4 thoughts on “Hong Gil Dong Wrap Up Party”

  1. i dont understand chinese but ill comment anywei since ive seen the eng subbd ones..(i think)

    I LOVE HONG GIL DONG!!!a bit depressing ending..but o well..still love it..(capital scandal was good too!!!just finished watching both!!)

  2. Hong gil dong is very beautiful story…although the ending is not clear if they die or not…but i still love it .,and very interesting movie…

  3. I absolutely LOVED Hong Gil Dong. Kwang Ji Hwan was just wonderful as Gil Dong. I loved the finale – and it was so surprising to hear Sissel Kyrkjebø’s sing the Norwegian psalm “Lær meg ĂĄ kjenne” towards the end. As a Norwegian I understood every word and kudos to the producers for finding that song and using it – it was the perfect ending.

  4. I really like hong gil dong. every episode was interesting, unique,funny, but can make u cry also..though i was abit disappointed with the ending..the the main characters did a great job in portraying their roles.and made me watch out for their upcoming projects..by the way kwang ji hwan is really sexy and irresistable…lol

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