Legend of the Condor Heroes – Characters, Places, and Objects

Long and exhaustive list ahead. (click on pictures to enlarge.)

Characters & Groups:

The Four Main Characters:

– Guo Jing (nicknamed Jing Er): The honest, virtuous, and persevere son of Guo XiaoTian and Li Ping and hero of the book/drama. He is known for his high moral regard and straightforwardness, which renders him obtuse and sadly, a target of manipulation. He grew up in Mongols with his mother and learned Kung Fu from… ehh, let me count… 10 masters. He later became a patriotic hero against invaders in part two and three of the Condor Trilogy: Return of the Condors Heroes and Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. But that’s besides the point.

– Huang Rong (Nicknamed Rong Er): She is the love interest of Guo Jing, although not without turbulence. She is, if you will, the complete opposite of Guo Jing in terms of wit and intellect, which inadvertently makes up for Guo Jing’s shortcomings. If being honest and upright is a shortcoming at all. Aside from her love life, she is the daughter of Huang YaoShi, which is a polite name for the mysterious but temperamental man. She originally lives with her dad on the Peach Blossom Island, but she sneaks off one day out of boredom to spite her dad for his negligence.

– Yang Kang: The son of Yang TieXin, last decedent of the Yang military family, and Bao XiRuo. However, a man’s lust separated Yang Kang from his father way before he was born. He was raised, instead, as the prince of Jin Dynasty, where he acquired his spoiled ways. When his real identity broke out, Yang Kang succumbed to his greed for luxury and power and became the antagonist of the story. In the book that is. He is also Guo Jing’s sworn brother, but never liked nor respected his big brother.

– Mu NianCi: The tragic, adopted daughter of Yang TieXin, which makes her the adopted sister of Yang Kang. She fell in love with Yang Kang as their lives cross path at the Joust for Spouse. (Imprudent way of choosing a spouse isn’t it?) She gave birth to Yang Guo – the hero of Return of the Condors Heroes that ironically won Guo Jing and Huang Ron’s youngest daughter’s heart (as well as the other dozen girls that swoon at Yang Guo’s love for Xiao LongNu).

The Five Masters: (They are said to be the most skillful of all the martial arts practitioners.)

Huang YaoShi (Dong Xie or The Eccentric from the East): Yao Shi is a polite salutation that praises his more than masterful ease with the utilization of herbs and poisons. He is known for his temperaments, hence the name Dong Xie. He is Huang Rong’s father, who, after losing his most beloved wife, kept a distance with Huang Rong because she resembles her mother too much. Huang YaoShi is skilled at music, chess, literature (technically calligraphy), and arts. (If this guy is such a high cut above the others, what kind of woman could make him fall madly in love with and stay in love with long after her death? *shudders*)

Ouyang Feng (The Sinister from the West or Xi Du – sounds, in Chinese, kind of like doing drugs): Father of Ouyang Ke. No, not uncle. He is obsessed with Ji Ying Zheng Jing – a long lost martial arts book – and would go to great lengths to obtain it. He later turned insane, all thanks to Huang Rong. (My personal favorite part about this guy is when he regained conscious at the last moment and reconciled with his long term rival Hong Ji Gong in Return of the Condors Heroes.)

– Duan ZhiXing (Nan Di or The Emperor from the South): Well, he is an emperor who became a monk because he felt guilty for refusing to heal the son his favorite concubine had with another man. The son dies and his concubine never forgave him. To repent, Duan ZhiXing became a monk.

– Hong QiGong (Bei Qi or The Beggar from the North or The Nine Fingered Divine Beggar): He is the leader of the Beggar Sect and one of the many masters of Guo Jing who, later had the fortune to meet with Yang Guo – Yang Kang’s son. He also taught Huang Rong his Dong Beating Stick Techniques and passed the leadership onto Huang Rong. Hong QiGong’s most salient characteristic is his passion for food. All kinds of food. The exotic the better. He has only 9 fingers, one of which is chopped off by himself as punishment for delaying a rescue mission for food.

– Wang ChongYang (Zhong Shen Tong or Central Divinity): He is dead and doesn’t play a role in this story. But he helped Duan ZhiXing against Ouyang Feng’s attack while he was alive. He is the founder of the Taoists and supposedly the most powerful men.

Zhou BoTong: Now, I’ve introduced all five masters, what is this guy doing here? Well, he participated in Duel on Mount Hua at the end of the story and is the man that impregnated Duan ZhiXing’s concubine. Moreover, he is the last and the tenth master that taught Guo Jing Kung Fu.

Other Characters: (in alphabetical order)

Bao XiRuo: Yang Kang’s mother, who was the target of Wanyan HongLie’s infatuation and stayed as his infatuation until her death. She is said to be kind and tender and has a particular weak spot for wounded animals and people. Her kindness became her demise and separated her from her husband.

– Chen XuanFeng: Mei ChaoFeng’s husband, one of Huang YaoShi’s disciple. He and Mei ChaoFeng stole half of Jiu Yin Zhen Jing from Huang YaoShi. To prevent people from stealing the book, he tattoos it onto his body.

– Duan TianDe: A nobody that executed WanYan HongLie’s order. He kidnapped Li Ping and caused quite a stir that involved the Seven Freaks from the South into the story.

– Guo XiaoTian: Guo Jing’s father.

– Hua Zheng: A Mongolian princess who grew up with Guo Jing and is in love with him. (Sadly, Guo Jin only sees her as his best pal.) She posits problem for Guo Jing and Huang Rong’s relationship but eventually decide to step out of the love triangle.

– Li Ping: Guo Jing’s mother.

– Lu ChengFeng: One of Huang YaoShi’s disciple. After Mei ChaoFeng and Chen XuanFeng stole half of Jiu Yin Zhen Jing, Huang broke all of his disciple’s legs in a moment of frustration and cast them off the Peach Blossom Island. He reunites with his master later in live and receives a book of kung fu his mater came up with to make up for the mistake of breaking his disciples’ legs.

– Ma Yu: A taoist. He is Guo Jing’s eighth master.

– Mei ChaoFeng: Disciple of Huang YaoShi who betrayed her master and fled with her man after stealing the portion of Jiu Ying Zheng Jing Huang YaoShi possesses. She and her husband attempted to master the Kung Fu recorded in the book but weren’t able to decipher it the right way. Consequentially she loses the ability to walk. Her husband was accidentally killed by Guo Jing at a young age as Guo struggles to save his own life. Mei ChaoFeng’s greatest desire is to avenge her husband.

– Mu Yi: Yang TieXin’s other name to conceal his true identity. It is created by taking his own surname Yang and splitting the word into two. (The same way Jin Yong, the author of the book/drama came up with his pen name.)

OuYang Ke: OuYang Feng’s illegitimate son who is also a womanizer. He has a thing for Huang Rong and is constantly at her heels. Someone to watch out for, but really, a pompous fool. Died of his own accord, but indirectly caused by Huang Rong.

– Qiu Chu Ji: A taoist who is being chased by Jin soldiers when he met both Guo and Yang’s fathers. He indirectly brought Wanyan HongLie into Bao XiRuo’s quiet life and started the story. He is also Yang Kang’s first master. An impulsive, but just man.

– Qiu QianRen: A well known kung fu master, almost as famous as The Five Masters. He was invited to the dual on Mount Hua but didn’t go. He is known for his palms and the ability to walk on water.

– Qiu QianZhang: Qiu QianRen’s twin brother. He doesn’t know kung fu but is an excellent trickster. He uses his brother’s fame for his personal gains.

– Qu LingFeng: One of Huang YaoShi’s disciple. His legs too, were broken by Huang YaoShi and was cast off the Peach Blossom Island as a result of Mei ChaoFeng and her husband’s thievery of Jiu Yin Zhen Jing. He stole many valuable jewelries, potteries, paintings, calligraphy hoping one day Huang YaoShi will take him back under his teaching after being presented with the treasure he stole from the royal castle.

– Sha Gu: Huang YahoShi’s last student. She is, let’s say, cognitively impaired.

– Wanyan HongLie: The heir to emperor of the Jin Dynasty who has an eye for beauty, power, and manipulation. He is the step father of Yang Kang and wannabe husband of Bao XiRuo. He fell in love with Bao XiRuo 18 years ago, who is pregnant at the time. In order to obtain the woman of his wildest fantasies, he schemes to kill Bao’s husband as well as the family friend and sworn brother Guo XiaoTian’s family. Once he lured Bao into his luxury palace, he treated her with incredible respect and utter tenderness.

– Yang TieXin: Bao XiRuo’s husband and Yang Kang’s real father. He is the last decedent of the Yang military family. He didn’t inherit the quintessence of the Yang family spear techniques, which is why he isn’t able to protect his and his sworn brother’s family.

– Yin Gu: Duan ZhiXing’s concubine who fell in love with Zhou BoTong and had a son with him. Her son was wounded by a masked man who calculated that the concubine will beg Duan to heal the infant and thus exhaust all Duan’s energy to the extent that it’ll cost him his kung fu and eventually his life. Duan refused to heal the boy after much internal struggle. The woman stabbed her own son in response to reduce the amount of suffering the child has to go through and vowed to seek revenge on Duan.

Yin Zhi Ping: A taoist and Qiu ChuJi’s pupil. Not much of a role right now, but will be an eye sore later in the story.

– Zhou BoTong: See The Five Masters section.

Groups: (in alphabetical order)

– Seven Freaks of the South: Guo Jin’s six masters. Six because one died in Mei ChaoFeng’s hands.

– The Beggar Sect: The largest sec consists of all beggars whose ranks are identified by the number of bags they carry on their bag. Inside the bags are often poisonous snakes, spiders, or scorpions. Most of them are exceptionally good with poisons. Their most sacred symbol is a green stick called The Dog Beating Stick. Their leader obviously knows the dog beating stick techniques.

– Quan Zhen Sect: They are taoists founded by Wang ChongYang. They formulate a well respected group in the world of Kung Fu.


– Mongol: Where Guo Jin lived his childhood.

– Mount Hua: The site of the ultimate dual where the best of the best Kung Fu masters compete for seven days straight in order to compete for the title of the greatest master.

– Mount White Camel: OuYang Feng and his illegitimate son’s home.

– Niu Jia Village: The village Yang TieXin couple and Guo XiaoTian couple lived in before they were killed and separated.

– Peach Blossom Island: The land Huang Rong grew up in.


– A “blood sweating” horse: Supposedly an one of a kind horse that is more agile than all others. Once tamed, it will follow its owner faithfully till the end. An unique feature of this kind horse is that when it sweats, it secretes a redish liquid, hence its name. Guo Jing tamed one in Mongolia as well.

– A pair of condors: Of course, since it’s the legend of Condor heroes, there’s gotta be some condors around to help Gui Jing. Gui Jing saved a pair of condors while he was in Mongolia, fed them, took care of them. As a result, these condors follows him around.

– Jiu Yin Zhen Jing: A long lost book that records a mysterious but powerful Kung Fu.

– Ruan Wei Jia: A set of protective clothes, wore by Huang Rong on the inside to protect herself from being hit, stabed, or palmed by enemies more capable than her.

– Wu Yue’s War Strategy: Supposedly the Conquering 101 book for the politically ambitious.

Kung Fu: (Literal translations. If you have a better suggestion for the names, please leave a comment.)

– The 18 Dragon-Subduing Palms: Perhaps the most widely mentioned Kung Fu in other dramas, novels, artistic forms etc. Each palms are supremely powerful and grand, resembling that of a dragon.

– 64 KunMing Zhang: Created by Zhou BoTong while he was imprisoned by Huang YaoShi.

– Dog Beating Stick Technique: A set of technique passed on only to the owner of the dog beating stick AKA leader of the Beggar’s Sect.

– Fists of the Carefree: Created by Hong QiGong when he was young. It’s characteristic by its carefree and unrestrained style.

– Jiu Yin Zhen Jing: Said to be the toughest, hardest, invincible kung fu. Guo Jing eventually learned it from Zhou BoTong.

– The Kung Fu of Toad: OuYang Feng’s signature kung fu, characterized by the gestural and sometimes sound resemblance to a toad during the kung fu’s execution.

– Nine Yin Skeleton Claw: Practiced by Mei ChaoFeng, who later taught Yang Kang. She is able to kill people by poking three holes on the top of a human skull. This Kung Fu is a derivative of Jiu Yin Zheng Jing, developed by Mei ChaoFeng and her husband as a result of misinterpreting the actual Kung Fu book.

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  1. Oh yeah, forgot to say, do you think Guo Fu also shows signs of liking Yang Guo? Seriously, there was subtext.

    I know Guo Xiang’s twin died and she didn’t marry… Rong Er’s genes! What a waste… *sigh*

  2. I think it’s more like a: everybody is following my rear, sucking up to me, so should you. Oho, you are not, time to teach you a lesson. But in a subconscious, less intentional, spoiled way.

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