Hot Shot: shot 2

Shot 2

W holds a press conference, formally introducing Yuan DaYing as the guy who blocked DongFang Xiang’s shot. Overnight, Yuan DaYing becomes the new Troy Bolton at school.

Yuan DaYing may be the popular new star on campus, he is as unpopular with the teacher as it gets. Look, this guy is being cast out of class again, dragging JieEr with him. They two of them get some quality time to bond where JieEr explains her relation with DongFang Xiang, easing DaYing’s apprehension with the revelation that she and Xiang are no more than the boss and employer’s daughter relationship. DaYing now safely regards JieEr as his Akagi Haruko.

JieEr moves back to Xiang’s apartment. She still needs a place to stay. Unfortunately, she had told Xiang the previous night that she’s only staying for one night. To move back in would take some hoaxing, threatening, and begging, which she so diligently practices at the door. Xiang is returning home. He sees JieEr talking into a cell phone and stops to listen. He crooks his head, amused by what she is doing. JieEr turns around out of the exasperation of not being able to find the right way to approach Xiang. She sees him from the corner of her eye, rendering herself speechless. Xiang regains his stoic self and walks towards the door. He opens it and leaves it open for JieEr, who is still immobilized by a mixed state of both surprise and embarrassment. Xiang walks towards the sofa and purposely throws the pillows onto the ground. He turns towards JieEr, “What are you waiting for? Come in and clean the living room.”

Next day at school, a clan of girls approached JieEr to invite her to join the students association. JieEr declines, but one of the girls tells her if she were to join, she would be able to live in the free dorms on campus. JieEr agrees. Yuan DaYing comes to find JieEr for lunch and finds out about her housing situation. You know, ’bout her living with Xiang. His heart almost skipped a beat, but once he is informed that JieEr is moving out soon, he starts cackling out loud. So loud, JieEr had to cover his mouth to avoid further embarrassment.

JieEr happily finds Xing to break the news. Once she leaves, Xing orders one of the many men under his rich father to buy the apartment next to his, at all cost.

W decides to try her luck. She has two of the old basketball teammates – the cantankerous twins – to irk Xiang and force Xiang to agree on a final match with DaYing. Because, only erratic men like DaYing have the potential to move the Cold Mountain.

DaYing walks into Xiang’s class through the window and makes way towards Xiang across the desks. While class is still in session, DaYing bends down and tries to provoke Xiang. Their match is not over yet, he emphasizes, however, if Xiang wants to apologize now, in front of everyone, he will definitely forgive Xiang. Xiang tilts his head and puts one finger into his ear as if to get rid of a little annoying bug buzzing in his left ear. The teacher clears her throat. DaYing turns towards the voice. Uh oh. Next thing you know, the teacher is throwing the blackboard eraser at DaYing, splashing him with white chalk residue.

JieEr moves into the haunted dorms; Xiang witnesses WuJi Zun slam dunk using his Kang-Long-Bu-Hui’s Tornado Style move with incredible ease, Xiang feels a sudden urge to play ball again; DaYing continues to harass Xiang.

DaYing follows Xiang everywhere with an amplifier, singing a not so clever insult to Xiang wherever he goes. Finally, Xiang is fed up. He agrees to play with DaYing in order to shut him up. In the meantime, the president of the student’s association takes a particular interest in Yuan DaYing.

DaYing purchases a bouquet of flowers from the floral shop. He doesn’t have enough money so he gives the shop owner a photo with his autograph on it. He tells her that he will be famous very soon, when the day comes, she can sell it on ebay for a decent amount of money. The shop owner laughs it off and coolly lets DaYing have the flowers as long as he stays to help make paper roses.

DaYing carries the banquet of paper flowers in the rain to deliver them to JieEr before his final, glorious match; JieEr is scared witless in the haunted dorm, she packs everything and runs out screaming her lungs out; Xiang comes to the girl’s dorm to pick JieEr up.

JieEr stops short in front of Xiang and is now radiating with happiness. Her dashing prince has finally came to rescue her. Xiang tells her she can move into the apartment next to his. She gladly accepts but promises to pay the rent in return. Xiang gives her a price for the rent, she begs for a discount, he cuts two dollars, she mops. Xiang teases her, if she can’t pay the rent, then she can sell her body. 😉 JieEr’s new job: DongFang Xiang’s personal maid. Her primary duty: make sure Xiang gets out of bed in the morning. (Meteor Garden lookalike anyone? The personal maid part.) Once the deal is made and accepted, the two of them load JieEr’s luggage onto Xiang’s car and drives away in the rain. DaYing makes his way to the dorm only to witness JieEr leaving with Xiang.

The next day, at the match, DaYing is deflated and in no condition for a fight. But it all changed when W lies to DaYing that JieEr had paid him a visit during lunch time to encourage him. Now he is more energetic than a tiger. (Simpleton indeed.) The challenge also adopts a new rule, whoever scores first, wins.

DaYing blocks Xiang, grabs the ball and attempts to slam dunk. He slams into the basket and falls onto the ground, taking the hoop down with him. Yet, in a freak of nature, the ball got in.

Xiang agrees to join.

Next morning at seven o’clock, JieEr storms into the next door to get Xiang out of bed. She yells at him, hits his face, and pulls him up from the bed. But he, shows no sign of waking up. Finally, she grabs him, slaps him silly. He drops back onto bed, white foam rolling out of the corner of his mouth. It’s workin’. They sit for breakfast together. JieEr complains about the difficulty of getting Xiang out of bed, “You’re young so it’s ok right now. But if it’s still that hard to get you out of bed when you get older, you’ll break a few ribs from the way I wake you up.” Xiang smiles and says, “Are you saying you’ll willingly wake me up everyday until I’m old?” JieEr turns her face away to hide a shy smile. (Awww) Happiness is always ephemeral. When the subject turns to DaYing, Xiang’s face turns a little green. JieEr is exhilarated that DaYing has defeated Xiang and comments that the way DaYing looks when he is rejoicing is in fact, utterly cute. Xiang cuts the plate in half out of jealousy and leaves for school.

W encounters a problem at school. Her appeal to restart the basketball team has been vetoed three times. She makes a personal visit to her father’s office to discuss the matter at hand. Her father, the principle, has been threatened by Xiang’s father to prevent Xiang from entering a basketball team with a horrendous reputation. The principle in term makes a pack with his daughter: if her team can defeat ChengLing Knights – one of the four best teams in the province – he will grant the appeal. If, W’s team loses, she must return immediately to the house, pack her belongings and go back to America.

The game is on. Problem is, the coach for ChengLing Knights is W’s ex. But the bet has been made, there is no room for complains and dreads.

DaYing cleans out the abandoned basket court with JieEr’s help, the team is officially ready to roam the basketball world.

Let’s talk about the plot. On a scale of one to five, one being shocking and five being shockingly predictably, I’d give it a five. The reason is that it’s a sports drama, the focus should and is on the sport with love triangles and friendships on the side to provide a solid balance. I mean, how creative can a drama of this type get? Yet, with this level of predictability, it’s still so much fun to watch. The jokes are not top notch nor subtle, but they are funny nonetheless. The jocks bring forth a type of basketball moves that incorporates kung fu and dance, which isn’t really the most realistic things, but visually appealing.

4 thoughts on “Hot Shot: shot 2”

  1. “Happiness is always ephemeral”
    i love how you phrased this.
    what a great shift of emotions

    thank you very much for your recaps

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