Iljimae Episode 8

Who would think the very person that turns Iljimae into the Great Thief Iljimae is his own adopted father. Makes you wonder why the father himself isn’t successful, doesn’t it?

At least, before Iljimae is the rich-fearing, poor-loving great thief, he is prone to being discovered. Rather, there are the kind of ridiculous servants in a Noble’s household whose job is to hold a torch at night to inspect every inch of the wall to ensure no thief enters. Of course, Yong is too reckless inexperienced to leave a full sized muddy foot print on the wall, asking to be discovered. So he is discovered. What does he do? He slips right past the lamp-holding, probably half-asleep guards who are entering the room. Just like that.

Naturally, Shi Hoo had to be there to inspect the crime scene to hopefully and eventually cause his half-brother’s death/capture the same way he led to his biological father and half sister’s demise.

Yong’s “inexperienced” handling of the painting he stole creates quite some unpleasant torture experience for his friend. To save this friend, Yong gathers a group of mob to try to break into the castle to see the king. While the guards resist the mob’s attack to swam in, Yong and his friends sneak to a far side wall and climb in.

Inside the castle, while the nobles make a fool of themselves trying to impress the king with an unexciting game of soccer, Yong has already snuck onto the roof, making a scene to plea his friend’s innocence.

The guards bring Yong back down to the king. The king turns out to be a kind-looking bearded man who wears a permanent smile on his face. He promises Yong to uncover the truth and opens up the castle for the other peasants who’ve been waiting to plea for their loved ones’ innocence. The mob gush into the castle. Bong Soon stays behind the gather the scattered things from the ground and sees the medallion that belonged to Kyum. She picks it up and is at loss.

As each peasant recounts their story to the king, his smile starts to fade little by little. In the end, he walks down from his mighty seat and walks towards the peasants. He bents down to hold a poor woman’s hand, padding it gently, he tells her not to worry. The king wants to regain popular support to secure his position.

As a result all the cases end with freeing the criminal, except for Yong’s friend. Since the incidence relates to a noble, the poor escape goat isn’t so lucky. He didn’t escape the fate of being executed despite Yong’s effort.

To save his friend, Yong decides to steal once more. Unfortunately, he can’t pick the lock. In a flashback, the viewers are revealed that Yong’s adopted father was asked to make an un-pickable lock.

Yong puts his vengeance into work. He broke into the house anyway, stole a mask on the wall and destroys the original painting with a few added strokes of a plum blossom. He buries mines on the route of the Noble’s cattle cargo and steals the cargo in the midst of the chaos. The execution is called off.

Yong returns in time, to see his friend being released. Tears flow back in his eyes, “I didn’t mess up this time.”

Kyum and Eun Chae’s lives finally start to intersect again. (Woe, the love rectangle, or, love fishnet.)

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