Fated to Love You Episode 23 Preview & BTS

What? The Preview for the 23rd episode is already out?! Yup it’s out.

SETTV has decided to move the drama to an earlier time slot due to scheduling conflicts with the broadcasting of Olympics. The drama is finalized to be 24 episodes long (well, 23 plus the finale). The finale will be airing two weeks from now, proceeding the premiere of Invincible Shao Bao Mei.

another preview: mystery solved: Xin Yi is no longer fertile. Ji Cun Xi obviously goes through some mental adjustments to reach the conclusion of divorcing Xin Yi. (Hold on to the curses that’s flying out of your mouth and read on.) So Xin Yi gets all dolled up to sign the papers. Why all the formality? Because subconsciously, she knows Ji Cun Xi is going to lure her to the church in the same chicken costume she wore in episode 8 and marry her on the spot. (Is there a reason she’s wearing black while Cun Xi is wearing white? Oh wait, this is Taiwanese drama we’re talking about. Forget about the symbolism.)

In case you’re anticipating episode 23 to the point that you’re tossing and turning in bed, going through the possible endings in your mind, here’s another preview, or two to sustain your eagerness for now. Alright some BTS as well.

PS: there’ll be a final bed scene.

13 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Episode 23 Preview & BTS”

  1. omg !
    it just keeps dragging on and onnnnn ; i want to see the final ending !
    but honestly i like baron alot better than ethan ^^;; .
    it sucks how the 2nd guy is almost always so much better looking than the main guy !

    so envious of herr… baron kissed her ! ;(

  2. i wonder if it is just all misunderstaniding??? i can’t belive she can’t have a baby anymore…i guess they just want to drag it up to 24 episode where they all find out that xin yi isn’t really infertile and she’s going to have a baby.

    it sucks for the viewers if she can’t be pregnant anymore, what is the point of the plot if the reason of their romance in the first place will not come true…

  3. could very well be an infertility scare just to get another tissue box hogging experience from the viewers. after all, Chen Xin Yi is a common name. whatever it turns out to be, i hope the finale won’t be a disappointment.

    and yup, if worse comes to worse that they can’t carry the Ji lineage, they can always try their luck on the borages. 🙂

  4. Irugbotmis–lol…i hope so.. i have been waiting everyweek just to watch this drama… It’s ok if the Ji’s ain’t strong enough i’m pretty sure the Borages can make a outcome…lol

  5. This show started out great, the middle was awesome, and then it just seemed to have been filled with too many unnecessary events. So many of the later episodes nowadays are filled with an hour of comic laughters, yet, it lacks depth and meaning to it. Most definitely, the rating is going down due to the fact that this drama is, indeed, just dragging on a little too much. Xin Yi cannot be infertile because the relationship between Cun Xi and her started out with the bond of her conceiving. It would just be too twisted and unjust to not let her ever again experience the wonderful joy of being a mother. I do not think that it is a very smart decision to put such a weird twist on the story line.

  6. it just has too mush fillers, i’m gonna agree with the seond comment, they are somehow going to find out she can have kids and in the end u see a bunch of kids the same age cuz they went on a baby spree and the curse will be broken.

  7. the writers and director are taking advantage of the rating and shoving unnecessary twists and supposedly comical scenes into the drama when they could very well spend that time develop minor characters and have a second, mini plot going.

  8. thanks i just love u lol but yeah i think that they got the wrong chen xin yi and i got a question tho how could they have 23 1/2 ep? and wats with the Invincible Shao Bao Mei (seems intersting tho) so is the 1/2 ep of fated to love u gonna be in there? can some clear up my misunderstanding?

    p.s love u irugnotmis

  9. long time no see, ssxxlolxxss.
    so it works like this: on the week they air the last (24th) episode, the epi will be shorter than usual. to fill up the remainder of the time slot, they will air the first episode of Invincible Shao Bao Mei. It actually acts like an extension of FTLY since the two main casts will appear in the very beginning of Invincible Shao Bao Mei.

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