Fated to Love You 20: A Confession From Two Years Ago

If you are rich and have limitless time to stick around the girl you want like a shameless (and indecisive) fly without needing to deal with anything else, you can probably try out Ji Cun Xi’s tricks. Not that it will be successful. What Ji Cun Xi did was to make the supermarket he invested to hold a sale. With 90% off all produces, the students from his pottery class are attracted to do grocery shopping while he, gets to be with the teacher alone. (Good plan, but what about the kids in the class? Did they follow their mommies to the supermarket because moms all agree to buy them candy?)

Since there are no students, the teacher cancels class to leave. All it takes is Ji Cun Xi’s “You still love me that’s why you keep avoiding me.” to make Xin Yi stay. She starts class to a room full of imaginary students to prove to Cun Xi that she can treat him with indifference.

Cun Xi asks about Xin Yi’s past time, which, gives her a perfect opportunity to exercise her imagination about a few romantic dates with Mr X and Mr Y and Mr Z. They first watched the sunset together, which if it were to happen, the two might be attacked by a few headstrong flies before the last sunlight vanishes or a group of hungry mosquitoes waiting to feast on fresh blood. Then, they dined out under candle light and the bright moon, which in actuality may be so cold that the wind blows out the candles and the romantic feelings with it. After that, they went to the movies, which could very well end up in not being able to find any two people seats and having to sit right in the very first row and suffer through an hour and half with their head tilted 60 degrees up. In any case, Cun Xi listens to Xin Yi’s brag with amusement. (Really, it’s embarrassing.)

Mothers always know when to call, Xi Shi calls Xin Yi to ask what her daughter wants to eat for dinner. That’s sweet and all, but turning off the phone or put it on silent during class is a matter of being perfectional. Since there are no students in the class, (Cun Xi doesn’t count, he’s supposedly invisible) Xin Yi picks up the phone, “Hello? Oh Mr. Z! (Over the phone: Who’s Mr. Z? I’m your mother! Xin Yi ignores.) I was just talking about you. Dinner? Oh sure. (Over the phone: What?!?!) I’ll see you then, bye. (Over the phone: …)” Xin Yi looks triumphant, her mom is clueless, and Cun Xi smiles wider.

Mr. Z sends Xin Yi another pot of borage and a card asking her out for dinner. (She’s almost received enough to open a floral shop specialized in borage.) Xin Yi is excited.

Anna returns to dance class for a new day of lessons. She is ambushed by a group of angry parents determined to ruin her career. The situation is exacerbated when the enraged parents start to tare down the classroom. Dylan enters in time to stop a mob’s boycott from turning into a massacre. He records the conflict with his phone, if the parents were to continue with their destructive acts, he will use the recording to sue them for forceful entrance and causing damage. The parents are intimidated and stopped at once. Dylan argues for Anna that if her experiences on stage don’t make her a good teacher, then what does? Although her neglect caused a student’s injury, but she sent the child to the hospital at once and promised to pay for the medical expenses. The only people who can provide an objective judgment as to whether Anna qualifies as a teacher are the children taught by her.

Once the parents left, Anna crumbles onto the floor and starts to sob. Dylan comforts Anna that somewhere, somebody is waiting for her to return to the stage that belongs to her. *a big invisible finger points to Dylan* But the parents’ protest has added yet another blow to Anna’s confidence, she no longer believes in her self. Dance has been the object of her entire existence, before, she danced for her domineering mother; later, she danced for the indecisive beau that eventually dumped her; now, she has no one. Dylan decides to help Anna regain her confidence, and eventually, return to the stage.

A despondent Anna calls Cun Xi. Cun Xi is taking a shower in preparation for the date with Xin Yi, he misses the call.

Xin Yi gets ready to leave for the date. Her mother hands her a condom. Seems like Xin Yi’s family is more desperate than Xin Yi herself. In the Ji family, grandma and Anson are both cheering Cun Xi on, expecting the good news.

Arriving at the restaurant early, Cun Xi practices for Mr. Z and Xin Yi’s first date. He calls Anna in between to return the call. Anna is sitting near a river by herself, reflecting on the series of events that renders her “worthless”. Then her phone rings. She takes it out and sees the call is from Cun Xi. In a moment of ecstasy, she slips and her phone falls out of her lap and drops into the water. She hurries down to retrieve her phone – Cun Xi’s call at this bleak time of Anna’s life is better than a lifesaver. Anna falls into the water and loses conscious… (For the sake of distracting Cun Xi, I’m going to let the disbelief slide.) Dylan saves her in time and calls Cun Xi.

Xin Yi enters the restaurant and sees a man in a black suite hovering over the table. She approaches him nervously, “Are you Mr. Z? I’m Chen Xin Yi. We’ve finally met.” The man turns to her and says, “Sorry Miss Chen Xin Yi, I’m not Mr. Z. And, are you looking for Mr. Ji?” “No, I’m looking for Mr. Z not Mr. Ji” “There’s no Mr. Z, but there is a Mr. Ji.” “No no, I have a date with Mr. Z, not Ji.” “Tonight, the entire restaurant is reserved by Mr. Ji.” “You mean Mr. Z?” Xin Yi draws a “z” with her index finger. The waiter sighs, “Then what is this Mr. Z’s last name?” “His last name is … uh…” The waiter gives her a I-told-you-so look and smiles. Xin Yi asks again, “Excuse me, Ji is a rare last name. The Mr. Ji you are talking about, is he a tall and skinny guy, with slightly curly hair and bushy eyebrows that looked like worms?” The waiter nods, “Yup, that’s Mr. Ji.”

Memory circle around Xin Yi’s thoughts, she runs out of the restaurant to to meet Cun Xi in the hospital, holding the borage close to her bosom.

Cun Xi finds Dylan waiting outside of emergency room. (Yes, the emergency room.) Dylan briefly explains the situation, including his relation to Anna. He asks Cun Xi for a favor: to comfort Anna and promise not to leave until she recovers.

The two men wait outside until Anna is wheeled out. When Anna regains conscious, she hugs Cun Xi and begs him not to leave her. He hugs her back, gently patting her head, whispering, “I won’t leave you.” Xin Yi arrives and overhears the promise. After a big circle, she finds herself back in the origin. Xin Yi drops the borage and runs out. Cun Xi hears the noise and turns to look, he sees the borage lying on the floor. Upon instinct, Cun Xi turns to Anna and tells her he will come back soon. Anna looks at Cun Xi with hopeless big eyes. She hesitates and slowly, she lets him go…

Cun Xi chases out and stops Xin Yi before the elevator. “Chen Xin Yi, listen to me! What you’ve heard isn’t true.” Xin Yi is furious. “Why did you pretend to be Mr. Z to toy with my feelings? I won’t trust you again.” She kicks him and hops into the elevator.

Dylan watches on the side and opportunistically mocks Cun Xi. Cun Xi asks for Dylan’s help to explain the situation to Xin Yi, Dylan agrees under the condition that Cun Xi helps Anna regain her confidence. The two men makes the deal not because they want the benefit, but because they both feel the need to help.

Although Xin Yi feels cheated, she still waits by the phone for Cun Xi to call and explain. Cun Xi doesn’t call. He thinks that no matter how many times he calls, if Chen Xin Yi doesn’t want to talk to him, she won’t pick up the phone. Why even bother? (BTW, Xin Yi has hung up on him 70 times already. I wouldn’t call back if someone hung up on me that many times.)

The next day, Cun Xi’s step mom and half brother are reintroduced into the story. (After ages of disappearance.) Both of their attitudes have changed 180 degrees since the last time we saw them. Cun Xi in turn, decides to help his half brother. In the middle of the conversation where Zheng Ren complains about being looked down in the company, his girlfriend, the post-it girl in the nightclub Cun Xi went to not too long ago, calls him to inform him she’s pregnant. Zheng Ren pretends to be in the elevator and hangs up on her. Before hanging up, she tells him if he continues to ignore her, she will make him pay. (A little foreshadow for the next episode.) Cun Xi watches as Zheng Ren wiggles his way out of his girlfriend’s control and asks for advice. Zheng Ren tells him that unless a girl is allergic, otherwise, red roses and chocolate plus a genuine apology is enough to make the girl come back to you.

Cun Xi stays at home with Anna. He cooks a table full of food for Anna. She takes a look, carrots, gingers, all are things Cun Xi hates the most. When asked why, Cun Xi explains that to try the impossible for someone important makes the action more meaningful. He takes out a box of ballet shoes and makes an agreement with her, if he finishes eating all the food, she must try on this pair of shoes. (aww)

In the past five years, you stood me up at least 13 times. I was angry at you each time, but I was never able to selfishly bind you to me. Because I know, an odette belongs to the stage, not me alone.

I’ve lost the reason to dance.

What if I’m willing to continue be your reason? Even if it’s the last time, try to stand up for me, is that alright by you?

Sorry, I can’t. I don’t need you to stay with me out of guilt. I don’t need pity. The way I am today, it’s not your fault.

But I can’t watch you sink without extending a hand to you. Even if you are a friend.

Anna refuses to let Cun Xi see her in this devastated state and leaves the room. Cun Xi leaves Anna’s apartment and calls Dylan, who has been trying to reconcile with the mothers that came to tear down the dance class. Dylan suggests Cun Xi to buy something to lighten up Anna’s mood. What’s that something? The script writer decides to keep it a secret for now. (coughahemStrawberryCakeahemcough 😉 )

Seeing Xin Yi sulking over Cun Xi and Anna’s hug in the hospital, Xi Shi tries to comfort and encourage Xin Yi. She tells Xin Yi of the ipod Cun Xi left two years ago that recorded his confession for her, Xin Yi returns to her room at night and puts on the earphone: (Bare with the corniness.)

Chen Xin Yi, I’m sorry. I couldn’t protect Ji Nian Ping… This is the second week since you’ve left… Grandma and I have been spending a lot of time in the baby’s room lately. The little toy that makes noises has ran out of battery. The one you chose. Everything in this room is decorated by you, with love… Every time I stand in this room, I can feel your anticipation for Ji Nian Ping’s arrival, as well as your insistence that I am the villain in the story. How could I say I only wanted the child, once you give birth, you should leave at once? There is no mother that would willingly leave their child behind. Even a second would be torturous. I over simplified everything. I can’t cut a bloodline.

You once said I treated you too well. I thought about it, it wasn’t enough. I didn’t take good care of you, I didn’t treat you well enough, I didn’t have enough time to get to know you. I read your mother’s diary for Ji Nian Ping. The content… the content is very elaborate. I changed the picture under mother on the last page to a picture of you. Because in my heart, the only one that can be Ji Nian Ping’s mother, is you. Sadly, when I realized, it’s already too late… I can understand why you want to leave me, but can you give me another chance? I promise I will do better this time. Chen Xin Yi, please give me one last chance. Because I finally realized that long before you left me, I’ve already fallen in love with you.

“He loved me! He really loved me!”

Sorry for the wait. When life calls for a break, I have to succumb to life’s order. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 20: A Confession From Two Years Ago”

  1. Thanks, great recap, as usual!!!
    What i am not digging is that the final episode is going to be a rushed happy ending…. after all the suffering, at least they should make it a 3 hours special ending episode!!!!

  2. Why is it always Anna that toys with my emotions?
    I feel bad for her for the slightest bit in episode 19 and then I hate her again in episode 20. Why can’t she just leave them alone? Jeeeez I know I sound senile and harsh but I really wish she would just get out of the story already. Her role just brings drama.

  3. i actually think Anna has more merit than people are willing to credit her with. the fact that she isn’t spam calling cun xi for attention or slitting her wrist for liberation makes her less pathetic, given the situation. xin yi just happens to come at the wrong time and going a little overboard with playing hard to get.

    1. I think the part about Xin Yi going a little overboard with the hard to get thing is soooo true. She does it so much that I sometimes get annoyed with her and side with Anna instead, haha! But I really like Xin Yi and Cun Xi’s love story, and I always anticipate each episode, especially the Tagalog dubbed ones that are aired here in the Philippines ^-^

  4. Actually, I kind of agree with Tuttie, I do think the ending looks like its going to be a rushed one. How come Xin Yi’s and Cun Xi’s handphones have no voicemails???? I would have preferred it if either of them had left a message. 70/80 calls is really too many missed calls. But oh well then the drama wouldn’t actually be dramatic would it? Irugnotmis, thanks for the recap, enjoyed reading it. And as to my name, s is just the first letter of my first name. I am a die hard Malfoy fan, even if he’s actually fictitious. I do like Snape too actually, but erm his greasey hair is a turn off. =)

  5. i was always happy after reading your detailed recap of
    the episodes because i always have to watch it without subtitle
    so i make it a point to read your recap before watching the episodes.

    i hope they’ll have a wedding for cun xi and xin yi for the
    ending… and a beautiful child of course…

  6. nice nice…thank you so much…anna is becoming a manipulator now huh? joke…but i hope everyone has a happy ending so everybody (including us) will be happy 🙂

  7. I like this episode specifically the ipod scene..i can really feel the emotion(haha..)Im looking forward to CX and XY reconciliation, just like the rest im also hoping for a longer happy ending(who doesnt want one?after all those things that theyve been through??)
    Anna??She is very overacting(i really hate her character!i dont even like the actress who is portraying it…she doesnt have a talent for acting—Just my opinion, i dont wish to bump into one of Anna\Bianca’s fan here.)
    Thanks for the great recap once again…the idol drama is suppose to be done in few more weeks…im gonna miss peeping on this site…ill try to watch the other spoilers that you have here …

  8. Thanks a lot!! Everytime I read your recap, I always have this silly smile on my face. I thknk you are right, Anna came out as very ladylike in the whole thing, she was a little hysterical when CX left her, but she did not really do anything overboard or blackmailed CX to stay with her forever.. (which is amazing since I think she is a girl who is really needy!!)

    Anyway, she is still a pest in the story, she needs to stay clear from CX and CY..

    I hope that the misunderstandings between CX and XY will end soon. I definitely would like to see some sweet moments with them, its like cat and mouse all the time, which I think is a little too stretched. They both deserve some time to laugh and cry as a couple.

  9. lol…like Ida, i’m guilty as well…i always finish reading your recaps with a
    silly smile on face!…well, i really enjoy reading them..it’s like having my thoughts penned-out. I agree with Tuttie…..the main characters’ reconciliation/sweet moments should be 3 episodes long (lol…dream on!). really, kidding aside, the happy ending must satisfy the ftly fans.

  10. lol galathea, you dream is dead on, the reconciliation does drawn out to be 3 episodes long.

    Ida, I agree with you, the main characters need to give each other a chance to talk about their feelings. Plus, FTLY has too many irrelevant characters to not drag.

    smalfoy, voice mail and text message could both be effective methods, but if FTLY isn’t filled with plot holes here and there, i wouldn’t have so much fun recapping it. 🙂
    Snape’s greasy hair is indeed a turn off, but I was never impressed with any of the movie adaption in the first place to be bothered by it.
    a little more of the HP fandom: two years ago when one of my friends was at Harvard for summer school, the school had decorated their dining hall into that of Hogwarts’ on the day the new HP book came out. there were colorful jelly beans on each of the four long tables and pseudo-magical foods. pretty cool.

  11. Thanks for the recap, irugnotmis. 🙂
    But just wondering… wouldn’t making a 360 degree attitude change mean going around in a complete circle back to square one? I think you mean 180.

    (Sorry, you probably don’t give a crap. But I’m taking an SAT class and things like that just seem to pop out at me now, much to my not-so-amusement.)

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