of all that.) Anyway, Xi Shi takes out her magical toolbox to help Cun Xi regain sight using what she knows about Chinese medicine. Let’s just say you are about to witness the most chaotic and imbecilic form of corporal punishment and Cun Xi is scared witless, all that’s missing is him peeing in his pants. 😀 *presses fast forward*

After n minutes of constant shrieking, screaming, and biting, Cun Xi is finally crackin’. He collapses onto the bed and gasps, “I… I see.. I see a… I see a light.” The crowd cheers and throws all the tools into the air to celebrate. From between the loud cacophonous noises, Cun Xi makes out Xin Yi’s voice, “Then I can go back to Shanghai…” The idea of Xin Yi leaving him again is so insufferable, Cun Xi grabs onto Anson’s face in desperation and fakes, “Xin Yi, Xin Yi? Why is your face so rough all of a sudden?” The crowd moans in disappointment.

It’s getting late, grandma takes Xi Shi to her room so she can stay for as long as she wanted. They do a little room touring and discover the present Xin Yi brought to grandma from Zhong Shan Long. Grandma opens the box, it contains a dish, a card, and a CD. She pushes the CD into the DVD player and viola, Zhong Shan Long est la. In the TV. This hopeful old man still loves his first love. He records himself on CD in fear of stuttering on the phone. At the end of the video, he directs grandma’s attention to the little cards enclosed in the box: if she wants to see him, there’s a card with his address written on top. If she doesn’t want to see him but wants to hear him talk, there’s a card with his MSN. If she doesn’t want to see him nor hear him, there’s a card with his email. (Wouldn’t she have his email if she has his MSN?) IF, if she doesn’t want to see him nor hear him, nor correspond email with him, that’s understandable ok. He will leave the options open for her. By the end of the CD, the two ladies have already wet their sleeves with tears. Grandma decides to fly to Shanghai for Zhong Shan Long the very next day, leaving Cun Xi to Xi Shi.

Cun Xi and Xin Yi are in the same room, talking. It gets hot. Thinking Cun Xi’s blind, Xin Yi takes off her little jacket and safely reveals her cleavage. Cun Xi just couldn’t divert his darn eyes from Xin Yi’s bosom. In fact, the physical attraction is so great that his nose starts to bleed. lol That pig. Xin Yi notices his abnormal nose discharges and takes great concern. Cun Xi assures her it’s just the weather, but if she wants to help him, her luscious body can bring her salvation. Before she can respond, he presses her down and blocks her words with a fierce kiss. She struggles against him and pushes him back up. She won’t do it. Not when his eyes can’t see. Because she wants to make sure she’s the only woman he’ll be seeing. Backfires a little, no? But before Cun Xi has the courage to confess his full recovery, Xi Shi storms into the room for another round of pig slaughter. *Reaches for ear plugs*

Next morning, Dylan comes over to take grandma to the airport. He sees through Cun Xi’s pretense and makes fun of his silly ways of keeping Xin Yi binded by his side. But hey, whatever works. Cun Xi waves Dylan’s advices away and drops a ring in a cup of milk he poured for Xin Yi. When the ladies come down the stairs to say goodbye to grandma, Cun Xi hands Xin Yi the cup of milk. She takes a sip and determines the milk’s already expired, then she proceeds to pour it down the drain. Cun Xi stops her to protect the ring inside, exposing his lie to open judgment.

Xin Yi gets mad at Cun Xi. Not because he lied to her again, but because the way he attempted to propose to her isn’t romantic enough. 😉

Propose preparation is underway.

Soon enough, Xin Yi receives a big bouquet of flowers (sorry, no roses hon) and a card asking her out to lunch tomorrow. At the bottom of the card, there’s a line hinting at the marriage proposal.

While everybody is happy for Xin Yi’s sure marriage with Cun Xi after the two year drag, Feng Jiao proposes Xin Yi to go in for a health check up. Xin Yi couldn’t hold in her gleefulness of finally marrying Cun Xi, she chatters on and on with the nurse during the ultrasound. The nurse treats her with a cold shoulder, but that doesn’t change the fact that Xin Yi is incandescently happy.

Right before Xin Yi leaves the house for the date with Cun Xi, she receives a call from the hospital, asking her to come in regarding the results of her ultra sound. The diagnosis is most unfortunate: Xin Yi’s miscarriage from two years ago had caused enough damage to her uterus that will prevent all possibilities of conceiving. The news shook Xin Yi like lightening, suddenly, all her anticipation for a happy marriage disintegrated.

Xin Yi calls Dylan out of hopelessness.

Writing recap in between Olympics is tiring. If you read anything incoherent or disconnected, you know why. 😉 Anyway, getting back to the gymnastics & swimming!

3 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 22: Is It the Church Bells that I Hear?”

  1. “I can almost hear the Calcium influx and the buzzing of apoptoses from the strong surge of electric attraction.”

    They should use the two as an example during lessons on Neuron cells or something similar. lol….Funny scenerio.=)

    you updated well even though you say you are distracted by the olympics! Thanks for it.

  2. Thank you! gee, i wish for some happy honey moon moments, guess that ain’t happening, with all these SAD twists!! The last part of the preview, at church, we all now it’s the cliffhanger for episode 24, so that means, NO LONG HAPPY ENDING, just a lame last kiss, with “the end” words.

    So disappointing!!

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