Finished at Last

Fated to Love You Finished Filming. Finally. (clip here) I’m just sad that even after filming has completed, Dylan’s fashion sense didn’t quite recover. Anna got a haircut, it looks clean, but flat. And, Elaine’s non-puffy version of the hair looks so much better.

click to enlarge and go to source article

Alright, off to eat a piece of cheese cake. Yumm.

4 thoughts on “Finished at Last”

  1. wow, it ended . . I hope they release the DVD soon after they air the last episode. I totally agree with the hairstyle of Elaine, it looks much better that way . . . thnx!!!

  2. haha..dylan didnt get a makeover after all…but it makes me sad that it ended already..aww…but elaine’s hairstyle looks better! 🙂

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