Fated to Love You Episode 20 Previews & BTS

Preview 1: Just to add a pinch of salt on Anna’s newly slit wound, acquired two years ago, her dance class is in danger of closing. But before FTLY turns to Anna’s personal tragedy, Dylan, the ultimate international peace officer comes to the rescue.

On the other hand, Cun Xi arranges a dinner with Xin Yi as Mr. Z. At the dinner, Xin Yi realizes Cun Xi = Mr. Z and Mr. Z = Cun Xi before the thick-browed prince even makes his grand entrance to the romantic, candle light dinner. And so, a teary reconciliation is on its sure way to roam the world of Chen Xin Yi and Ji Cun Xi. Unless, there’s another twist. (If there’s going to be a twist at all, it better be a darn good one.)

Preview 2 || Preview 3, sort of. This video basically discusses FTLY’s popularity in US and China. Yes we already know that. It showed a fragment of the upcoming episode where Xin Yi witnesses Cun Xi comforting a desperate/hurt/miserable Anna in the hospital. Deja vu?

Preview 4 To make a long story short, Ji Cun Xi’s Mr. Z plot backfires on him.

Preview 5 Warning ahead: bad quality video.

BTS of Shanghai Scenes [1] [2] || BTS of Later Scenes [1] [2]

9 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Episode 20 Previews & BTS”

  1. Love the the wit (and a wee bit sarcasm, no need to worry about that, I love it!!) behind this recap. I just hope that the grand reconciliation between XY and CX be underway. I really dont know how are they going to stretch the whole thing to two more episodes!!

    Thanks dear as always..

  2. i hope everyone gets happiness at the end even for anna and her brother, come to think of it anyone would make a mistake like that but it doesn’t make it right.

  3. shugriya: Anna most certainly will have her happy ending. after all, with what she is going through at this point, almost anything half decent would be considered an “happy ending”.

    to all the other commentors above: hope it’s entertaining to read. 😀

  4. here is the thing, the official websites don’t say how many episodes; drama wiki keeps changing. two weeks ago it said 22 epi, last week it said 20, now it’s up to 23. the point is, i don’t know.

  5. Wiki can be wrong though cause it doen’t have a valid source.Anyone who has a wiki account can change it(mess it up) if they want. The wiki people won’t fix those mistakes for about 2-3 days. So wiki can be wrong.

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