Fated to Love You Episode 16 Preview

Preview and … more preview

Elaine Chen Xin Yi’s soft spot will be magnified and exploited in the next (few) episode(s).

Dylan, prepare for heart break! Not like you didn’t see it coming.

So the preview goes like this, roughly:

Xin Yi: Ahh! Whenever I close my eyes, I see the image of babies/Ji Nian Ping/ Ji Cun Xi! I can’t work alongside with my (still beloved) client Ji Cun Xi! Ahh!! I don’t want to continue with the case anymore!! *Bangs head on Dylan’s chest*

Dylan, sullenly: Why is it that once Ji Cun Xi returns, you revert back to the old Chen Xin Yi?

Xin Yi, asking for permission: “Then you don’t mind if I work with Ji Cun Xi?”

Dylan, aside: Even though I know Ji Cun Xi is using the precious opportunity to get back with Xin Yi, even though I know Xin Yi doesn’t feel the same way towards me, but I’m still gonna push Xin Yi to Cun Xi. Maybe, just maybe she will come to her senses and treat Ji Cun Xi with indifference. *knocks on wood*

– Elaine with Cun Xi. –

Elaine, inner Chen Xin Yi comes out: Ahh! I can’t! I can’t! I can’t! I can’t work with this guy!! *gets up to leave.*

Cun Xi: All your efforts for change these past two years is to get rid of the post-it traits that overshadows you. Yet, you can’t put aside your feelings and work with me like a professional? *checkmate!*

Xin Yi accepts the case, they spend time together. Cun Xi woos Xin Yi. Xin Yi softens.

Anna comes to Shanghai to step in the muddy water. Dylan realizes the true nature of the situation. *stalemate!*

Off to write a “profound” recap 😀

19 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Episode 16 Preview”

  1. You know, there is such a thing as downloading? That’s what I do for stuff I like immensely. Saves the trouble of swearing at the streaming for going wrong, or for your internets seizing up…

    That said, poor Dylan. (2nd lead males always seem to be asking for it.)

  2. problem is, i don’t know where to dl it.
    you said you are dling The Legend at soompi, but i can’t even sign on the site, much less dling T__T
    didn’t find it on d-addicts either. so, wanna help? 😉

  3. poor poor dylan… hahaha. its okay. i dont want them to end up together anyway. XYxCX’s better. am i being too mean to dylan? hahaha. sorry if i am.

  4. Kay, uh, well, which episodes are you up at? I’ll email you the dl links. (Speaking of which, what’s your email?)

  5. re sevenses: i’m on 17, but since i like it enough, i’d like to dl from the beginning. i’ll email you then 🙂

    re crystal: you can dl the hard sub versions if they are available. i don’t know which drama you are talking about but for The Legend/Legend of Four Gods, which we are talking about, the only hard subbed ones that i’m aware of are the C-subbed ones

  6. Did you know the subbing group took down the csubs? I’m still trying to find some, but reading through Chinese is making me go @_@

  7. Hello!
    I started to translate the drama to Hungarian for my family, because I found it great 🙂 But I couldn’t find srt files anywhere, and timing takes a lot of time for me (it takes away my time from writing my thesis 🙂 so I wanted to ask if you could send it to me, or reload it somewhere else than megaupload… It would be a a great help!! (I only have the first 4 episodes ready yet…)
    Thanks for your reply!

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