Fated to Love You 8: For You, I Can be a Chicken – a belated recap

Rich husband’s expensive Mont Blanc pen is running out of ink, so if dear wife wants so much as to get him a new one, she needs to buy him a sparkling new pen for his birthday the next day.

Unfortunately, the pen is expensive and rich husband knows his frugal contract wife can’t afford it. Speaking of birthdays, Xin Yi’s birthday is also tomorrow. No kidding. Why else does the title of this drama start with the word “Fated“? Xin Yi’s birthday wish is for someone to remember her birthday because no one has ever remembered her birthday before. I’m sure her mother was in so much pain giving birth to the child she had planned to abort, that she grudgingly, purposely, and decidedly refused to remember her own daughter’s birthday. And filling out applications, say for school, medical records and such, don’t help with the mother’s memory problem either. No matter, the poor gal has finally found someone who will remember her birthday f-o-r-e-v-e-r, since her husband’s birthday coincides on the same day.

Ji Cun Xi’s birthday wish revolves around Anna, as usual. He wants Anna to spend the birthday with him at Ritz, a restaurant he and Anna frequents on his birthdays. By frequent, I mean twice. The first time Anna won a beer drinking contest and made all the customers congratulate Cun Xi on his birthday. The second year she performed a magic trick so great that the restaurant owner’s wallet never materialized after she made it disappear.

When the couple told grandma that tomorrow is both of their birthdays, the grandma laughed for a good five minutes and exclaimed that she had always thought things like this could only appear in idol dramas, but since it occurred in real life, their matrimonial unity must be Fated. Irony, anyone? Nonetheless, grandma made it so that Cun Xi would spend his birthday with Xin Yi.

Right when Xin Yi is happily picking out tomorrow’s outfit with grandma, Cun Xi receives a call from Anna. She’s in HK and will be flying to Ritz to celebrate Cun Xi’s birthday with him. She asks if he’s busy tomorrow, he looks towards Xin Yi’s direction and lies. “No, I’m free tomorrow.” So the date is set. Anna is risking to be kicked out of the dance team to see Cun Xi while Cun Xi is ditching Xin Yi for Anna. Aren’t they the perfect pair of irresponsibility? Oh right, they’re just love sick. While Anna’s talking about her little date with her roommate, a b!*&h, AKA: Tiffany, overhears the conversation and plots a scheme to get rid of Anna. The wall must be paper thin.

Xin Yi returns to her room to think of a present to give to Cun Xi. She decides to pawn the gold necklace passed on to her from her beloved father to gather the money to buy Cun Xi a Mont Blanc pen. Cun Xi walks in to break the bad news, but he couldn’t bring himself to it after seeing Xin Yi’s astoundingly enthusiastic anticipation of the date tomorrow. He asks her what she wants to do. She tells him the things that happened on her past birthdays, like going to karaoke with friends but end up walking out without touching the microphone. She also wants to see the night scenery of YangMing Mountain, a place all couples go.

The next day, Xin Yi is all dressed up, ready for the birthday date. They walk out of the house together, hand in hand. Once out of sight from grandma, Cun Xi tells Xin Yi the truth. She tries to hide the tears in her eyes, insisting that she’s glad Anna is coming back to spend the day with Cun Xi and urges him to hurry out and not make Anna wait. Once Cun Xi leaves, her tears finally roll down her cheeks.

The chauffeur tries to cheer Xin Yi up, but a date wouldn’t be called a date if she’s by herself. Xin Yi stops at a gallery.

Dylan, the art executive of numerous galleries is in the gallery, making the last preparations for the next day’s charity auction. (Isn’t his hair so much than the wannabe-artistic-temperament-inspired, hideously-braided-dry-and-damaged-hair in the later episodes?) Once done, he leaves the gallery only to find Xin Yi trying to get in. Unfortunately the exhibition opens tomorrow, but fortunately Dylan is the boss so Xin Yi gets to go in a day early, without the crowd too.

Xin Yi’s mood lifted once she enters the world of art. She also exhibited a great amount of knowledge to the art pieces on display. There is a piece of plate called happiness. Xin Yi takes one look at it and explains the meaning behind it: the rim of the plate is very thin, representing a sense of fragility, just like happiness. Because happiness is like treading on ice. Dylan is pleasantly surprised. What surprises him more is that today is Xin Yi’s birthday, and she pawns her necklace to buy a pen for Cun Xi. But as long as Xin Yi’s happy, Dylan has no reason to object.

Anna is ready to go to the airport. Tiffany intervenes and redirects Anna to leave the building through the backstairs. Not wanting to miss the flight, Anna rushes down the stairs. She trips on the marbles and falls down the stairs. Tiffany’s juvenile plot worked.

Cun Xi arrives at Ritz on time with a small bouquet of white roses. Xin Yi and Dylan are already in the restaurant, waiting for Cun Xi so Xin Yi can hand him the present and say “Happy Birthday” to him.

So Ji Cun Xi waited and waited. Anna didn’t show up. Dylan gets a call from the gallery, asking him to come back to translate for a few Italian customers. In the world of Taiwanese drama, an exhibition that’s supposed to remain closed till the next day can open all of a sudden, especially at night, when most art galleries are long closed. I need to take my willing suspension of disbelief to the repair shop, because it just doesn’t working for me.

Well if Dylan leaves, who is to block Xin Yi from Cun Xi’s view? No worries, Xin Yi gets an excellent idea. She calls in the chicken mascot from outside the restaurant and changes into the costume. Now she can stay in the restaurant and not be discovered. Ingenious, isn’t she?

It’s eight o’clock, time for the birthday special. But Anna’s still not here. Cun Xi figured Anna probably stood him up again. He agitatedly gets up to leave when the spotlight shines on him, the host bids him to return to his seat and cues for Anna, twice. No one walks up. Of course no one does, Anna’s in the hospital at the moment. Cun Xi’s disappointed look is unbearable, Xin Yi decides to humor Cun Xi and perform in place of Anna.

Xin Yi can’t dance, at least not in a bulky chicken costume. Even the host cues for the drummer to stop in order to spare the chicken some embarrassment. But the chicken doesn’t stop there. She picks up three lemons and tries to juggle. The lemons drop on the floor and roll away after one toss. That’s not all. The chicken’s next performance is a barely recognizable Happy Birthday song using a spoon and a row of cups carrying different amounts of water. Trying to keep the rowdy atmosphere, the host urges everybody to sing Happy Birthday to Cun Xi and promptly deduces that the chicken is Anna. Xin Yi flaps the sleeves to say no only to be mistook as a cheerful wave at Cun Xi.

Cun Xi walks towards her for a hug. Not noticing the height difference, at all. The host takes out a camera to take a picture of the two. Cun Xi tries to take the chicken head off Xin Yi’s head for the picture, but Xin Yi resists. In the struggle, Cun Xi is pushed aside and falls on the floor. Xin Yi catches the opportunity and runs down the stage. Cun Xi follows. He stops her and hugs her, promising he won’t laugh at her. This is when Anson calls.

He informs Cun Xi of the time Anna’s flight arrived in TW, however, he adds, Anna is not on the plane. Cun Xi pushes Xin Yi away from him immediately. “WHO ARE YOU?” She hands him a paper, an advertisement for a club for the lonely bachelor. “So you saw me sitting alone and you thought I need to be comforted? So you orchestrated the performance to get me to join the club?” The chicken nods. That just makes Ji Cun Xi feel so much better about himself. Since the chicken is already there, Cun Xi asks her to stay for dinner with him.

Cun Xi starts to talk about Xin Yi with the chicken. He expresses the guilt he feels for leaving Xin Yi for Anna, who stood him up again. Xin Yi listens to his confession underneath the chicken costume, tears rolling down continuously. Cun Xi then decides to call Xin Yi and say happy birthday to her before the clock strikes 12. He calls, and a phone rings within the chicken.

The chicken tries to take out her phone when Cun Xi recognizes it as Xin Yi’s phone. Realization finally hits him, he tries to pull off the chicken head by force, attracting the attention of the near byers.

Right then, the host brings up the birthday gift Xin Yi bought for Cun Xi. He looks at the note left on the present, the name signed at the bottom is Anna. Still angry that Anna stood him up, Cun Xi throws away the present. Xin Yi picks it up and hands it back to him, urging him to open it so she can see his expression when he opens it.

It’s Xin Yi’s growing tummy that wakes Cun Xi up. It’s his turn to celebrate Xin Yi’s birthday for her. Since Xin Yi wanted to eat Jiang Jun bun, Cun Xi decides to go to Jiang Mu Island with her. Now. Yes now.

He speeds to the port and shows Xin Yi a boat. A boat for her, so she can return to Jiang Mu Island whenever she wants. *shakes head, rich people* By the boat is Anson, still in his pajamas. Cun Xi sees him and asks, “Anson, what are you wearing?” Anson starts to ramble on and on about how Cun Xi called him at the middle of the night to buy a boat when he’s already in bed. He dealt with it but it’s not enough, he had to stay by the port in the cold to wait for them. Now they are here, Cun Xi had to pick on his attire. lol poor Anson.

Cun Xi hops on the boat and extends his hand out to Xin Yi. She hesitates, thinking that seven months later, she will have to hand him back to another woman, however unwilling. Slowly, she gives him her hand. Cun Xi starts the boat towards Jiang Mu Island. Anson, who had fallen asleep while Xin Yi is deciding whether to give her hand to Cun Xi or not wakes up in a startle. He holds up the bottle of champaign intending to celebrate the first use of the boat and loses his balance. The next thing you know, Anson is struggling in the icy water. Poor guy.

As the title suggests, a belated recap. I thought about not writing this now that we’re soooo far in the drama. But hey, I’ve written recaps for every other episode other than this one, might as well make it a complete set. Besides, poking fun at FTLY is so much fun.

Alright, whoever still wants to read this, have fun reading, while I go off to watch fireworks.

5 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 8: For You, I Can be a Chicken – a belated recap”

  1. XY dressing up as chicken and perform badly is actually my favorite scene of FTLY. Silly, funny, sweet and touching.

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