Gourmet 16

When Jin Soo’s boss peaked into his employer’s computer, discovered a draft of the mystery behind Un Ahm Jung, and published it under Jin Soo’s name, he has also opened a Pandora’s box. Scandal, trouble, mistrust, and alienation, flew out of the box at once, infusing the impacted people’s sleepless nights with anxiety.

Blatant lies, false blames, vicious biting backs became the byproduct of fear and Un Ahm Jung’s main method of damage control. Min Woo’s assistant will be scarified as the escape goat, he will be the one who attempted to steal Sung Chan’s food source under the name of misdirected royalty to Min Woo. Bong Joo and Min Woo will not only walk away unscratched, they also plan to sue Sung Chan and the magazine for the damage done on Un Ahm Jung’s reputation.

While the world is in a chaotic mess, Sung Chan and Jin Soo are doing their favorite things on earth – cooking and eating – temporarily oblivious of the outside havoc.

To avoid facing an upset Jin Soo when she finally finds out about the article, her boss calls to put her on vacation. To compensate and hopefully shut her up, he also decides to employ her as the magazine’s full time reporter. Not like the offer will compromise Jin Soo’s work ethic, but it worked well enough to keep Jin Soo’s colleague from taking away the little carefree time Jin Soo has with Sung Chan. All it takes is time now.

Bong Joo pays Jin Soo’s boss a personal visit to settle the matter at hand. He blackmails the editor, wanting Jin Soo to hold a press conference for a public apology to clear Un Ahm Jung’s name. Unfortunately, the damage is already done. Un Ahm Jung’s main investor is already contemplating retracting the investment.

Jin Soo’s mother fainted, Sung Chan takes Jin Soo home to see her mother. The mother sees Sung Chan and drags him to the peach tree to help, mistaking him for the helper she called earlier. Jin Soo finds her mother in the peach garden with Sung Chan, the misunderstanding clears up on its own after a little drag and tug.

Being the good son-in-law boy that Sung Chan is, he stays to help Jin Soo’s mother pick peach while the mom cooks a meal off the recipe taped on the wall. Turns out, the loving mother put on an act to hoax her workaholic daughter home for her (Jin Soo) forgotten birthday. The family sit around a little table and starts to feast under a big tree. There is an element of unpleasant surprise in the mother’s cooking, but it’s the heart that counts.

To humor the mom, Sung Chan and Jin Soo both assured her that the cuisine is done with exquisite taste and swallowed as much as their eyes can see. Once the meal is over, it’s the sacred time for a few bathroom visitations.

The mother is content that her food is well received, she generously offers the cuisine to a neighbor, who, honestly reveals that the dish is in fact so salty, it tasted bitter. The upset mother storms into the kitchen, dumps the pot of food and tears down all the taped recipes. Then she starts to cry.

Sung Chan and Jin Soo are out on a walk. Without Sung Chan asking, Jin Soo addresses his curiosity about her mother. Jin Soo’s mom had lost the ability to taste ever since her treatment for cancer. To prevent her daughter from worrying about her, Jin Soo’s mother had always worked hard on her cooking skill. Jin Soo knows about her mother’s acquired deficit but never revealed the knowledge, afraid that it might hurt her mother’s feelings. Consequently, she had always pretended that her mother’s cooking is delicious and eaten them without any complains. Because the food a mother cooks is always done with love.

Having lost the ability to taste, Jin Soo’s mother determines the amount of condiments needed in a dish by eying the food, and through reading the various food columns and recipes in magazines. Her mother’s condition and dogma to make good food drives Jin Soo to become a food columnist so people like her mother can benefit through reading.

After listening to Jin Soo’s story in silence, Sung Chan asks Jin Soo to give him her hand. She does so after wiping it clean on her pants. He takes out a bracelet made from flowers and ties it onto Jin Soo’s wrist as her birthday present.

Joo Hee suspects something and has a private talk with Min Woo’s assistant. The boy doesn’t slip but his nervousness says it all.

After the walk, Jin Soo and Sung Chan return to the house. The mother has made the bed and a cup of bayberry tea to ease their upsetting intestines. Jin Soo makes up a possible cause for her diarrhea but the truth didn’t evade her mother. The mother laments that she can never cook her daughter a decent meal and now, with age’s torment, she has forgotten the taste for many foods. Jin Soo comforts her mother that even if the food may not taste the greatest, as long as made from her mother’s hands, it’s the most delicious meal in the world.

The next day, Sung Chan wakes up early to collect a basket full of fresh produce. He wants to make Jin Soo’s mother a nice meal so that even if she cannot taste them with her tongue, she can with her heart.

The mother is speechless and grateful at the table full of gorgeous looking food, but even more so at Sung Chan and Jin Soo’s encouragement.

Jin Soo is ready to return to work. Sung Chan walks her to the bus stop, they promise each other of a rendezvous at a restaurant one week from the very day before unwillingly leaving each other. Sitting on the bus alone, Jin Soo takes out the floral bracelet and lets the memory bring her back to the lovely night when Sung Chan told her she will definitely become a good food columnist – not knowing the doom waiting at the other end of the trip.

While Sung Chan and Jin Soo are still engulfed in the sweetness of newly blossomed love, the situation in Un Ahm Jung exacerbates. Bong Joo is pushing for a press conference. The pressure is on Chief Oh, who wants to wait for Sung Chan’s explanation before making any rash decisions. Bong Joo cannot wait.

Chief Oh finally gets a hold of Sung Chan, he orders Sung Chan to return home immediately.

Sung Chan drives back and finds Un Ahm Jung surrounded by reporters. He walks into Bong Joo and Joo Hee before a private talk. Bong Joo spots him and grabs Sung Chan by the collar, a load full of boiling anger about to erupt.

Chief Oh arrives in time to put a stop on the violence, but also on Bong Joo’s ambition. The old chief has decided to hand Un Ahm Jung back to Sung Chan.

Yay for the solid performance.

Hope the leak of the truth won’t put too much strain on Sung Chan and Jin Soo’s relationship. No matter, because in the end of the day, the prince find his Cinderella.

One thought on “Gourmet 16”

  1. oh, now, there will be misunderstand between Sung Chan and Jin Soo.
    Their love just blossomed. >.<
    Thanks 4 the preview
    cant wait for the next one.

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