Last Friends 5 – a night of shock

Ruka walks back in after witnessing Michiru’s escape of affection towards a soaking wet Sosuke, who had been waiting outside, in the rain, all night long.

Soon after, Michiru calls from the taxi, on her way to Sosuke’s apartment. She lies to Ruka that she is going to the hair salon. Knowing the truth, but unwilling to put herself and Michiru in an awkward position, Ruka says nothing.

Michiru takes Sosuke home, tugs him into bed, measures his temperature, and cooks him porridge. She gets up to leave, he stops her, begging her to stay. Michiru hesitates. “I can’t. I can’t be with you anymore… This would only result in sinking back into the bleak unpleasantness.” “I won’t hit you anymore.” Sosuke looks up at Michiru with his sad puppy eyes, begging earnestly. His two hands hold Michiru’s, like a child unwilling to let his mother go. “Sosuke, become a strong person. Even if you want to be with me, don’t wait for me outside of my work place or in front of the apartment, or even, stalk my friends. If you can follow my bidding, I may come back to you one day.” Sosuke closes his eyes, still frowning, like an unhappy child.

Michiru goes back to the hair salon to continue working there. She expresses her wish to resume work to her friends in the share house, assuring them she no longer wants to be under Sosuke’s influence. Eri hands Michiru a key to the share house, welcoming the new member.

The next day at work, Sosuke didn’t wait outside of the hair salon. Takeru comes instead to take Michiru to a party at Ruka’s house. Ruka’s mother praises Michiru for being feminine, unlike Ruka. The rest of the family take Takeru as Ruka’s boyfriend because it’s the first time she’s brought a man to the house.

It gets late, Ruka urges Michiru to stay over night. She happily accepts. Ruka then turns to Takeru and asks him to stay. Ruka’s dad turns around from the sofa a little away, slightly alarmed, but in a good way. Takeru almost spills the tea he’s drinking and politely refuses.

Eri and Ogura sit in the taxi, Ogura takes out an envelope of divorce papers. Eri waits in the cab while Ogura goes up into his own apartment to discuss a divorce with his wife. She waits and waits and waits and waits… and waits. Finally Ogura calls, apologizing to Eri. He won’t be coming back to share house for awhile.

An unhappy Eri is alone in the share house drinking by herself when Takeru comes back home. She overtly brushes off Ogura’s indecisiveness in a pretended nonchalant manner. Seeing Eri is slightly tipsy, Takeru offers to help Eri clean up. Eri asks, “Am I a good woman?” Takeru smiles and nods, “Yup. Eri is pretty and gentle. Let me help you clean.” Takeru gently wipes the spilled alcohol from Eri’s shirt when Eri reaches out her hand and clasps Takeru’s in her own. Takeru tenses. “Taker is the gentle one” Eri says while orienting her body towards him slowly. She puts her arms around Takeru’s neck, “Where are Michiru-Chan and Ruka?” Takeru answers with a shaky voice. “Then no one will be coming back tonight,” she starts to rock her body while looking at Takeru in the eye, hands still on his shoulder, “Takeru, what will happen?” Then Eri leans in close and kisses Takeru… She lowers her head, and leans closer to his chest, her hands starts to fumble with his shirt buttons…

Unable to stand it anymore, Takeru pushes Eri away from her. They suspend in time for a few seconds, glancing at each other, trying to recover what happened. Then Takeru rushes into the bathroom…

Takeru comes out of the bathroom, embarrassed. He says, “Sorry. It’s not because Eri isn’t good enough for me….” Eri is nervously playing with her hands, she stands up, “I’m the one that should say sorry… So Takeru, you really are … you know.” Neither want to make Eri feel bad about herself, nor want to explain the unspeakable, Takeru nods to admit that he is gay.

Michiru and Ruka are sleeping in the same room. They do what girls usually do in a sleeping over, they talk. Michiru is envious of Ruka’s harmonious family, and wants a family of her own. Ruka warns Michiru that Sosuke is not a man that can bring Michiru happiness and suggests Takeru as a potential good candidate to have a family with. Michiru asks about Ruka’s crush, to which Ruka admits she likes someone for a long time but also acknowledges that it’s impossible to be with the person she loves.

The next morning, Takeru gets up and sees Eri sleeping on the tatami table. He walks over and puts a blanket on her.

Takeru: People are not as simple as one would have imagined. People tend to hide their doubts away.

Ruka, when can we find our happiness?

Ruka: Michiru, that’s all I can do for you. You have to save yourself.

Michiru finally lets go of her self and succumbs to the temptation to call Sosuke. When she finds out Sosuke has been absent from work for a few days, worry overtakes her. She hastily visits Sosuke at his apartment.

Sosuke seizures the advantage to prevent Michiru from leaving him. Michiru refuses again and gets up to leave. “Don’t go.” Sosuke hovers over and grabs Michiru, one hand on the waist, one hand on the neck. He turns her around and hugs her so tight she starts to struggle in fear. She spins out of his arms, he sinks into the bed deeper, hair cover his eyes.

“Why would it end up like this? I don’t like how you are now. It’s all because of that half woman Ruka.” “I Told You Not To Say That About Her! I can’t be with someone who can’t keep a promise.” “I SHOULD BE THE ONE SAYING THAT! You are the one who aren’t keeping the promise!” He picks up the bowl or porridge and throws it against the wall, its content splatter all over the place like the shards of the broken bowl. Michiru covers her ears begging please. Sosuke gets up and grabs Michiru by the arms and throws her onto bed, then he rides on top of her…

Returning to share house, Takeru notices the bruise on Michiru’s wrist. She says nothing and tries to divert the attention away from her injury. Settling down, Michiru avoids Takeru’s eyes. Then her phone rings. She hastily gets up to answer the phone. All eyes are on her. She leaves the room to answer the phone. When she sees the ID of the caller, she exhales a breathe of relief.

Ruka frowns and asks Michiru to throw away her phone because each it rings, everyone’s heart will start racing, their blood pressure surging, afraid it’s Sosuke stalking Michiru again. Michiru smiles after a second of delay and agrees to throw it away. Ruka changes her mind and asks Michiru to keep the phone, she doesn’t want to be like Sosuke, who tries to control her.

Takeru talks to Michiru privately afterwards. Michiru frankly admits that she has seen Sosuke. Even though she realizes he can’t bring her happiness, he still attracts her like a magnet. Takeru tells her, whether she decides to wait for him to change or leave him, it’s solely her decision. Michiru reveals to Takeru that Ruka has been in love with someone for a long, long time.

Ruka goes in for a psych counseling, fully exhibiting her secret condition. She is said to be a gender queer, a man trapped in a woman’s body. Then Ruka attempts the first of a series self-libration – she calls Takeru for a walk in the park. Takeru asks Ruka about the person she had liked for a long time, she tells him she wants to be strong and win the upcoming motocross race. Then will she be ready to stand proudly in front of the person she loves.

Takeru looks down, slightly down.

Ruka, I like your smile. Who you like is immaterial to me. I will always support you and your smile.

The day of the race finally comes. Sosuke calls Michiru, wanting to see her. She refuses a third time. He threatens her that she will regret not coming. She hangs up on him before he could say more.

Ruka wins the race. Her friends and family celebrate the victory at Takeru’s bar.

Amidst the cherry celebration, Michiru’s phone vibrates. Sosuke again. “I plan to die. Right now. Goodbye.” is Sosuke’s last card. Michiru runs out to go to Sosuke. Ruka runs out to stop her, she forsakes Ruka for Sosuke.

Ruka: I know you’ve been lying to me to see him. I’ve been waiting for you to come around and learn to be strong.

Michiru: I, have always been weak. It’s so good to be you. You’ve always be strong, outstanding, and bathed in the love of your family. You are talented, like a shiny star. But I, I am weak. So is Sosuke. Now, I want to go to him. I’m sorry.

Michiru runs away.

And that concludes the last of the recaps for Last Friends. (Since I’ve been writing ’em out of order.)

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