Gourmet 6

After running away from home for a year, ladies and gentlemen, Sung Chan is finally back! *audience erupts into a mixture of shouting and screaming* Hey you, ajumma, refrain yourself! Even if you love Sung Chan and the cheap food he’s been selling illegally on his converted van. *voice drowning in the sea of ajummas’ cheering*

Okay. *clears throat* As we’ve seen, a year later, not only did Sung Chan manage pretty well on his own, Jin Soo is still the same old clumsy self. Why? 10+ alarm clocks plus cell phone alarm, n minutes later, she’s still late for work. *crowd chuckles* Oh by the way, she’s a real reporter now. Not a very good one, but as good as a clumsy reporter can get; and a bluffing expert, especially when it comes to dealing with her boss. *audience exchange knowing glances*

But luck is forever on the side of those devoid of schemes. Sung Chan stumbles upon a wonderful opportunity to accompany Bong Joo to a festive event. Arriving at the site, Bong Joo receives his father’s order to pay the blacksmith a visit. You know, the same blacksmith that made Sung Chan’s two sets of knives.

Driving alone to the ocean, Sung Chan takes out the decor Joo Hee had given him and looks longly at it while reminisces the trip to the blacksmith with her. *audience awws*

Bong Joo complies to his father’s bidding and knocks at the blacksmith’s door. No one’s in and the door is locked. Meanwhile, Sung Chan drives back from the ocean and stops in front of the blacksmith’s door. He gets off the truck when his brother gets back into the car. Sung Chan walks around to the back of his truck to pick up a package of sweets for the blacksmith when Bong Joo starts the engine and drives away. They are thiiis close to meeting. *holds up two fingers for measurement*

Sung Chan finds the blacksmith in bed after circling around the vicinity a few times. The man had stopped working all together. The first thing the blacksmith says to him is, “Did you lose your knives again?” *audience laughs*

Back at the hotel, Jin Soo is taking a bubble bath when she hears the door click. Awkward. She turns off the TV to confirm that the noise isn’t just a hallucination. Much to her distaste, someone had indeed entered the room.

She opens the bathroom door ajar and through the closet mirror, she sees a man’s back facing towards her, talking on a cell phone. Closes the door in a snap, Jin Soo wonders what she should do. Awkward situation to be in. She opens the door again and sneaks out from the bathroom but chickens inside afraid the man is going to turn his head and find her wearing nothing but a towel. Peeking from the back of the bathroom door, she waits her next opportunity. Finally, it comes. She sneaks out a little bit and reaches for the shirt on bed. But her hand is too short…

The man in Jin Soo’s hotel room is Bong Joo. He calls Joo Hee to inform her of the visit to the blacksmith’s shop and suggests for her to fly over to accompany him. She refuses again. Hanging up the phone, Joo Hee’s father pushes her marriage with Bong Joo, and for the first time, she confesses that Bong Joo had always been a brother to her. Just that and nothing more.

After the phone call, Bong Joo settles down in front of the computer. Jin Soo waits by the bathroom door agitatedly looking from her under garment to Bong Joo’s back. Then back to her clothes. She closes the door and hits her forehead with her hands wondering what to do next. Then getting an idea, she calls him.

He picks up after four rings. She makes small talk and asks him if he plans to eat. That reminds him, it’s time for dinner. (Aside: how can he forget!?! Dinner time is one of the best times of a day, especially when there’s good food around!!!) He asks her if she’s in the room. She denies and tells him she’s in a place where she can “see the stars and there is a lot of water around…. In front of a lake.. Lake!” He walks over to the window to look for a lake. *audience starts to laugh* “Where are you?” Bong Joo asks. “I’m… here! Did you see me?” “Oh, I think I see you.” “Then come down quickly.” Bong Joo grabs his coat, ready to leave whennnn… *elongates the last syllable to create suspense*

When he sees the clothes on bed. He walks over and picks one up, wondering to himself, “Have I gone to the wrong room?” (Don’t different rooms get different door cards?) He looks up, there Jin Soo is, wrapped in a towel, coming out of the bathroom. Then it’s just shock and embarrassment.

Sung Chan cooks a desk full of delicious food for the blacksmith. (Aside: God, please make Sung Chan come by and make me some yummy food too!) The blacksmith takes a sip of liquor and starts to cough uncontrollably. When he finally stops coughing, he has spat out a blotch of blood into his handkerchief.

As it turns out, when Bong Joo told the front desk that he has a partner that accompanied him on the trip, the staff of the hotel assumed Jin Soo was his financée, therefore he was given the same door card. (Yay for tending to details.)

Bong Joo and Jin Soo are walking on the beach when a crowd of people are lighting fireworks not too far ahead. They join the people and enjoy a magnificent view. Jin Soo brings up the questions of Sung Chan’s whereabouts, which reminds Bong Joo of the good old days. Sung Chan, Joo Hee and himself, still carefree, had once enjoy youth, intimacy, and fireworks together.

Sung Chan is on the other side of the beach, watching the same scenery and sharing the same thoughts.

Bong Joo and Jin Soo leave the hotel early the next morning, in search for the best type of snow crabs.

Sung Chan wakes up and the blacksmith is gone. When he finds the blacksmith, the poor old man is struggling to go to the port by himself to hand pick the best crabs for his prisoner son’s birthday. Sung Chan tries to persuade the old man to go to the hospital instead, but the man insists to find the crab instead because this may be the last time he’ll be cooking crab for his son. He has cancer.

Sung Chan promises to pick the best snow crabs for the man.

Unfortunately, not being in the right season for crabs means finding the type of crab they are all looking for is equivalent to picking out a needle from a bundle of hay. Yet it’s not entirely impossible. The fishermen are said to stealthily hide a crab or two and sell those for a higher price.

It’s in this kind of crab search Sung Chan and Jin Soo finally meet.

He asks her to keep it a secret and leaves.

Now everybody gets the valuable crab, what follows is of course the much, much, MUCH anticipated cooking part of the crab. *ajummas all perk up*

Bong Joo submerges the giant crab in water and brushes it as part of the cleaning procedure. Then he detaches most of the shell from the crab and arranges the legs on a plate for the aesthetic appearance of the dish. He dips the crab meat in flour, then in beaten egg to prevent the meat from becoming soggy after absorbing moisture and to preserve the texture. Having done all that, he drops the crab meat in hot oil to fry.

At the end of the day Bong Joo had prepared a table full of crab cuisine. Crab sushi, fried crab, crab salad, etc etc etc. Jin Soo is asked to sit down and enjoy the meal with the rest of the men. (I so want to be her right now.)

Sung Chan finishes cooking the crab for the blacksmith’s son and drives the poor old man to the local prison to transfer the package to his son personally. The officers at the prison refuse to send packages in. When a dying man’s wish is impeded by a prison’s rule, Sung Chan’s only option left is to call Jin Soo. After all a reporter gets more privilege to roam around than a normal citizen.

Jin Soo finds an excuse, goes to the prison, shows her ID, calls her boss, and gets yelled at by her boss to finally make it possible for the blacksmith to bring in food and see his son. After all the hard work, the son refuses to eat the food and tells the dad to never come to the prison to see him again. C’est la vie.

The son couldn’t forgive his father’s long negligence to the family and gets up to leave. Sung Chan stops the young man and reveals the poor old man’s condition. “Even if you didn’t tell your father to never come here again, he came knowing this may indeed be the last time he is able to celebrate your birthday with you.” The son looks puzzled. Sung Chan continues, “He is diagnosed with stomach cancer. He has been spitting blood for two days straight.” “Cancer… How could it be?” Aghast, the son sits down to eat. As tears well up and start to stream down the young man’s cheeks, he starts to take bigger bites and gulp the foods down until his mouth is so full he can’t stuff anything in anymore. The son then lowers his head and sobs quietly. *ajummas take out a hankerchief and wipe the corner of their eyes unanimously*

Having done something good, Sung Chan and Jin Soo sing together on the way back. The blacksmith, laying in the back of the van, reflects on the meeting with his son and cries reticently. Once back, the old man continues to make a new set of knives for Sung Chan, encouraging him to pick up cuisine again.

The next morning, the blacksmith’s son calls Chief Oh of Un Ahm Jung and informs the Chief of his father’s condition. The Chief and Joo Hee hurry to the hospital to see the old man. Sung Chan comes to visit the old man with lots of food, he opens the door and sees his step father and Joo Hee. In a haste, he runs out and drives away from the car when another car approaches him head on. He makes a rapid turn to avoid an collusion, causing a great deal of his produces to fall out of the back of the truck. Sung Chan gets off the truck/van and angrily yells at the bad driver. The driver steps down from the car, Sung Chan freezes when he sees the man – his step brother Bong Joo. *crowd ohhs and ahhs*

Yay we are a quarter done with the drama!

lol the suck up, AKA Eun Chae’s father from Iljimae is going to be in the next few episodes of Gourmet.

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