Legend of the Four Gods/The Legend Theme Song, Chinese Version

As you can tell, been digging my head in itunes and refusing to come out.

The funny thing is, I saw the MV of this song before I even knew the drama existed. Then two weeks after I finished the drama, all of a sudden I realized: hey! It’s the Chinese version! Of course, my excuse is: They’ve got different melodies!! Enjoy.

download here

7 thoughts on “Legend of the Four Gods/The Legend Theme Song, Chinese Version”

  1. hehe, the legend also had the same treatment when it was shown in the Philippines. If I am not wrong I think they remade “Go the Distance” and a new composition which was “Yapak” which could mean footsteps.

  2. I have this on repeat now. Thank you for infecting me with a virus. Will end up memorizing this and crooning it at odd moments to annoy people now. And, on another note entirely, you can read Traditional?? It gives me super headaches unless I have audio.

  3. sevenses: yup i can read both. but reading vertically gives me a headache and i can’t write all the words in traditional. 😦 what a shame.

    crazyforasiandrama: interesting. btw, the translation of the Chinese version’s song title is also legend.

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