Fated to Love You 17: Lose Control

If Chen Xin Yi had realized that she has Ji Cun Xi’s jacket earlier, she might’ve returned it on the spot, they would most likely bid each other a final farewell and head separate ways. If Xin Yi ran to the hotel a bit faster, she might’ve caught Ji Cun Xi in the lobby, returned the jacket and waved au revoir then. If Elaine had noticed the jacket on her shoulder a little later, she might give up the thought of returning it right away, dry clean it before shipping back to Cun Xi in a package. But none of these happened. By the time she made her way to the hotel, Ji Cun Xi has already went up the stairs. To follow him further and ride up in the elevator would mean she’ll be left in the private sanction of the hotel room hallway, where an infinite possibility is on its way to conception.

Yet people in love often forsakes the existence of even the slightest rationality, the impulse to rush to the one they are romantically linked automatically rises above all else. Elaine is no different.

She finds Ji Cun Xi in the hallway, pale, despondent, and even a little edgy. He brushes her away, begging her not to come any closer, the temptation is like a big black hole, sucking him towards her, against all resistance. (Anna? Who’s that? Dylan? Never heard of.) But when the timing, the atmosphere, and the people are right, it’s hard to say no and walk away. Xin Yi assures him that she’s Elaine now, he can’t scare her. She won’t be scared.

He grabs her in a snap and pins her to the wall. Studying her hard, Cun Xi asks again, “I am capable of doing anything to you. If you want to run away, do so now.” She stares back at him, “I’m not afraid”, tears rolling down her cheek, “I only worry about you.” He leans in and starts to kiss her passionately. She struggles against him, resisting. Then, slowly, she succumbs and kisses back. They fumble into the room and drop to the floor. Xin Yi knocks something over, she apologizes and helps Cun Xi up. They walk towards the bed.

Cun Xi lies in bed, Xin Yi hovers over to wipe the sweat off his body. He has gotten a cold. She hesitates at the sight of his bare chest, then gently wipes it dry. Suddenly, he rolls over, presses her under him and starts to kiss her. She kisses back. He freezes and asks her if she means it. She blinks and stares back at him, he lets her go and rolls back beside her, an arm covering his forehead, “I mean it when I kiss you.” he says. Xin Yi sits up, teary again, asks him why he was so cruel in the past. “I regretted it,” he cuts her off, “I met a woman who loved me and I love her back, but I let her go. When I realize she was all I wanted, it’s too late.” Trying to sustain herself, Xin Yi confesses, “I’ve never disliked you, I, I…” She turns around to look at him, Cun Xi is already fast asleep. “I just wanted to be your Chen Xin Yi…” (Bed scene eh? PG13 and not what I imagined. Did the passion die when she knocked something over? Blew out, extinguished, and just gone?)

Cun Xi’s computer lights up, Anson called to confess the little mistake he made when he shipped the pottery to Anna. “Miss Anna might be on her way to meet you in Shanghai now.” Anson apologizes in his usual jest like lightness and sincerely wishes that “nothing goes wrong before your wedding with Miss Anna.” Xin Yi is in bed, watching. “Wedding? You are going to be married? … It’s too late…. Why is the woman next to you never me?” Well, because Fate is a naughty child that likes to play games.

Anson’s little warning comes just in time for Anna to make her entrance to the hotel. She rides in the elevator, gets off, finds Cun Xi’s hotel room and knocks. The door is unlocked. She gives the door a slight push and lets herself in…

Xin Yi has just left. (phew) Anna softens at the sight of Cun Xi, sick in bed, all by himself. Or so she thinks.

Xin Yi left the hotel room, but she didn’t leave the hotel. She find a corner, curls up, and waits for the range of emotions to slowly precipitate. Then her phone beeps, she comes back into reality with a startle and takes the phone out. Dylan has sent his Elaine a text msg, checking up on her. She sheds more tears at Dylan’s mention of “my Elaine” because she is no longer his.

Dylan calls her, Elaine doesn’t pick up. Worried, but also leaves Elaine room for privacy, Dylan calls ZhongShang Long to inquire whether Elaine has returned or not. Once he hears that Elaine is back and safe, he lets out a long sigh of relief and hangs up.

ZhongShang Long calls Xin Yi for a talk. He reveals his own love story, which isn’t too exciting:

When ZhongShang Long was young, he was also poor. Since script writers tend to LOVE to make poor guys fall in love with the daughter of a rich family, so does ZhongShang Long. What separated the pair of star crossed lovers is not the family, (nor the poison, nor the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt,) but the war. Before he goes, he wants to see her one last time at the bridge. Unfortunately, the army needed to depart a little early, so ZhongShang Long left without seeing the love of his life one last time. He carves a short message on the bridge, asking her to wait for him. (He had enough time to carve on the stone but not enough to wait for her. It must be his budding artistic talent that’s enabling this quick carving process. Especially when Chinese letters have so many more strokes than most other languages.) When he comes back from the war, she has already been married off and moved to Taiwan.

Before giving Elaine a break back to Taiwan to think things through, ZhongShang Long tells her, “No matter what you decide in the end, remember to stay true to yourself, your friends, and your life.”

The next morning, Cun Xi wakes up. He hears the water running and calls out to Xin Yi. Anna stops the water, a shadow looms over her. She puts on her pokerface and asks Cun Xi when they can return to TW.

Dylan sets out to pick up Elaine in the morning, when he gets to her apartment, it’s already been emptied out. She left to see her family on Jiang Mu Island, leaving Dylan with a thousand apologies and a letter to explain everything.

Elaine’s back, to Jiang Mu Island. If Xin Yi changed in the past two years, so did Jiang Mu Island. On the dock is a huge poster of Dr. Hao promoting Ji Cun Xi’s soap. A resident of the island walks by, wearing a T-Shirt that reads “Everybody ❤ Mo Fa Lin” (Mo Fa Lin = the name of Cun Xi’s company). What’s more exaggerating is the road sign, it says “East Ji Nian Ping/ East Keepsake”. Elaine stops the islander to inquire about the road names, he takes out a pamphlet that outlines all the new street names corresponding to its original name. Basically every road on the island is called Keepsake something, named after Ji Nian Ping. Even the new bridge under construction.

Xin Yi returns home and there is a BIG sign on the door that says: Site of Resistance: Invader surnamed Ji – Prepare to Die.” Xin Yi’s mom Xi Shi welcomes her daughter back home. When the mom asks about Dylan, Xin Yi’s face sinks a little. She sits down on a nearby sofa and explains calmly that she had left him. The older sister drags the mom aside, “It must be a problem of pride, I think she’s trying to say she was dumped. When she said ZhongShang Long gave her a break, I think she’s trying to say that he fired her. Fired.” Xin Yi explains that she’s perfectly happy, the mother doesn’t believe her. Xin Yi resorts to distract her mother to stop the nonsense. Thank God.

Feng Jiao, Xin Yi’s second eldest sister comes back home. At the door, she takes off her rings, necklaces, bracelets, and ear rings. She smears her lipstick on a fabric and wraps herself in a gi-normous gray cloth. The crybaby enters the house and wails about the oppression under Ji Cun Xi, her *ahem* poverty, yadayadayada. Right when Feng Jiao is superfluously describing her so called “poverty”, a Mercedes Benz stops by the house gate. A well coiffured, Wu Qi Qi steps down, rings, necklaces, watches dangling all over. Qi Qi walks in to tell his wife the good news that the company has awarded him a Benz. Feng Jiao’s lie pops like a bubble. *Pop*

Ji Cun Xi returns to TW. Anson accidentally slips about mistakenly sending the wrong pottery to Anna. Cun Xi realizes that Anna is aware of his encountering with Xin Yi in Shanghai but is keeping quiet. Anna calls Cun Xi to try out the wedding dress. He goes over, wanting to confront Anna about the truth with Xin Yi.

He asks Anna if Anson had accidentally sent something to her, she doesn’t answer directly and asks him instead if it’s that important for him to know. He nods. She asks him to go to a place with her.

She takes him to a small church. He looks at her, puzzled. She takes a few steps forward and tells him, “I want to have my wedding here. A student’s parent told me that couples who got married here will stay together forever.” “Isn’t this too small?” “No, not at all. I only want a simple wedding. I don’t need anything else, as long as I have you.”

As long as I keep you in my sight, I won’t fall.
I started learning ballet at seven. Because of that, I could never eat KFC. Whenever I’m half full, I would feel guilty for eating too much. Everyday after school, I had to endure five hours of practice. I didn’t have time for friends.
… I thought my life will be spent in lioness and ballet. And then, you appeared.
Your appearance showed me how it feels to not feel lonely, what’s a real family. I always wanted to have a real family, not to make my adopted mother’s dream come true.

So, Ji Cun Xi, thank you. You are my KFC, my gold metal, my warmth. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know how I’ll be.

Cun Xi holds Anna’s hand and confesses that he did meet with Xin Yi.

Although Cun Xi has decided to marry Anna, somehow he isn’t too thrilled about it. To help Cun Xi cheer up, Anson takes Cun Xi to a nightclub to regain his male ferocity. The woman that comes to welcome Cun Xi and Anson is … Xin Yi’s mother with heavy makeup and a huge mole. What’s this nonsense?

SLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOW episode. Now that Anna’s need for a family is established, it’ll be easier to make the transition to remove her from the love rectangle and place her in the hands of the long lost brother. I’m not sure the premise that once Anna finds her brother and establishes a real family, she won’t meddle in Cun Xi’s pool of indecisive love pursuits is going to fly for me. Such a crude wrap up. But then again, hasn’t FTLY been hitting the jack pot of cliché lately?

21 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 17: Lose Control”

  1. hi iurgnotmis,
    you are really great at writing the synopsis.
    thanks for the re-cap, i did watch it in you tube this morning.
    can’t wait for next weekend.

    thanks for the re-cap,keep the good work.

  2. Thanks!!! I am just hating Anna, with her “innocent look”, that murderer!! she killed Ji nian pin!!

    Was it just me or she looked like an oompa loompa in those stockings and those shoes? Could be just me, cause i to love Willi Wonka!!

  3. So, Ji Cun Xi, thank you. You are my KFC, my gold metal, my warmth. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know how I’ll be.


    Thanks so much for the detailed and full of picture words! 🙂

  4. Thanks!!! Thanks!! I just hope EP 18 will pick up a little bit since I agree with you, EP 17 is way bit too slow for me.

    You are the best iurgnotmis!! By the way, just curious, what does you name mean?

    Keep it up!!

  5. I love your recap one again and thank you..
    I even laugh at this part..(Anna? Who’s that? Dylan? Never heard of.)
    they started off steamy on this episode but end up lame..i just hope that the next episode wont be this slow and dragging..

    Btw, how many episodes are they going to have for this?

  6. Wow, that was quite a line. . . “You are my KFC, my gold metal, my warmth.” It was quite cheesy an funny at the same time. . . .

    TNX for the recap . . . . 🙂

  7. javs: nah it’s not confirmed yet. they just “slipped” that Anna’s adopted. they’re still trying to keep the viewers guessing. what do they take us for? dumb?

    Ida: irugnotmis doesn’t mean anything. i was trying to make a username long ago for something and every username i come up with is already taken. so out of frustration i’m just like forget it *#&$#*$#* 🙂

    Candid: 22 episodes. yes, 22. five more episodes, what are they going to fill those five hours with? not silliness i hope.

  8. oh, i just realized that ZhongShang Long’s long lost love (who got married and moved to taiwan)… is cun xi’s grandmother!!!

    this drama has too many twists lol ^^;

  9. it is always much appreciated for a recap and summary. But this is too bias and has too much criticizing factors. It’s more a review. And honestly, if I had never saw the show before, your review will lead readers with negative thoughts about the show.

    Just a thought to think about!

  10. Anonymous: too biased, towards what??
    the next time when i actually come across a good taiwanese drama, i’ll be sure to say something nice about it.
    but-uh i do mention it whenever FTLY makes a smooth verbal irony. you don’t see it often in recaps because there just aren’t many instances.

    Doesn’tMatter: glad you liked it. i just couldn’t resist the impulse to throw Romeo & Juliet out there. hope you had a nice “hah” moment reading that part.

  11. hi im so happy with how you said it, everything in details i thought you’re a writer because you know how to put exact words when i was reading it i began to appreciate this particular episode 17.

  12. I just started watching this drama (yeah,yeah, I’ve just come back from the moon) and stumbled upon your recaps. They are so good! I now have an ever more clear picture of what the story is about. Congratulations!

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