Fated to Love You 21: When the Sun Shines Again, The End is Near

And near in this sense means there are still two three more episodes after this one.

Xin Yi is having severe emotional problems that’s making her esophagus malfunction, the only cure is Ji Cun Xi’s phone call. The problem is, when Cun Xi dropped his phone in front of the patisserie, he also dropped the fastest way to make Xin Yi better. No matter, he’ll just have to take the longer route.

Cun Xi brings back the strawberry cake for Anna. He picks out the strawberry while murmuring to himself, “Almost forgot. You don’t like strawberries on a strawberry cake.” She looks up at him, “How did you know?” “I have an excellent sixth sense.” Cun Xi says with a wink. After a brief pause, Cun Xi says, “You know, some feelings don’t change.” Anna remembers her brother for a moment. Cun Xi continues, “What about the feeling of dancing on the stage?” “I have forgotten” Anna lies. “You don’t have to stay with me anymore. I don’t want to bind you down with guilt. I know your heart yarns for Xin Yi, and that’s where you should be. You can go.” Anna tells Cun Xi. Cun Xi takes Anna’s hands in his and says, “Do you think I would leave you and go after Chen Xin Yi in this state? I know you’ve always been insecure. You would wear your heart out for something you want. You’ve danced till your ties bleed for your mother’s smile; you’ve lowered your pride to lie to Chen Xin Yi in order to keep me by your side. But did you know, some things, once you own it, it will stay with you? Me for example. Even if we are no longer boy and girlfriends, I won’t pretend I didn’t know you. Same with dance. You don’t have to dance on the stage in NY to be the prettiest Odette, as long as you are dancing, you will radiate beauty and confidence.” “Even if I stumble and fall?” “Even if you stumble and fall.” “But I can’t anymore. I can’t dance, can’t teach. I didn’t like kids before, but watching them dancing with diligence makes me regret not having a baby with you when you wanted one, and, making you and Chen Xin Yi lose your baby.” “If you think you owe me something, promise me one thing: dance for me.”

When the dance is over, the girls from Anna’s class come out from the dark and crowds around their teacher, admiring her graceful dance. (All I can tell you after watching the nth foot shot is that whoever the replacement dancer is, she is pretty darn short.) Angel’s mother who’s been quietly watching with the rest of the kids comes up and apologizes to Anna for her prior rudeness. Not only does the woman exhibit a foreign kindness towards Anna, she also asks Anna to reconsider being Angel’s teacher. Anna regains her confidence. (The wonders of encouragement.) Dylan is the invisible hand behind the push.

Cun Xi walks a now glowing Anna out of the stage. Anna astutely observes that Cun Xi has been peaking at his watch for the seventh time, he has something, or rather, someone, more important to attend to. As to who she is, Anna doesn’t need to make it any more explicit. She assures Cun Xi that she is okay now and gives him a final hug. A hug between friends. A hug that frees him from her grasp hereafter.

Before leaving Anna to pursuit his own happiness, Cun Xi tells Anna:

There is one thing I need to tell you. I am not the one who gathered everyone here. … About the strawberry cake, it’s not my sixth sense either. Someone’s brother told me a story about a girl who loves strawberry cake without the strawberry.

There was a poor brother who tried to snatch a piece of strawberry cake for his lovely sister. He didn’t succeed in stealing the cake. Worse yet, he had to witness his little sister being driven away in a truck. Ever since then, whenever he sees a piece of strawberry cake, he has the urge to punch himself in the face. Whenever he watches a movie about someone looking for a relative, he would shed a handful of unmanly tears. Whenever he hears the name ‘Xin Yi’ being called, he had to withhold the temptation to kiss the girl’s cheek.

If you run out now, you may still catch up with him before it’s too late.

Anna runs out. “BROTHER!” she yells. Dylan stops. Smiles. And turns. They walk toward each other.

Dai Jian Ren, where have you been for the past 20 years!? (WOW Dylan’s name sounds like b!$&h in Chinese. Thought you might want to know, cuz eh, the first things people learn in a foreign language are the cuss words. If you don’t already speak Mandarin that is.)

Shh, no one calls me that anymore. Everyone calls me Master Dylan now. … Ok? Dai Xin Yi.

No one calls me that either. Everyone calls me Shi An Na.

Anna. I remember when you were little, you had a stubby nose and you were Really short. How did you grow up to be almost as tall as me? But your eyes are just as charming as your brother’s.

I remember you used to be cute. Who would think you would end up being such a jerk when you grew up? … It’s like a game of hide and seek. 20 years later, you’ve finally found me.

Tell me, have you ever hated me?

Honestly I have. But I detest myself more for letting you go. If I were to chose again, I rather die from hunger than to let you get down that truck. Because growing up by myself, sucks. But, having a brother now isn’t too late. Even though you are 20 years late.

Watching Anna’s happily ever after, Cun Xi feels a strange happiness.

Anson hands Cun Xi a fixed phone and warns him to check it. Cun Xi flips up the phone and sees a handful of miss calls. 80 total. All from Chen Xin Yi. (From what I’ve gathered, when a cell is out of battery or turned off, it doesn’t record the number of miscalls. Unless phones in TW are soo advance that it does. Cun Xi dropped his phone and broke it, it’d be on off status until he or Anson turns it on after it’s fixed. Miss Chen Xin Yi must be a persistent caller to get all 80 miscalls onto Cun Xi’s phone between the time Anson turns it on to when he finds Cun Xi. OR Anson just watches the phone ring and let Cun Xi miss those calls. And we’ve all forgot about things like text message and voice mails.) Now Cun Xi is exhilarated. First she hangs up on him 70 times, now she’s calling him back 80 times. As far as I can tell, she’s Really desperate. Same with Ji Cun Xi, so he’s flying to see Xin Yi. Right when her phone runs out of battery. Doesn’t it sound a little too pretentiously prearranged?

Xin Yi is frustrated that Cun Xi hasn’t called back. She gathers all the borage Z sent over the days and decides to bury them in a cracker tin. While shoving the dirt into the hole, Xin Yi murmurs to herself, “Stupid Ji Cun Xi. Stinky Ji Cun Xi. Said he loved me. Love me but doesn’t pick up when I call? Doesn’t he know I’m worried ’bout him?… Won’t believe you anymore. Won’t believe you. Bury, bury, bury. I’ll bury them all. Stupid. I cried so much listing to your ipod. Won’t believe you again. You don’t even care about me. Where have you been? Where?! … Pretend to be Mr. Z. I thought you liked my pottery… I won’t believe you again. Won’t believe you. I’ll bury everything that has to do with you. Bury them all. Bury, bury bury…. I don’t like you at all. …” (blah blah blah)

Cun Xi has been running around to find Xin Yi. He finally spots her from wayyyyyy across the river. He hollers her name, she’s too engrossed in her little I-won’t-believe-you-again chant to hear him.

When he creeps up on her and hugs her from behind, she’s still going, “I won’t believe you again. Won’t believe you again.” She sees him and starts to slap him around for not picking up the phone. Cun Xi jumps into a safe distance and smiles at her, “I didn’t know you wanted me to come that badly.” “Who wants you to come? I know I don’t! I’m leaving.” “You’ve got yourself quite a temper over the two years. I kinda miss the gentle and tame post-it girl.” “If you miss her, go look for her.” Cun Xi turns Xin Yi towards him, “Look Chen Xin Yi, I like you.” “Liar!” “Chen Xin Yi, I can’t live without you.” (Give me a minute, gotta run to the bathroom to puke.) “Liar! Liar!” “See, you’re hard to deceive. You don’t fall for the lies.” “What? You’re lying to me again?!” “What you saw the other day in the hospital is a misunderstanding.” Cun Xi gets a hold of Xin Yi and starts to explain.

Two men in suits approach them two, “Are you.. Mr. Ji?” Cun Xi and Xin Yi both turn at the same time, “right.” and resumes their own conversation. “What misunderstanding? I’ve seen it all! Don’t tell me you’re gonna say I need to check my eyes.” “You don’t need to check your eyes. What you saw isn’t what you think it is.” The two guys are growing impatient, they repeat the same inquiry. Xin Yi turns, a little agitated, “Yes it’s him.” She turns back, “If what I saw wasn’t the truth, then what is?!” “My feeling towards you.” The two guys on the side appear to be a little irked, “Stephen Chow wants to invite you two for coffee.” “We don’t have the time!” Xin Yi screams in the man’s face and turns back to Cun Xi. “What do you mean your feeling towards me is real? Then why are you…” *Ding Dong* The name rings a bell. “Stephen Chow?” the two of them turn to face the two men for the first time, realizing the severity of the situation. Uh Oh.

The two men kidnap the bickering couple in broad daylight and dumps them in the back of a van. Xin Yi is scared, Cun Xi busts out his chest to protect her, mumbling something unintelligible under the masking tape that’s securing his lips. They stop in an abandoned warehouse. (Oh Taiwanese screen writer and their obsession for warehouses.) The two of them are transported to Stephen Chow, who’s idly playing mini golf.

Stephen Chow orders to have the masking tape removed from Cun Xi and asks if he had bedded his (Stephen’s) god-daughter. Xin Yi couldn’t contain herself. She screams and extends a leg to kick Ji Cun Xi after hearing the accusation. Cun Xi denies having slept with Coco, Stephen’s god daughter. Xin Yi doesn’t believe him. She charges at him like a bull and kicks whenever he’s near. It takes Stephen’s man to keep her under control.

Coco comes and varifies the “little misunderstanding.” Yup, you guessed it, it’s Cun Xi’s step brother they’re talking about. Just a little swap. To make up to this future brother-in-law, Stephen agrees to put on an act for Ji Cun Xi.

While Xin Yi is roped in an empty room, refrained from moving, Cun Xi and Stephen are standing with their backs turned to a wall near by, close enough for Xin Yi to hear their conversation, but far enough to hide the action. Or, inaction. The conversation entails multiple variations of “I’m gonna kill you”, “Even if you kill me, I’ll still only love Chen Xin Yi” coupled with Cun Xi’s trademark “Ouches”, “Ahhs”, and whatever onomatopoeia that can be associated with pain. Not just any kind of pain but excruciating pain. On the other side of the wall, Ji Cun Xi is comfortably leaning against the concrete, letting one of Stephen’s underlings do his make up and make him look patched up. (Amazing how Xin Yi couldn’t tell it’s just sheer makeup. The sensitivity of Any woman should be able to unmask the veil of heavy pretense. Not our thick glassed protagonist apparently.)

To push the act to a climax, Stephen Chow yells out, “What’s the use of loving her? SHE DOESN’T EVEN LOVE YOU BACK!”, special emphasize on the “doesn’t”. Finally, Xin Yi spits the cloth out and cries, “I like him. I like him! I DO!” Stephen smirks at Cun Xi, bingo mate. He grabs Cun Xi and throws him into the cage room with Xin Yi. Beauty and the Beast is on!

Stephen helps Cun Xi to feign a death wish of wanting to grant grandma‘s all time wish of passing the Ji family genes onto the next generation. Simply put, this lovely beastie wants to get into the beauty’s pants. Stephen picks up on the cue and leaves the room to let the pair, umm, get “friendly” with each other.

Xin Yi hops onto Cun Xi and starts to kiss him. Cun Xi is both surprised and secretly gleeful with Xin Yi taking the initiative. The guard hears the noise and ducks below the window to watch. (What a horny guard!) Xin Yi jumps off Cun Xi, grabs a piece of wood, and smashes it into the guy’s head. Poor guy, must’ve had a horn knocked out after the blow. The guy falls on the ground, unconscious. Xin Yi grabs Cun Xi to escape with her. Cun Xi fakes a leg injury to keep Xin Yi with him. She pulls him into an embrace and forgives all his misgivings. When she turns again, the guard on the floor is no longer there. Something’s fishy.

Xin Yi looks out of the window to spy on the enemy only to over hear Stephen Chow’s unintentional revelation of Ji Cun Xi’s plan. Oh la la. The beast is as good as dead.

Xin Yi gives his supposedly broken leg a few kicks and runs out of the room. Boy is she angry. “You say you like me, but does liking me mean you can play me like a toy?” “I’m not toying with you! I did what I did because I liked you.” “Then if I tell you to die, would you do it?” “Fine, I will.”

Next thing you know, Ji Cun Xi has been stuffed into a blue barrel, ready to be pushed down the stairs. Xin Yi shoves his head into the barrel, closes the lid on him and pushes him down the slope. All before Stephen gets the chance to secure a rope around the barrel to prevent irreparable damage. Ji Cun Xi rolls allllll the way doooooown the slope and *boom*. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

He winds up in the ER. After waiting outside the emergency room for ages, the doc finally comes out to give the family a little info on the patient’s current condition. The doctor tells them that after a gazillion tests, which, took a whole 45 seconds to name, Ji Cun Xi is… alright. BUT, he has problems in almost every part of the body. BUT, they are not too severe. BUT because Ji Cun Xi has experienced a major concussion, his retina may be disposed to a very, Very, VERY rare condition. Note it’s very, Very, VERY rare condition. In short, he might be blind.

In the hospital room, Cun Xi and Xin Yi finally sit down to clear up the misunderstandings.

Xin Yi decides to return to Cun Xi. Until his eyes recovers.

If Ji Cun Xi had known he needs to go this far to regain Xin Yi’s acceptance, would he double check before he steps into the room on the boat? Would he defy grandma’s order to marry Xin Yi and tell Anna the truth from the start? Or would he be more protective of Xin Yi in the first place so he never had to lose her? If anything, Ji Cun Xi isn’t a quitter.

13 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 21: When the Sun Shines Again, The End is Near”

  1. “(Give me a minute, gotta run to the bathroom to puke.)”
    ….love that line. i rotf after reading that bit……i’m way too contented with your recaps don’t need to watch the subbed vids….

    *runs back to re-watch for the nth time “We Got Married” – Joongbo & Alshin parts now with partial subs.*

  2. Well, from what i saw and heard, FTLY is airing earlier on the next Sunday, so i think it will be a longer episode, but no episode 23. ( the shooting ended a while a go……)

  3. I was wondering after reading your summary….why is Coco prostituting if her godfather is Steven Zhou? Thanks for your translation summary! 🙂

  4. i think it’s one of the stretches that the script writer uses to deliver the barrel scene. it doesn’t make sense. but they needed a reason for Mr. Humpty Dumpty to fall off the wall.

  5. Except for the part about Coco, that I didn’t understand like someone else, I found your drama a great read.=)

  6. Coco is Steven Chou’s goddaughter and Ji Cun Xi’s step bro’s lover. She got pregnant with the step bro’s baby, but the guy has been avoiding her ever since he became aware of her pregnancy. So her godfather helped her out by trying to kidnap the guy and threaten him to marry Coco.

    It just so happens that Coco’s also the prostitute in the night club Ji Cun Xi went to a few episodes back. JCX passed out and lost all recollection of what he did in the cubicle. When Stephen Chou kidnapped him and falsely accused him of consummating his goddaughter, JCX’s lack of denial inadvertently confirmed his guilt. And hence, Chen Xin Yi’s huge reaction.

    Hope that clears things for you.

  7. hey thanks irugnotmis! I understand it better, though I think the scene in the drama that I watched had missing parts which just confuddled me. thanks for the clear up.

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