Gourmet 10

This would be the first official head on collusion between Sung Chan and Bong Joo as ideals and beliefs come clashing into one another. And the fight is on.

Chief Oh takes Sung Chan back and happily cooks his son a table full of simplistic but wonderlicious meal. The old man tells Sung Chan the three meals people typically ingest everyday is useful to tell time, Chief Oh finally regains his spirit and starts eating willingly.

Bong Joo walks into the scene and retreats silently to eat bibimbap(?), grudgingly, by himself.

Since Min Woo dashed the last hope for Butcher Kang to help Un Ahm Jung when he blackmailed the old man, he had to, as a form of punishment, ask back the impulsive cook – Jang Goo – he fired and replaced with Dal Pyung not too long ago. Because this guy is the second best skilled butcher. The skilled butcher does follow Min Woo back to Un Ahm Jung, but he refuses to get down the car until Min Woo kneels in front of him. Min Woo has two choices: either get this man back for the sake of winning the competition or he can lose his position in the restaurant. This proud guy isn’t left with much choice but to kneel. He does so, although unwillingly. Once Min Woo returns to the kitchen, he unleashes his humiliation onto the subordinates.

The day of the competition finally arrives. As all the participating companies seat in a large auditorium, the topics of the competition are revealed: 1) find the best cow – any participant score below the 8th place will be eliminated. 2) find the best butcher – victory is determined by the speed and accuracy of the butchers. 3) also the last topic is to find the best coal to cook the beef.

There is a healthy amount of tension between the brothers as well as the two butchers from the two rival teams – Kang and Jang Goo. The girls deal with the situation rather differently. Joo Hee approaches the situation regrettably with the sour face of apprehending difficult dilemma as she glances from Sung Chan to Bong Joo then back. Jin Soo simply has her head in the clouds.

As the announcement of the three topics come to an end, Joo Hee catches up to Sung Chan, hoping to persuade him before he past the point of no return. (Sorry, can’t resist.) Sung Chan stands firm on his decision and asks Joo Hee to understand him. She cannot. Bong Joo watches in a distance, a sardonic smile on his face.

Both sides have jumped into the preparation process for the first topic, each with the unquestionable confidence of winning. (Please, lend me some of your confidence.)

An interesting insertion: As the fired butcher walks towards the Un Ahm Jung kitchen, Dal Pyung walks out to block the intruder from a staff only area. The fired chief and the replacement chief enter an argument of who’s the main dish, who’s the side dish.

Sung Chan, Jin Soo, and Butcher Kang arrive at Director Seo’s farm to take a look at the poor cow awaiting its sacrifice for the sake of the competition. The cows in the director’s farm are raised slightly differently from the other cows – they get to listen to classical music while chewing hay. Sung Chan grabs a handful of horse food and comments that it tastes better than dog food. Jin Soo shoots him a disgusted look, he returns her a blank, innocent look and reveals that as long as it’s not poisonous, he’ll try everything. I wasn’t aware Sung Chan’s exploration for (exotic) taste have extended this far, but certainly, natural talents are more detail oriented than outsiders. I am certain that this simple food tasting habit of Sung Chan’s will come into play later. In any case, Director Seo shows the crew the mega cow he’s thinking of sacrificing for the competition. Butcher Kang takes one look at it and determines its roughly 700 kg in weight. Appearantly Butcher Kang is not the only knowledgable person in the group, Jin Soo exhibits the same depth in knowledge, except in the process of circumcision. Wonder where she learned those from. 😉

After the visit, they settle in a little restaurant for lunch. That’s when Butcher Kang really reveals the extensiveness of his knowledge. He tells Director Seo that the cows in his farm are living in an area too compacted for the cows’ general well being. Even though they were given classical music, those seemingly mild cows are in fact more sensitive than most people would expect. (Sensitivity will also be the key to next episode, methinks.) Plus the golf court construction near by, the cows appear to be agitated. As for the cow Director Seo pointed out to be the candidate for the competition, it’s big alright, but its fat to muscle ratio isn’t as desirable as its weight had promised. To make his point more convincing, Butcher Kang estimates Jin Soo’s weight as well as percent fat. Although embarrassing to be revealed of her weight, Jin Soo had to marvel at the butcher’s accuracy.

On the other side of the battlefield, Bong Joo is still eagerly seeking the best cow while starting on the look for the best coal. (Not at one yet and he’s already thinking about three. Such confidence, such drive, such purpose.) Joo Hee works harder than ever to help Bong Joo with this competition – to her, Sung Chan is wrong to oppose Un Ahm Jung, whatever the reason – consequently, it’s her duty, as part of Un Ahm Jung, to help the only eligable heir win. If Bong Joo is glad to have Joo Hee on his side for once, he didn’t show it. He brings up the fact that the very day is Joo Hee’s mother’s death anniversary in response and offers to accompany her visit her mother’s grave. Joo Hee is surprised and touched.

Sung Chan, Butcher Kang, Jin Soo, and Director Seo start cow shopping. They eventually find the best cow. Just when everything is settled: the money, the truck to ship the cow back, and the cow, Min Woo suddenly appears and takes the cow into his own truck. Tension, fight, and a little bit of truth break loose at once. Sung Chan accuses Min Woo for robbery, Min Woo argues that before the price for the cow is paid, the cow doesn’t belong to Sung Chan yet. As if taking his boss’ brother’s cow isn’t enough, Min Woo had to wave his fist at Sung Chan. Fortunately Sung Chan is the stronger of the two, he is unharmed. Another hand reaches over and socks Sung Chan in the face, Jang Goo joins the fight. Butcher Kang breaks the two men apart and slams Jang Goo against the back of a truck. A deal is made between the two: whoever loses will not only leave the field, he will also lose a finger. The cow robbers left with Sung Chan’s cow. After these dispictable people drive away, Butcher Kang tells Sung Chan and Jin Soo, the butcher that just left is the one who ruined his daughter’s marriage and the father-daughter relationship Kang himself cherish the most. (Oh! Is it a little spicy revenge that I smell?)

When Min Woo returns with the cow, he boasts his victory over Sung Chan to Bong Joo. Bong Joo says nothing. No praise, but no reproach either. The fact that he says nothing speaks for itself.

The crew is deflated after losing the cow. What can they do now? Go on another endless cow scouting expedition. Fortunately, luck tends to sway towards the hero of the show. The group encounters a cow thief who pretends to be someone selling the cows without a middleman. They catch the thief and return the cow to its owner. Then they propose to buy it. Finally the price is settled, but the son of the cow owner can’t part with the cow.

As it turns out, the attachment is not ill founded. The boy has been tending the cow for a long time, he is familiar with the cow’s various likes and dislikes that the cow has become a part of the family, like a sister. As no one is willing to sell his/her sister, nor is the boy. Yet the boy’s heart disease also means he has to sell his own “sister” as the money would help afford the heart surgery the little boy needs. After much unwillingness and teary goodbye, the boy finally separates from the cow the morning of the first judgment.

Although Bong Joo has gotten the best cow, it isn’t very obedient. In fact it has been difficult for the staff to tame the cow since the day before. Although the cow is eventually loaded onto the back of a truck, a unforeseen problem looms ahead. As Bong Joo and his men depart for the competition, Jang Goo, whose temper is no stranger to us is driving the truck that carries the cow while listening to music. This man is so engrossed in his own musical enjoyment, he takes no notice of the fact that he’s driving wayyyyy toooo fast. The cow starts to show signs of edginess, then, it collapses onto the rear window with its eyes half open, its tongue sticking out. It can’t be good.

Sung Chan’s cow is in the opposite situation. If Bong Joo’s cow experiences the exhilarating sensation of speed (eh, not the drug), then Sung Chan’s cow definite enjoys the world in slow motion. Sung Chan’s truck was stuck in traffic for a large portion of the time. When they do get past the site of congestion, Butcher Kang the driver does nothing to indicate that he wants to get to the competition site any time soon.

They eventually arrive. Eventually. Director Seo has lost half his confidence when he saw Bong Joo’s cow, now the delay makes Director Seo lose the other 45%. This man will get some real confidence boost he deserves when they qualify for the second round. But for now, the episode comes to a closure as Bong Joo proudly claims superiority over his brother.

I’m so tired right now I can drop down and fall asleep any second. Anyway, things are getting real exciting. I’m excited for what’s coming up next. Oh yummy food~

3 thoughts on “Gourmet 10”

  1. This episode reminds me of another Korean Movie I saw not too long ago… I wonder if that’s where they got the idea.

  2. Actually, this whole show has similarities to the movie. Does anyone else know what I’m talking about, or is it just me?

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