Gourmet 14

Practice after practice. Then more practice. Suddenly, a light bulb turns on, Sung Chan remembers a recipe his father taught him and finalizes his dish for the final round of the competition. End of practice.

Jin Soo lets herself in to visit her beau at her heart’s yarning. Sung Chan asks for the purpose of the visit, Jin Soo is tongue tied for reason but eventually brings back up the issue Sung Chan left Un Ahm Jung before the last round of the competition for heir. Sung Chan apprehensively denies any speculation and threatens to cut all friendships with Jin Soo if she were to mention it again.

The last round of the DM beef competition commences.

Bong Joo chose to use the oxtail as the main ingredients for the special dish. The oxtail is said to symbolize power. Very matching, no? His other ingredients include pear, carrots, ginseng (This guy loves ginseng. Remember the ginseng chicken soup?)

Sung Chan chose beef shank as the main focus of the dish – the cheapest and supposedly the least delicious part of beef. Despite the hosts and his teammates’ skepticism over his upcoming dish, Sung Chan chops the shank in a crisscross pattern so that the flavors can enter the meat quicker.

In Un Ahm Jung, leaving is the new trend. Miss Choi, the lady in control of the sauces decides to leave because her existence in Un Ahm Jung is apparently unneeded.

Bong Joo puts the beef briefly in steaming water to get rid of the blood and the smell, then he starts to mix a sauce using pepper as the main flavor. He also incorporates pineapple and pear into the sauce to give it a slightly sweet but unique after taste. Finally, he mixes the beef and the sauce together.

Chief Oh and Ja Woon enters the competition and sit down in the last row to observe.

Sung Chan marinates his beef with a green sauce and mixes vegetable slices with it – the procedure of a common beef dish. Most of Un Ahm Jung regard Sung Chan’s choice with a scornful laugh; Joo Hee is worried for Sung Chan; Chief Oh and Ja Woon await the surprise Sung Chan is about to bring.

The competition is half over. Sung Chan starts to fry his beef while Bong Joo stews.

Five minutes left, Bong Joo has moved on to decorating the dish; the beef in Sung Chan’s frying pan is still sizzling. Bong Joo starts to make another sauce, using milk to neutralize the spice from the pepper, compensating for foreigner’s taste. Sung Chan adjusts the fire.

Three minutes remain. Sung Chan takes out a pot of sauce, inspired by his adopted father, and waits until there are two minutes left.

Bong Joo has completed his sauce, Sung Chan is still waiting for the clock to tick.

Bong Joo finishes. Sung Chan waits for the last second, then he pours the sauce onto the beef, he stirs.

Time is up, Sung Chan finishes in time.

The four judges tries both dishes and starts to score each of their dishes under four criteria: taste, display of the food, creativity, and marketability.

They tied in taste, artistic display, and creativity, both toped the chart with the score of 10, however, Sung Chan only scored 8 for marketability while Bong Joo earns himself a 10 for that area, ending with a perfect score of 40. Sung Chan lost. Direct Seo opens his mouth in a wide “o” from the incredulity of Sung Chan’s defeat. (I know, hard to believe isn’t it?)

Bong Joo doesn’t look as thrilled with the victory. He walks over to Sung Chan and asks him to return to Un Ahm Jung, for the first and last time. Sung Chan laughs it off and leaves. Joo Hee watches Sung Chan leave with longing on her face. Yet, there is nothing she can do.

Sung Chan walks home by himself, Jin Soo catches up to him and demands a reason for Sung Chan’s intentional decision to give up first place. She too, can’t believe Sung Chan lost. Sung Chan denies such intent and runs away from Jin Soo. Literally. (lol they are so cute!)

Director Seo is still mad at losing the competition. After all, they were this close to winning. To cheer him up, butcher Kang and Sung Chan prepare a Korean BBQ with the director. The director sulks in front of a table full of food, finally, he slams his fist on the table, scaring Sung Chan and butcher Kang. He then says, “Not providing beef won’t kill me. It’s the fortune of knowing you that’s important in this competition.” They start to eat. 🙂 (It’s hard not to like this group of people.)

Before Bong Joo can persuade Sung Chan to return to Un Ahm Jung, Sung Chan leaves again. Stubborn child.

Life rolls on again. Soon enough, Un Ahm Jung opens the first of its chain stores. During the opening ceremony, Bong Joo and Joo Hee’s marriage gets another push, so does the heirship.

After Sung Chan left, Jin Soo starts to purposely avoid news having to do with Un Ahm Jung while secretly pondering over Sung Chan’s reason for leaving again.

When Joo Hee’s boss presses about the Un Ahm Jung secret, Joo Hee slips away to visit Choi while getting an interview from another tea picking woman. Joo Hee tells her about Sung Chan’s second departure, the lady laments Sung Chan’s resemblance to Ja Woon and wonders if he’s been drinking and making a scene again somewhere.

Speaking of Ja Woon, he is indeed hogging one of the big sauce tanks, yelling and crying over Miss Choi’s absence. He stops wailing when the head waitress tells him the reason Miss Choi left is because of him. The guy becomes reticent.

After much deliberation, Chief Oh finally passes the heirship to Bong Joo. This time, Bong Joo is surprised and declines to accept the offer, reasoning the time is not right, he is not quite qualified for the position. Chief Oh interjects that the restaurant needs a daring heir, Bong Joo should accept this honor and leaves.

Sung Chan is back to the truck business; back to the adventure.

Sung Chan bought three boxes of fish, when he returns to his truck, an old lady is grabbing/stealing the produce on the back of the truck. He stops the old woman and demands money. She hits him on the head and says, “Fine, if you want money, I will give you money.” She hops onto the passenger’s seat, ready for Sung Chan to drive her home. By the end of the day, Sung Chan still hasn’t found the woman’s place and his gas tank is gasping for fuel. By the time Sung Chan finally drops the old lady “home”, he’s ready to just let her go. Walking back to his car, Sung Chan finds the woman’s name tag, she has Alzheimer’s. He picks her up back on board and drives her all the way to the address on the name tag. The woman starts to feast on the dry fish Sung Chan just bought. Considering she has Alzheimer’s Sung Chan lets her eat. Gaining permission, this woman begins to feed the seagulls by the handful. Poor Sung Chan, he can only watch as his dry fish/money goes to the seagulls’ stomach.

Sung Chan finally sends the woman to her real home. He warns her not to wander off on her own again and sets off to leave. She reminds him of the money she owes for the produce. He waves never mind and turns to walk, the woman drags him back inside the house.

Once inside, the woman flips through drawers for money. Having found not even a cent, she tells Sung Chan to take the boxes from the top of the drawers down, the money is inside. He gets them for her, but they are empty. Once she hears they are empty, she freaks out and grabs a broom to hit the “burglar”. (This woman changes faster than typhoon.)

Joo Hee and Miss Choi happen to come back from tea leaf picking, they heard the woman’s yelling and grabs some pots and pans to hit the burglar for the lady. Sung Chan falls to the ground, covering his head while withstanding the beat, the old woman only stands on the side with a wide grin on her face, as if watching a circus’ live performance. Suddenly, Joo Hee stops. Sensing the discontinuation of the hitting, Sung Chan removes his hands to peek.

Welcome back to Joo Hee’s world.

Un Ahm Jung’s victory is inevitable. After all, they couldn’t just shame Un Ahm Jung or Bong Joo with the defeat and escalate the situation even more. Sung Chan had to lose, he had to move on and incur more stories for us. There are 10 episodes left, a lot more has to happen before Sung Chan can return to Un Ahm Jung and face all the people again.

2 thoughts on “Gourmet 14”

  1. This guy loves ginseng. Remember the ginseng chicken soup?

    I’d say the Koreans love their ginseng and are really proud of it, but people would tomato me.

    Bong Joo and Jin Soo’s marriage gets another push, so does the heirship.///After Sung Chan left, Joo Hee starts to purposely avoid news having to do with Un Ahm Jung while secretly pondering over Sung Chan’s reason for leaving again.

    Darling, I think you’ve mixed up Jin Soo and Joo Hee. Jin Soo is the loud one with the bob cut and Joo Hee is the elegant one who looks like a mermaid with legs.

    I’m starting to wonder if he will return to Un Ahm Jung… nah. He has to. He’s the heir. It’s manga logic. He needs to run away one more time though.

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