Fated to Love You 14: Love in Shanghai

Mistake, mistake! I saw her grasping the carpet with her two front pawns while whimpering on and off, I though she’s giving birth soon. heh heh, mistake.

Anna takes time out of her busy preparation work for the grand opening of her new dance class to see to Baby Ji’s labor and brings with her a dog owners’ handbook from the vet as well as a new birthday present for grandma. Because, she wants to erase the selfish image of her former self and become the glittery perfect daughter-in-law. (*shines spotlight on her*)

Then her phone rings, informing her that something is amiss at the dance class. She rushes to solve the problem and bidding goodnight to Cun Xi. Watching the silhouette of Anna’s departing figure, Cun Xi sighs.

Coming out from behind the door, grandma speaks out Cun Xi’s mind, “If you love her, you wouldn’t feel so exhausted.” “Waiting for someone who won’t come back, it must be more tiring for you Grandma.” Cun Xi optimistically tells grandma, “Since we’ve decided to let go of the past, we must appreciate what we have now.” Grandma nods sadly, “Right, we need to forget the past. Sever it.” The young helps the old back into the house slowly.
“I’m going to Shanghai on a business trip tomorrow.
“Alright. I wonder how Xin Yi is doing..”
“Grandma! I’m taking about my business trip. Didn’t we agree to sever the connection to the past?”
“Oh, right. Moving on.”
“She is probably doing well by now…”
“Hey! Let go of the past! Let go!”
The two figures slowly enter the house after repeatedly reminding each other to let go, to forget about the past, and Chen Xin Yi.

Sitting alone in his room packing for next day’s business trip, Cun Xi picks up the Mont Blanc pen Xin Yi had given him two years ago on his birthday, his thoughts wander uncontrollable back to the old days when her familiar presence still pervades every corner of the room. “Chen Xin Yi, where are you?” he thought while gazing lovely at the pen, “How are you? Are you doing well? Hopefully someone who knows how to treat you right is taking good care of you, wherever you are.”

Returning home, Elaine pours herself a glass of milk, she sits down and starts to think about Dylan’s proposal of a possible date that may potentially upgrade their relationship status to being couples in the near future. She thinks to herself, “If saying yes can make Dylan happy, then why say no? Plus, he’s been so kind to me throughout, I don’t have a reason to reject him.” (Her bangs bug me. They’re shorter than her last appearance in the previous episode.)

After taking Elaine home, Dylan is in no hast to head back home. He stays down stairs, watching the window of Elaine’s apartment. Then he calls to remind her not to stay up too late and jokingly asks her to prepare for tomorrow night’s dinner/celebration for selling her first piece. “It takes an average of one to two years for a new artist to sell his/her work. I’m afraid that our dinner is going to be prosponed for quite awhile.”
“Really? I think you forgot the fact that decreasing the waiting period for a given artist is what I excel at.” On cue, Dylan looks up just in time to catch the tail of a shooting star, “Look! Shooting star! I bet tomorrow is going to be your lucky day. ‘Souvenir’ is definitely going to meet its ‘soul mate’ tomorrow.” Indeed.

Xin Yi jokes that hopefully Dylan doesn’t ask his assistant to buy the piece tomorrow. He jokes back saying he was just thinking about it. Before hanging up, Xin Yi tells Dylan she will consider dating him. Satisfied, Dylan drives away.

Cun Xi jumps straight to business the moment he arrives in Shanghai. He explains to his business partner who decides to switch over to Cun Xi’s rival company’s new perfume shower gel for the novelty it may bring to the market. Calm and resilient, Cun Xi pushes forward a meticulously bounded document. “Before you make your decision, I would like to provide you with a little bit of information. This is a list of ingredients of the perfume shower gel I gathered through anonymous means. Regarding the preservatives contained in the product, it’s a legalized preservative, paraben. Although innocuous as it seems, according to a study conducted by British researchers that paraben has estrogenic effects to developing infants and adolescence that may also cause damage to the liver. You are a father as well. I’m sure you understand the feeling of wanting to give the best to your child.” (Appealing to authority is the way to go, even if there is no real scientific basis.)
“Would consumers understand all that?”
“I am sponsoring a convention at the end of this month in Washington that targets the use of paraben. As a result, the product consumption rate is bound to decline.” To exert more pressure, Cun Xi makes it clear that he has also contacted other companies to discuss the contract. Without wasting another minute, Cun Xi’s business partner signs the contract. I wish settling business in the real world is as simple.

The natural progression after successfully signing a contract is an appropriate amount of socialization, at least, according to other dramas. Cun Xi’s business partner volunteers to give Cun Xi a tour of Shanghai. He promptly refuses, explaining that he is expected to return to TW the very night to participate in his fiancée’s dance class opening and bring back a souvenir during his extreme short stay. To that, Cun Xi’s business partner refers a famous art gallery to Cun Xi, promising him to find exquisite works from there.

At the gallery, Dylan eagerly waits for Elaine’s arrival – she has expressed the wish to explain her work personally. It’s almost noon, Elaine is still no where to be seen. Dylan dials her number to find out that she experienced a small tire leakage on the way and is now stranded on the side of the road trying to figure out how to change tire by herself. Dylan leaves the gallery to pick up Elaine. The second Dylan drives off, Ji Cun Xi’s car stops at the front door of the gallery.

Cun Xi enters the gallery and glances across the various art pieces in exhibition. He stops at a purple swan that is gracefully titling its elegant head down as if vainly rearranging its feathers, oblivious of the gazes of its admirers. Without a second thought, he purchases the swan. He continues upstairs. Elaine’s horse immediately catches Cun Xi’s attention. He bends down to take a closer look at the horse and its description tag, which reads “Souvenir”. A sense of nostalgia sweeps across Cun Xi as he allows himself to be engulfed in memories of the past. Of naming the never born baby, of purchasing the wooden horse, of the miscarriage, and of leaving the ring on the horse and letting go.

Cun Xi decides to buy “Souvenir”. Ryan, Elaine’s coworker calls her to announce the good news. Incredulous, she turns to eye Dylan suspiciously. “Don’t give me that look. I didn’t do anything!” Dylan replies innocently. Ryan assures her it’s not of Dylan’s doing, he then tells her the buyer claims that a piece of art that holds a story is worth buying. Hearing that the buyer is still besides Ryan, Elaine requests to speak to him.

She thanks him for purchasing her work and asks whether he could wait for her so she can thank him in person. He agrees but only giving her five precious minutes to return to the gallery. Cun Xi lingers long enough but five minutes is five minutes, he had to rush back to catch the plane back to Taiwan. He walks out of the gallery to leave when Xin Yi steps down Dylan’s car. Unfortunately, fate intervenes, as always. Elaine runs into another customer in a moment of haste, rendering her a second too late from spotting Ji Cun Xi. He rides away in the car while she wanders on the street, trying to get a glimpse of her first customer.

Dylan runs out of the gallery to find Xin Yi. He hands her an envelope left by the buyer, arranging to meet her at 5 pm in the hotel he’s staying at. Before returning to the gallery, he remind her about having dinner with him. 🙂

It must be the work of hypoactive amygdala, not illogical plot. Because how else would a stranger of the opposite sex and a hotel room after day time not incur a sense of danger fishy enough to keep our loving and trusting Chen Xin Yi from going? So she goes. Yet, fate tempers with the lovers’ game again, Cun Xi is in the shower when Elaine comes knocking at the door. After hearing no response, she leaves the Thank You card and a certificate of the art piece at the front desk before returning home to get ready for the night of celebration with Dylan.

Cun Xi checks out and receives the letter from the front desk. In the taxi, on his way to the airport, he opens the card to briefly read over it. When he opens the certificate, the name of the creator catches his eye. It reads: Chen Xin Yi. He commands the driver to turn around to go back to the gallery. He meets Ryan who is getting off work. From Ryan, Cun Xi is redirected to the address of Elaine and Dylan’s celebration dinner party.

Entering the bar, Cun Xi is given a mask since the theme of the particular night is a masquerade ball. (Trying a little too hard there. As if the ambient lighting of the scene isn’t enough to create the atmosphere.)

Cun Xi enters and looks everywhere for Xin Yi. Finally, seated by herself in the back room, looking down at something, he spots her. The Chen Xin Yi he’s been dreaming to see over the past two years. Tears of utter happiness creep up the corner of his eye.

He smiles at Xin Yi, the world is reduced to just the two of them. Stars start to sparkle around Xin Yi. (Ho thy corniness!) Then, sensing his presence, she smiles under the soft white light that frames her face and brings out the color of her cheeks, and, she waves at him. He smiles back and starts to walk toward her when… a chord of cacophony shatters his daydream into pieces and drags him back, forcibly into reality. Dylan, dressed in immaculate white, walks past Cun Xi with the ease of a prince and takes a seat next to Xin Yi.

He watches as Dylan hands Elaine a bouquet of flowers (which disappears here onward) and whispers something into her ears. Then gently, he kisses her forehead. Cun Xi’s face starts to lose color. “So it was him who took Xin Yi away two years ago.” he realizes. Immediately taking a seat in the cubicle next to them, Cun Xi starts to stalk his ex-wife. 😛

Meal is brought up, Elaine takes off her shawl, revealing an exquisite neckline and alluring shoulders. Cun Xi, next door, watches and grudgingly thinks to himself, “It’s just a dinner, is there a need to dress so formally and revealing?” He snaps. A waiter comes. He half covers his mouth and takes out a one thousand dollar bill (which doesn’t exist in Shanghai) and tells the waiter to turning down the AC. The sly waiter takes one look at Xin Yi’s bosom and asks for two more one thousand dollar bills to direct the flow of the air towards Xin Yi. Deal.

Cun Xi monitors stealthily. Xin Yi sneezes. Dylan helps her with her shawl and holds both of her hands in his palms to provide her warmth. Cun Xi falls back into his cubicle and bangs his head against the wall for coming up with such a silly scheme that (sort of) backfires on him.

“Before, no matter how hard I try, no one notices me. But one man reminds me of the confidence I lack. He keeps encouraging me.” Xin Yi starts to express her feeling of successfully selling her first piece, “and then, the auction from two years ago made me realize how wonderful it feels to be noticed.” Listening intently, Cun Xi, on the other side of the divider, lets out a look of satisfaction, as if proudly boasting “yup, that’s me”. Xin Yi continues, “I remember everything you’ve done for me. All that I have today is due to you, Dylan.” Cun Xi perks up at the sound of Dylan’s name and twitches his neck in disbelief. “Thank you. Elaine’s existence is all because of you. You liberated me from the life of a loser.

So, from now on, can you take care of Elaine as her boyfriend?”

Not quite convinced that Elaine agrees to become his girlfriend out of affection, Dylan decides to announce the happy news to all the gusts in the restaurant. He brings her up to the stage and announces the news, inviting everyone for a drink. The crowd cheers. “There are two people I must thank for giving me the opportunity to be with Elaine. The first is the idiot who didn’t know how to cherish her.” An invisible arrow hits Cun Xi on the shoulder. “… The second is the buyer who purchased her work today….” A second arrow penetrates Cun Xi’s chest. Ouch. Holding Elaine’s hand, Dylan continues, “Because of him, you earned the courage to chase after your own happiness. Of course, that happiness is me.” (Don’t you just love his confidence? ;)) Handing the microphone to her, Dylan asks the critical question, putting Elaine on the spot, “Elaine, tell me, you agreed to date me because you like me in return, right?”

She stares up at him, “I…” A waiter walks by, not wanting to hear the “yes” Cun Xi is convinced of hearing, he trips the waiter. The sound of crashing cups interrupts the confession. Everyone turn to look at the source of the sound. Xin Yi lets out of sigh of relief, which isn’t missed by Dylan. He says softly, “Your answer, I already know.” Worried, Xin Yi opens her mouth in a gasp and hastily cuts him off, “No, I haven’t said anything yet!”

Dylan stops her. He leans over, concern written all over his face, “Every time you cry, whether it’s out of loneness or fragility; each time you smile, whether it’s out of pretense or happiness, I understand it clearer than anyone else. Your answer, I’ve already seen. It’s just as I thought.” He kisses Xin Yi on the forehead. The crowd cheers in blissful ignorance, as if mocking Dylan’s unrequited love. Dylan sadly thanks the audience and walks down the stage.

Back into the cubicle, Dylan refrains Xin Yi from saying sorry. He tells her that one day, he will make her accept her truthfully. Until that day arrives, he will wait. She looks back into his eyes in gratitude.

Dylan’s phone rings, informing him of a burglar alarm at the gallery. All thanks to Ji Cun Xi.

Dylan leaves; Cun Xi enters.

He fakes an accidental wine spill and makes up a bunch of lame reasons. He tells her the Caucasian, who is sitting in a distance looking into the computer, is his client. They are in the midst of a discussion about a big, important investment plan. The only draw back is, the man is gay, consequently extra picky with attires. If the gay man sees the stain, he is not going to want to continue with the business. (In that case, just take off your shirt and flex your muscles. I’m sure the “gay” guy will sign whatever contract you offer him while trying to suck the saliva from drooling down uncontrollably over your hot, masculine, well built, body. :D) Elaine offers to explain to the man, Cun Xi stops her, reasoning that a gay man wouldn’t like girls. (I don’t know what world he’s living in, but my gay friends tend to have A LOT to identify with girls.) So to save him and his business, all Elaine needs to do is waltz with him. What?!?! Exactly. They start to waltz. Cun Xi insinuates her past, to which she curtly categorizes as a terrible experience, so bad she never wants to be reminded of it again.

“If you don’t like the sweet waltz, then let’s try a rebellious tango.” The music magically changes. Magic, I tell you. They tango. Cun Xi pulls her close, so close they are within kissing distance. She swims away from him, asking, “Who are you?” He pulls her back, tighter than before, “Who do you want me to be?” Remembering Ji Cun Xi, she pushes him away. Staring at him for a second, trying to recall the familiar voice, Xin Yi hastily finds an excuse. She walks away. When she passes the “gay” man, she pauses and sees that the man is playing solitaire on the computer. So much for talking business.

Cun Xi follows stalks Elaine all the way home. She reaches her apartment and starts to back up into the parking slot. A navy blue van cuts into the remainder of the spot before she can complete her parallel parking. The man gets off the van and knocks on her window, asking her to find a different spot because he is in a hurry. She rolls down the window and looks at him contemptuously, “You are the one in a hurry, not me.” and rolls the window back up. The man gets mad and knocks on her window again, “You little brat, do you think I don’t dare to call my friends and smash your car?” She rolls down the window again, looks him in the eye and says, “Fine, call your friends. While I call the police.” Then she takes out her phone and starts to dial. “Ugh, fine.” The man walks back to his car and pulls away.

Elaine gets off the car to walk into the building. She trips on a rock protruding the street, her heel falls off. She tries to move the rock, it wouldn’t budge. Xin Yi takes out from her purse a bundle of post-it notes and writes a warning note to stick onto the rock. Chen Xin Yi is Chen Xin Yi after all. 🙂

Cun Xi continues to follow Elaine. Sensing the stalker, she turns around and smacks him silly with her purse. Finally, she sends him on his way with a broom.

Longest post up-to-date.

Ji Cun Xi’s decisiveness always evaporates in the face of “love”. Maybe the hot weather is getting to him, can someone dump a bucket of ice cold water on him so that wimp can come to his senses and Finally make a decision?

Can someone also find Dylan a new stylist?

22 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 14: Love in Shanghai”

  1. Oh my!! thank you!! Even with his childish behavior I prefer Cun xi, I cant stand Dylan/Mr.know it all/I am so hot with his boy band hairstyle!!
    I just wish they stopped airing previews from other episodes way ahead!!

    Thanks, Great recap!

  2. hi!hi!hi!…i like the way Cun Xi is acting… quite foolishly…just a man in love
    Xin Yi has a change in personality as she is more confident but deep within her…she is still the Chen Xin Yi from before…that’s lovely…(i like this part..as it remind us that whenever one has a change in character..a small part of her actual past remain…and that makes the beauty of a person)
    thanks for the summary…looking forward for the next episode =P

  3. “Can someone also find Dylan a new stylist?”
    Haha! Seriously. The hair is sort of pissing me off already. It was okay for a few scenes, but then it just got, “STOP IT ALREADY!”.

    & LOL You should’ve included the conversation before he asked her to waltz. About the businessman he ‘was supposed to meet’ and how he was gay. haha I laughed at what he came up with.

    Anyway, thanks for your hard work! Just know that by doing this, you’ve satisfied many readers. ^__^ ❤

  4. Hahahahaha…..as usual you write the summary with flair. Love your recap. I am starting to like CX character though. I think he matured over the 2 years span of the storyline. i think you are right, he acts so convincing lame and confuse in the face of love (aren’t we all). As for Dylan’s i still like the guy, He may act so confident most times, that is coz his role on the drama is an art critic/buyer/bidder and you have to an abundant self-confident if you ever gonna win a precious artifact in a bid right. But as he confesses to XY in the face of love he’s not that confident either and it shows when he talks about it. He is handsome no doubt about it but oh boy! He can act too!!! If XY doesn’t want him, I’m pretty sure a lot will line up for him. (where’s the line?) 🙂

  5. I can’t stand Cin YI… The reason is he is a two timer something and other.. He’s doing the same thing he did before.. He should at the very least break up with Anna and then go chase Elaine/XY.. So yeah I don’t like him at all now.. I’d rather she be with Dylan..

  6. Thanks for the recap!! Did Cun Xi just experienced KARMA?? haha . . well I feel sorry for Dylan but still he fights for Xin Yi’s affection so I guess he is really a GOOD guy and he deserves a SHOT!! Can’t wait for next week’s episode!!

  7. and again i love u ur recap just make me more eager to watch this episode but as always i have to wait for subb thanks u anyways i love u and ur the best

  8. I bet you XY is Dylan’s long lost sister that was on the truck…that drove away to Jiang Mu Island….and that her mom made up the story about how she gave birth to her…

  9. reply to Anonymous (post 2:11pm)

    I’ve been thinking about the same thing! bec isn’t weird how all of her sisters and her mom has the same personality and she doesn’t? and her mom’s story sound too far fetched to me.

    Also, for some odd reason, i saw a forum that suggests that Anna and Dylan might be siblings, which I thought was a too-far-out of a story, do you know what I mean?

  10. thanks! I read the first half yesterday and came back to find nothing of fated to love you! …and a different layout. I’d have to say I like the oldest one the best out of this one, the last, and the one before 🙂 Thanks as always for the recap!

  11. yeahhh ur right. SERIOUSLY!! dylan’s hair is PISSING me off!!! dude, he SOOO looks like a freakn GIRL with his hair tied up like that. it’s like he’s gayy. LOL!! anyways, yupp, cun xi is acting soooo freakn funny. it turns out that he can never forget xin yi or put her down. WOW!! but OMG how many episodes is this drama gonna be??

    i dont really like xin yi’s haircut. CHANGE UR EFFIN HAIR dylan!! XD hehe.

  12. OHH back to original layout?
    “(In that case, just take off your shirt and flex your muscles. I’m sure the “gay” guy will sign whatever contract you offer him while trying to suck the saliva from drooling down uncontrollably over your hot, masculine, well built, body. :D)”

    LOL I loved that ^

  13. I agree with you. Dylan needs a new stylist. He looks awful in floral/loud prints. And I seriously cant stand his hair tied up. Revert back to his suits/untied hair please!

    I like Xin Yi better with Dylan as well….
    but she obviously loves Cun Xi more. poor Dylan.

  14. “wo shanghai the fated to love you” most of the scene when XIN YI

    cry because of JI CUN XI,,,I hope that two of you will together

    again in one movie,,,i hope that i will complete my collection all

    about your movie,,,I ALSO HOPE THAT I WILL SEE YOU IN


  15. I hope that Xin Yi and Cun Xi get together. I like Dylan’s character, the fact that he’s caring and sweet, but I think Xin Yi and Cun Xi belong together! [not hating on Dylan or anything, just clearing that up]

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