Fated to Love You 15: To Cut or Not to Cut, That is the Question

Looking at the family photo on his phone, taken two years ago, Ji Cun Xi decides to see Xin Yi once more. That, he decides, will be the last time he crosses path with Xin Yi. Cun Xi calls to arrange a meeting with Elaine, the artist of the horse he purchased, the next day in front of the Church in Xu Jia Hui.

Elaine is in an extremely good mood the next day, anticipating the meeting with the buyer of her first publicized art piece. So full of expectancy, Elaine entrusts the success of the upcoming meeting on a Tarot reading. She asks the fan of meticulously spread out Tarot cards whether nor not she will successfully meet her prince the buyer and rubs her hands together. After much consideration, and picks out a card – the devil card.

Elaine’s colleague’s explanation for the seemingly menacing card is that there is a mysterious power drawing the two together, therefore they are destined, or fated to meet. Elaine is dubious, “If that were the case, we would’ve met already. When I returned to the gallery yesterday, he’s already left. When I went to the hotel he’s staying at, he wasn’t there. It’s like one of those typical scenes from a drama.” Is it irony that I smell? As if remembering something, Elaine tells her colleague, “On the other hand, I danced with a stalker last night!” “Hmm, maybe you guys have seen each other, it’s just that you didn’t know. Tarot readings are very accurate! This card says that you both yearn to see each other, but are also afraid of seeing each other. Seems like, there is a little obstacle between your meetings as well.” Wow, talking about accuracy.

Dylan walks in to delivery the (good) news of the meeting to Elaine. She runs out for the date happily.

Standing in front of the church, looking at the steeple, Cun Xi wonders to himself whether Xin Yi would want to see him. He feels more and more discouraged as the unrested past memories haunt him and surround him with sorrow.

Xin Yi is stuck in traffic. She repeatedly urges the taxi driver to drive faster, afraid to miss the buyer a third time. (But, three times is a charm!)

An old flower-selling lady passes by Cun Xi and asks him to buy a flower. The flowers are said to be bathed under the blessing of the sun, absorbing the nutrients of the Heaven’s energy. (the fantasy-loving side of me is definitely kicking in) Cun Xi laments over the misery he has brought upon the woman he is awaiting. The flower lady provides guidance to Cun Xi that what he can do now is to offer the woman a sincere apology because it’s God’s will that the two fated love birds were to meeting in front of the pure sanction of the holy Church. She proceeds to offer a flower from her basket to Cun Xi, whose particular meaning is “courage”. Before leaving, the kind woman wishes Cun Xi luck, “No matter what your decision is, God’s blessing will be with you.” (This unbelievable woman must be an angle descended from the heavens to send God’s message to Ji Cun Xi. Now, where is the angle that watches over me? Where? 😦 Clarification: I’m not mocking the piety of the woman. It’s just that, how likely are you to meet some flower lady who gives you flowers for free without demanding money in return?)

Elaine does arrive late. While she is frantically looking for the buyer, the angel flower lady approaches Elaine, handing her the flower and a card. She opens the card, the buyer had left early due to certain circumstances and had reconciles his departure by telling Elaine that sometimes, keeping a safe distance may preserve the beauty of mystery. He signs it “Z” (for Zorro?)

Cun Xi watches in a distance while Elaine reads the card. Silently bidding her farewell, he walks away.

Unable to find the mysterious Mr. “Z”, Xin Yi walks back towards the street to catch a cab. Cun Xi is walking across the street, calling Anson. Elaine watches the familiar back of the man a few feet away from her and recalls him as the creepy stalker of the previous night. Her face fell.

Hey! You creepy stalker, why are you following me? Stop walking!

Cun Xi stops and turns. Xin Yi sees him and freezes. Immobilized by shock, standing in the middle of the street – a déjà vu. Xin Yi gets hit, again.

Waking up from the accident, Xin Yi overhears an over protective Cun Xi’s stern chastising the driver for hitting his wife and nurse for not arranging a full scale check up of the patient. Hearing the noise from the room, Cun Xi rushes in to see Xin Yi. What faces him is a series of ranting and complaining that accuses Cun Xi for being a dispicable control freak plus stalker. After unleashing her wrath, Xin Yi buries her head in the blankets and turns her back onto Cun Xi. (lol how cute)

Watching the yelling back and forth between Xin Yi and Cun Xi that’s not about to end any minute soon, the driver interjects loudly, “Miss!” Taking notice of the poor guy, Xin Yi turns to him to apologize for not watching her way. Cun Xi yells back at Xin Yi, “After two years, why are you still like this? Why are you apologizing to him? He hit you!” “What are you yelling at me for? If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be hit!” Xin Yi yells back and turns towards the driver and softly apologizes again. The poor driver accepts her apology and timidly appeases Xin Yi to stop yelling at her “husband”. She nicely nods and explains that Cun Xi is not her husband. Once she turns to Cun Xi, the yelling resumes, “I am not your wife anymore! Who told you to claim to be my husband?” “If I’m not your husband now, I was once! Why are you in such a hurry to clarify our relationship?” “Because I don’t want other people to think we have some weird thing going on between us!” The meek driver and the mellow nurse both interrupts, “You two do seem to be in an unusual relationship..” “THERE IS NOTHING UNUSUAL ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP!” haha 🙂

Out of the hospital, Xin Yi stops a cab and hops on. Cun Xi force entries the cab and sits next to Xin Yi. Frustrated, she orders to cab driver to make Cun Xi get off. Cun Xi insists that once he sees Xin Yi safely back in her apartment, he will leave and urges the taxi driver to drive. The driver turns around and yells at them both, “Have you two decided?!”

Off the cab, the two bicker over whether Cun Xi should leave first or Xin Yi should enter first. Finally, Cun Xi throws out a “If you won’t enter, I will” and enters the front door. Helpless, Xin Yi could only follow. Inside the front door is a lavish, grand stairway to heaven. Xin Yi accidentally leaks out that she lives on the third floor, Cun Xi picks her up to go up the stairs. Yelling and kicking, Xin Yi demands Cun Xi to put her down, “Put me down! Otherwise, I’m going to scream!” “Go ahead, a man always has his way to hush up a woman.” He bends down and protruding his lips in a I’m-going-to-kiss-you posture.

He carries her to the third floor and distinguishes Xin Yi’s apartment from the rests. How? Because he remembers that Xin Yi likes to make pottery, there is a porcelain decor hanging in front of Xin Yi’s door. Astonished at the fact Cun Xi still remembers her hobby, she softens but immediately masks herself with the distant demeanor. But her slip of the tongue gives her up, “Put me down, I need to fetch the door to open the key!” Submissively, Cun Xi puts her down and corrects her, “You mean you need to fetch the key to open the door?” She defensively covers it up, Cun Xi chuckles to himself. Once the door is open, Cun Xi steps in before Xin Yi.

“What are you doing?” “I’m waiting for the hostess to offer me a cup of tea.” “Who said I will pour you a cup of tea? Did I even invite you in?” Elaine tries to shoot Cun Xi out, he blatantly ignores it and sits down and starts to catch up with Xin Yi like an old friend. He tells her Baby Ji is impending labor, the kids at the orphanage misses Xin Yi, and the lady who sells Jiang Jun Bun is remarried. Xin Yi reveals a corner of her true self and starts to ask more about the lady’s marriage when she remembers the reason why she came to Shanghai. She moves further from Cun Xi and asks him to leave the second time. He begs to stay a little longer. She gets impatient and stands up. He stands up to confess, she cuts him off and pushes him out. Right then, she loses balance and starts to fall, Cun Xi takes a step foreward and extends a hand out to catch her. Thud. They both fall on the floor together.

Looking down at Xin Yi, tucking her hair behind her ear, Cun Xi continues with the confession.

“I wasn’t sorry that I couldn’t fall in love with you in the end. Maybe you didn’t know this yourself, but you are someone that can easily make people care for you. The day when I mistakenly went to with you, I thought I was the unluckiest person on earth. But as you save the dog for me, worry about Anna for me, I start to be affected by you. Each time I see you being hurt, I would despise myself for making you feel that way. I wanted to be nicer to you. I thought, just a little nicer. … I just wanted to tell you how I feel. Chen Xin Yi …

Cun Xi lowers his lips, “I… …”, lower and lower, “I … truly love you…” “STOP!” A policeman breaks into the scene, interrupting the kiss-to-be. A neighbor of Elaine on the side, telling the police what she had witnessed, “It’s him! He told her he would do Anything in a threatening tone of voice!” The police man lets out a ridiculously stupid expression of what should be interpreted to be rage. Ji Cun Xi gets arrested. While he’s being dragged away, Xin Yi makes a face at him. Hah, Karma with the capital K.

Cun Xi ends up with a record and gets to spend a night at the prison. (That severe of a punishment?) Fortunately, Cun Xi finds himself a little friend in the prison. What comes with it is the realization that he hasn’t officially divorced with Xin Yi. (Bigamy.) Dylan bails Cun Xi out of jail, Cun Xi swings Dylan with a fist. The two fight (and we get a better view of Dylan’s hair. You would think a man of art would have some aesthetic appreciation. No.) The ugly fight is stopped by Xin Yi. Thank Goodness.

Xin Yi confronts Cun Xi. She asks Dylan to stay, making it clear that there is no secret between Dylan and herself. Cun Xi starts.

Chen Xin Yi, I’ve seen your wish box. I know you fell in love with me. If you didn’t leave me two years ago, I was going to ask you to stay. I don’t mind about what happened to Ji Nian Ping. Chen Xi Yi, I love you.

Don’t use the car accident as your excuses. Even without the car accident, you didn’t want the child.

Of course you don’t care about Ji Nian Ping. Why would you care?

I had no other choice! That car accident, I could only save one.

What did I do to make you so angry whenever you see me? Ever since I started falling for you, all I wanted to do is to treat you right.

Treat me right. Is telling me to abort the baby your way of treating me right? … True, I did like you. But the me now don’t feel anything towards you. Whether you dislike me or think I’ve changed, you have no idea how hard I’ve tried to get away from the useless self from two years ago. Whether I’m good or not is none of your business. I like the me now. Consequently your appearing in front of me is a nightmare for me.

She clenches her hand and continues,

I just want the two of us to be strangers. If you want the best of me, please stay away from me. If your work in Shanghai is complete, please return to Taiwan where your loved ones are at. Take it as my bidding for you to leave my life.

She sheds a tear as she asks for Cun Xi to leave her life for once and for all.

Then Ji Cun Xi leaves, after a final encouraging, “Jia You Chen Xin Yi.”

Fragments of memories comes back towards Xin Yi at once. She starts to cry uncontrollably. Dylan watches.

Dylan decides to make Xin Yi his girlfriend. But she, only thinks about Cun Xi.

Right when Cun Xi decides to leave, his business partner asks him to stay a bit longer to advertise the product. Moreover, he wants Cun Xi to find a popular artist to help promote the soap. (Why would pottery be used for soap advertisement? Can someone enlighten me?)

To help sooth Elaine’s rippling emotions, Dylan arranges for a trip together to Paris. Everything is dealt with, all he needs is Elaine’s one nod. He surprises Xin Yi with the news of the trip when they are out exercising together. She feels obligated to give him a peck on the cheek to repay his kindness, which, by the way, is plain awkward. (I’m just glad to know that Dylan has something else in his Shanghai wardrobe – the sports gear on him now – than the same old, ugly flowery slack he’s been wearing for the past nth episodes.) They try to kiss, but the phone rings just in time for Elaine to jump back. They return to Master ZhongShan Long’s residence, Elaine has received a pot of flowers from the mysterious Mr. “Z”. She finds her teacher to inquire about the reason he asked her to take a couple days out, only to find Cun Xi standing before her. He had gone to ask the Master to create a piece for his company.

They are introduced. Cun Xi extends out a hand as greeting, like he has never known Elaine. ZhongShan Long expresses his willingness to help Cun Xi and his company because he is well acquainted with Cun Xi’s grandma. “You were well acquainted with my grandma?” “Right. That was 50 years ago.” “I have never hear her mention you before.” The old man lets out a look of utter disappointment. Cun Xi continues, “But she really likes your work. Every time she sees something from you, she would always purchase it and stare at it for a long time.” The old man smiles widely, “So she has been secretly supporting me, just as I have been secretly wishing her well.” (awww..)

Elaine attempts to dissuade ZhongShan Long from taking the project from Cun Xi, listing his busy schedule with a devious smile and squeezes out an emphasized “no time at all” underneath her still smiling teeth at Cun Xi. Unfortunately, Master ZhongShan Long quickly finds an alternative, “It’s ok. If I can’t do it, you can.” Now Elaine is put on the spot with the project and is forced to accept. Oops.

Dylan comes in time to see Cun Xi. He insinuates Cun Xi’s blindness at Xin Yi’s wonderfulness and purposes brags about his relationship with Elaine in front of Cun Xi. Cun Xi says nothing, but an unseen fire is aflame. He agrees that Elaine’s design for his company would turn out to be just what the company needs, emphasizing each word.

She chases after him once Cun Xi gets out of ZhongShan Long’s sight, demanding an explanation for his two-faced action. He coldly clarifies the situation and adds,

If you don’t want to be Chen Xin Yi, then take back the fear that belongs to Chen Xin Yi. If it’s Elaine, then she can deal with it professionally, no? Or, even Elaine can’t work with me?

She agrees.

The length of the case is in your control. If you work harder, it will end sooner; if you don’t work hard enough, it will take longer. I await your master piece in three days.

Cun Xi coolly walks out.

To cut or not to cut the tie with Ji Cun Xi? Elaine doesn’t have a choice.

Now that Dylan has officially claimed his boyfriend-ship, there is direct friction between him and Cun Xi. *leans back and crosses fingers, awaiting a good fight* On the other hand, Cun Xi’s cool headedness towards Elaine’s accusation at the end of the episode (ie no barking no yelling) projects a more mature side of Cun Xi that is rare but nice to see.

17 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 15: To Cut or Not to Cut, That is the Question”

  1. wow! very well written! and an interesting twist… i guess…. Glad to see that Cun Xi has a more mature side to him and Xin Yi, a childish one….. lol

  2. i cant help but be more excited with every episode that FTLY has..this is sooo good!!

    I want FTLY so much that i can taste it…LOL!
    Iurgnotmis…thanks for the wonderful recap once again!!i am looking forward to this recap weekly that im afraid that its becoming a habit…Keep it up!!

  3. woah thanks heaps..
    ive been looking through the net for a subbed ep15 but couldnt find one..
    thank god for you synopsis.. very detailed ❤

  4. A very nice description of episode 15. It clarified many misunderstandings on my part. Anyone know when episode 16 is coming out?

  5. hi there miz irugnotmis. don’t think i deserted you. i have been reading your recaps religiously and secretly for I wasn’t too impressed by the past episodes. but this time, cun xi showing that coldness towards chen yi is very intriguing. yes, now there is going to be a showdown. i sincerely hope they will have a better script in the succeeding episodes.

    jia you!

  6. re javs: i like the part about getting addicted to the recaps, but slowly? lol 😀

    re Anonymous: new episode comes out every Sunday night

    re crazyforasiandrama: aww the “jia you” is so cute! 😀
    too bad multiply.com doesn’t allow non-members to leave comments, other wise you’d know i’m an occasional reader too 🙂

  7. My God, you are so great! For non-Chinese speaking gals like me, you are definitely a godsend!! Specifically now that there are problems with the sites with subbed episodes (which is really annoying!!), your synopsis really makes our day here a lot better!!!

    So, please, continue what you are doing!! We really do appreciate it!!

    FTLY rocks!! I am so addicted to this drama.!! Till next week.

  8. Great stuff…thanks for the recap iurgnotmis…now it become addiction to your recap, well written. Keep up the great work.Can’t wait for episode 16 full re-cap.

  9. i believe he wanted to use pottery for the advertisment is because .. he wants to make a box? or soemthing to hold the soap. cause in the end he said something like.. “limited editon” for legend (the soap he is trying to promote in china?)??? (uh.. i watched it w/ sub so maybe not as accurate ><)

  10. you mean a soap container to accompany the soap? like a buy one get one thing?
    ummm… wouldn’t the subordinate of the company see to it, like a secretary, instead of the boss himself? even if it’s important to the company. i mean he even has a personal chauffeur to drive him around in Shanghai, he can’t not have a secretary!
    ah the plot holes are endless.

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