Fated to Love You 19 Previews

For those who pity Anna for being just another frail woman whose entire life has been trying to please her difficult adopted-mother, but still find it hard to forgive Anna’s desperate cling to her withered love to the point of compromising her ethics, you’ll love the next episode. Because Cun Xi will find out about the fake abortion documents and consequently cancel the wedding. (I know some of you have been gritting your teeth for her to be dumped. Now, wish come true.) Not only that, the realization will push him to pursuit Xin Yi fully without any feelings of obligation towards Anna. He will instate himself in Xin Yi’s pottery class and appeal to her soft spot. Here’s the Preview

Preview 2 Brief explanation: Cun Xi tries to talk to Xin Yi who is trying to avoid the man who, supposedly, tried to abort her baby. lol trying hard, no? Anyway, Cun Xi explains to Xin Yi that he never gave her any abortion papers. Ok so now the misunderstanding is cleared, the wedding called off, Dylan taken care of (hopefully), time for reconciliation? Well, maybe after Xin Yi plays a round, or two, of hard-to-get.

Preview 3 & Preview 4

14 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 19 Previews”

  1. I wonder if the manager of the club or what ever that place where cun xi and anson went on episode 18 was xin yi’s mother or is it someone that looks like her???

  2. waaaaaah!!!! im gonna loooooooove episode 19!!!! i haaaaaate yooooou annaaaaa!!!! but i do hope she’s dylan’s long lost sister… everyone deserves a little of a happy ending… 😀

  3. Thanks for the ep19 preview!!this just keeps getting better…Anna deserves to be dumped after what she have done to Xinyi…I really hate her!!!

    Im looking forward for you recap of ep18..no hurries, I appreciate all the efforts that you are doing for FTLY.you rock!!

  4. yay!!! I can’t wait no more..I really dislike Anna, but she got what she deserve, well maybe she might ended up being dyan long lost sister, she does deserve a little happiness at least..hehhe..Cant wait!

  5. hahaha….serves her right. I SO HATE YOU ANNA! thank goodness cun xi finally dump your ass. hooray for xin yi…hopefully dylan has a good ending too. i would really appreciate it if he ends up with at least a happy ending. he was a good person thruout the drama. i really liked his role in here too. hopefully he’ll be the main guy in the next drama he plays in.
    thx for the synapsis.

  6. typically sunday night. but depends on where you are, you can either stream it live on P2P Sat (US, Canada etc) /Sun (Asia) or watch youtube/tudou release, earliest the next day. as for subbed versions, i’m not too sure when but i believe it’s a week after the episode airs.

  7. It might be more interesting if XinYi were Dylan’s long lost sister, and Anna and XinYi switched places as children somehow…although that’s highly unlikely. But I can’t help feeling that if Anna turned out to be Dylan’s sister, that would be just a bit too obvious, what with the strawberry cake clue and all.

    Oh well. I’m sure they’ll work it out somehow.

    Thank you so much for the detailed summaries, iurgnotmis! I love your side comments, too 🙂

  8. hi!
    for those of you who saw ep 19 and don’t understand what is going on, i did a loose translation of this episode as a temp for now so everyone can enjoy it until ep 19 comes out here =]
    my chinese isn’t that good so please correct me if anyone catches anything!!


    hope you like it! ~

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