Fated to Love You 13: Rebirth

Xin Yi throws away the chip Ji Cun Xi had given her, officially and unwillingly, bidding goodbye to her past and waving hello to Shanghai. (A visa? What’s that?)

In Shanghai, Fresh Of the Boat (literally, and colloquially), Xin Yi stands in Wai Tan overlooking the Yellow River, giving the viewers a chance to admire the scenery from all angles. (This is the time you go “ooh” and “wow” while the poor camera men, running in circles with the camera set, trying not to slip in the midst of the bumping and pushing while maintaining a good quality shoot.)

Dylan brings Xin Yi to the gallery – Hei Chi Gallery – where he is the creative director and Xin Yi’s future employer. The awe-inspiring perfectionism in the gallery renders Xin Yi speechless and a little intimidated. Dylan introduces Xin Yi as the new agent. Before Cun Xi’s colleagues even had the chance to object, which they are too accustomed to Dylan’s habit to bother, Xin Yi retreats behind Dylan and whispers that she is ill qualified for the position. Dylan assures her that she has the potential but she needs to get her rear moving and catch up. Then he turns away from Xin Yi and casually mentions that by the way, master ZhongShan Long is one of the artists the gallery works with. In other words Xin Yi will have a chance to get to know the master. Or even be the master’s apprentice. Having convinced Xin Yi to work in the gallery, Dylan proceeds to take her to her apartment. (What? You just gave her a job, an unthinkable opportunity, and now an apartment?! Those and a ship named after your newly deceased fetus, is there a need to pick between the two?)

Once Dylan left, Xin Yi wanders around the empty room and picks up a book on the coffee table. She read two sentences when her gaze falls on her luggage. She remembers the first day moving into Cun Xi’s room when he scolds her for putting her belongings on the rug Anna bought in Milan, and later when Cun Xi empties a shelf for Xin Yi. She signs and walks towards the bed. Lying in bed on her side, Xin Yi wonders if she is capable of managing on her own.

She does manage, but in the post-it girl way she knows best. Xin Yi is back to buying coffee and making photo copies for everyone and anyone who asks. Dylan watches Xin Yi reverting to her old self and listens to his employees’ discussion of Xin Yi’s lack of personality, when Xin Yi comes back, he calls her to his desk. He chastises Xin Yi for not putting up an effort to change. Why come to Shanghai if she doesn’t plan to take control of her life for once? “Return to Taiwan if you don’t plan to change” Dylan tells her. Xin Yi starts to cry and runs out of the gallery. Frustrated by both Xin Yi’s lack of motivation and his own a-little-too-harsh criticism that made Xin Yi cry, Dylan runs out to find her.

Cun Xi doesn’t give up, he pays Xin Yi’s family visits everyday to find out Xin Yi’s whereabouts. Each time, the three pigs in the house lock the door when the big bad wolf approaches near the door. Cun Xi asks Anson to check the out of border record to find out where his Chen Xin Yi went. Anson reports over a thousand exists filed under the same name and reminds Cun Xi that Chen Xin Yi is no longer his. Cun Xi laments his inability to protect Xin Yi and Ji Nian Ping and regrets for not keeping Xin Yi when he is already in love with her. More than he imagined. He just wants to find Xin Yi to tell her sorry personally.

Xin Yi’s mother finally lets Cun Xi in the house for a one on one talk. At the end of the talk, the mother tells Cun Xi Xin Yi doesn’t want him to look for her. She never wants to see him again. Dumbstruck, Cun Xi hands out an ipod that records the words he wants to tell her. Unfortunately, the ipod never found its way to Xin Yi.

Xin Yi wanders across Wai Tan and somehow ends up in Su Zhou (which is only about 100 miles away). She comes up to a group of old men trying to name a sketch one of them drew. She joins the discussion and names it “The Only One”. “A cup holder, a cup, and a cup lid belong together, ” she explains, “yet, the three things are not suitable for each other.” (An artist’s aesthetic interpretation is not to be questioned.)

Cun Xi decides to find Xin Yi at all cost, at the same time, he decides to be honest with Anna about his feelings towards another woman.

He returns to his office, Anna has just hung up from a call regarding the ship he bought for Xin Yi. She asks him if buying the ship is for easier transportation to see Chen Xin Yi at Jiang Mu Island. Cun Xi nods. “Because you feel you owe her? Because of guilt? Or is it because of love?” Cun Xi only stares back Anna. “It’s love…”, Anna murmurs to herself, “After being stood up 12 times, finally, Ji Cun Xi gives up Anna Shi.” “I didn’t fall in love with Chen Xin Yi because you stood me up. I didn’t fall in love with her as a result of being used to her presence. I fell in love with her silliness. I’m afraid that if I don’t protect her, she will be bullied by others. (Oh no, if you don’t protect her, Dylan will.)” Anna looks down in defeat, when she looks up again, she puts a smile on her face and playfully tells Cun Xi, “Don’t be so sentimental. Although I may come off as being strong, I’m easily hurt! You should understand that each time when I had to leave you, I have to muster up a lot of courage to not turn around. Only this time, it’s harder than ever. Watching you over protectiveness during Xin Yi’s pregnancy, I’m thinking that what if we have a child of our own who inherits your eyebrow and my eyes? We can take walks in the park together, hand in hand…” Cun Xi is a little surprised, he tells Anna she has changed. Anna continues, “Cun Xi, I’m sorry about what happened on Grandma’s 80th birthday. If I didn’t show up, you and Xin Yi’s child would never been killed. I’m very sorry.” She hands the dog to Cun Xi and wishes for him to find Xin Yi soon. She turns to leave. “Anna, are you going back to NY?” Anna turns around, pretend to dismiss the matter lightly, “I can’t go back to NY. Just like how I can’t return to your side.” Cun Xi doesn’t understand. Anna explains to him that she has lost the stage forever with a helpless smile on her face. “Even if my leg heal, no other dance group would want me after the incident.”

Xin Yi wanders off to the bridge. Overlooking the peaceful river, she takes out her cell phone and looks at her picture with Cun Xi long and hard. The old man approaches her. “Your boyfriend?” the man asks. “No, he was my husband. What I said about the sketch earlier actually reflects my current state of being.” “The one and only yet not meant to be you talked about?” “Yes. Even though my ex-husband and I both tried everything, we weren’t meant to be because his heart already belongs to someone else. To escape from the unhappiness, I came to Shanghai under a friend’s encouragement. Unfortunately, I disappointed that friend as well. That’s me, clumsy and useless.” “I beg to differ. Your interpretation of my sketch is very intriguing. It’s somewhat representative of what I intended for it to be. ” Finding someone who she can connect with, Xin Yi asks the man why he would juxtapose things that aren’t meant to be. “The sharp edged cup is me. That cup lid is the woman I love the most. Sometimes, even though I knew two things may not be compatible, but I just want to try to see if it’s possible to find a delicate balance between the two. Because…” “Because happiness is as far fetched as snow flake.” Xin Yi completes his sentence for him. “Right, because happiness is far fetched. Even though I can’t be with the woman I love, but everything between us can become my inspiration. Did you know, only those with a story can create the most brilliant work. If you can’t forget the past, then force yourself. Keep it, as part of your life’s story. Let it be your nutrition to walk ahead.” Xin Yi is enlightened. She deletes the picture from her phone.

You could be the father and I could be the mother. We were once fortunate enough to have a child of our own. Except, the three of us were never meant to be together.

Xin Yi walks with the old man back downtown. Dylan finally finds Xin Yi. He runs over, hugs her and apologizes for being to harsh over and over again. “Sorry,” Xin Yi says, teary eyed, “This will be my last time saying sorry. What you said was right. I let you down. Please give me another chance. I will prove myself. Please.” “Chance, has always been waiting for you.” “THANK YOU!” Xin Yi jumps up and hugs Dylan. The man watches the entire exchange and smiles.

Still hugging Dylan tightly, Xin Yi asks jokingly, “Hey, if I work hard enough, will you introduce me to master ZhongShan Long?” The old man walks towards Dylan and pats his on the back, “I’ve known you for so long, but I’ve never seen this tender and encouraging side of you. Ho Ho Ho.” Without turning, Dylan tells Xin Yi, “Seems like you already know him.” “WHAT? He?!?! He is ZhongShan Long?” Xin Yi is utterly shocked that the man she just spilled her guts to turns out to be the very man she admires. What’s more shocking is that ZhongShan Long asks her to work with him. Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

After a long day of work, Cun Xi walks into the nursery to reminiscent the anxiousness of an impending fatherhood that’s already lost.

I once had a dream. In it, there is a father, a mother, and a loved toddler. We could’ve been happy. But I messed up.

Anna calls Cun Xi, uncertain whether grandma would be willing to accept her in place of Xin Yi. One of the few times to see Anna without the glorious halo of confidence. He assures her and hangs up.

Cun Xi gets up, he takes off his wedding band and puts it on the wooden horse. “Goodbye Ji Nian Ping, goodbye Chen Xin Yi.” Cun Xi is ready to start anew. Wise choice.

So does Chen Xin Yi.

A lot of things changed.

Xin Yi now Elaine learns to make pottery; Anna opens a dance class; Cun Xi uses work to numb his feelings.

But deep down, nothing changed.

Every single time when Cun Xi sees the new post-it girl in the office, he is reminded of Xin Yi. Whenever someone calls out Xin Yi, Cun Xi would turn to look.

Two years past.

One day Dylan enters Elaine’s classroom and knocks on the door asking if the teacher still takes any more students. Elaine looks up and smiles. One of the kids sees Dylan and blurs out, “Teacher’s boyfriend is here!” “Ah, this girl has got a sharp eye!” Dylan remarks. 🙂 He picks Elaine up after class and brings her back to the gallery. In the display is Elaine’s first work. Dylan plans to sell it and introduce Elaine to the world. Utterly thankful, Elaine tells Dylan that he’s been so patient and kind to her, she doesn’t know how to respond. Dylan answers, “Have you considered that I’m so kind to you because you simply deserve the kindness?” Elaine shakes her head, “No, I just don’t know how I can ever repay you.” “There’s something that’s been troubling me recently, “Dylan starts, “after the past two years, Elaine doesn’t need anything anymore. If she wants anything, she has the ability to get it herself. Except for one thing.” “What is it?” “Love.” Dylan confesses to Elaine. She stares at him for a long time, then burst into laughter. “This is good. This is the funniest thing I’ve heard in two years.”

Dylan lets out a sigh of incredulity, “What the? The first time I’m serious about liking a girl, she treats it like it’s just a joke?!” He follows her to Wai Tan, “Why? Is the flower I sent uglier or the wine I offer poisonous? ” “Don’t joke with me, you know all about my past. Divorced, lost a child, clumsily beyond belief. If it weren’t for you, I’d still be living the same old chaotic life. You deserve someone better.”

Maybe I like you because you are Chen Xin Yi.

To that, Elaine lightly says, “I’m not Chen Xin Yi anymore. I want to forget about Chen Xin Yi.” “Elaine!” Dylan calls after her and tosses a coin into the air then catches with ease. “Head or tail?” Elaine smiles and asks, “Is there a prize for guessing right?” “Certainly. That is, Master Dylan will take you home personally.” Elaine chuckles and asks, “What if I guessed it wrong?” “If you are wrong, then, share a secret with me.” “Then, head.” Dylan opens his palm slowly, revealing the shiny coin with the tail side facing upward. “Uh oh, I gotta go home by myself.” “Your reaction isn’t right. You should say, ‘Uh oh, I gotta share a secret with you.'” “Alright, what secret do you want to hear?” Dylan takes away the smile and asks, “Still in your heart? Ji Cun Xi.” “Still in my heart.” Dylan nods. “But”, Xin Yi continues, “He has become my nutrients, the story in my life.” “Can I confess?” “Sure, what do you want to confess about?” Dylan starts “Two years ago, I made a mistake. If I knew you would be hurt so badly, I wouldn’t try to push you towards Ji Cun Xi. When I decided to go to Grandma’s birthday party, I thought I would see you as the happiest person on earth. Who knew it would end up like that.” Xin Yi looks away. Dylan continues, “If joining your past is God’s plan, then I sincerely wish our encounter is meaningful.” “If, my art sells tomorrow, then I will eat dinner with you.” “Dinner? That’s it?” Elaine smiles and adds, “What about showing up as your girlfriend?” “You really think that way? Hey only say it if you mean it! If you want to thank me by offering yourself to me, I refuse in advance.” Dylan wiggles his finger to emphasize the “no”. Elaine only smiles wider, “What? There are times even You would doubt your own charms?” Dylan childishly answers, “I’m not God. When facing Love, I doubt myself once in awhile.”

Cun Xi faces problems at work. A sponsor suddenly decides to use Cun Xi company’s rival’s product. Cun Xi decides to pay the CEO a personal visit to convince him otherwise, in Shanghai. Anson enters to report to Cun Xi that Anna’s wedding gown has been custom made, tailored, and promptly arrived. The 348325th time Cun Xi has been informed of the matter. After Anson leaves, Cun Xi receives a phone call from grandma telling him to hurry home because “she” is about to give birth.

Been so busy today with packing and rendez-vous (no, not in the romantic sense) that this recap took a Long time to write. Not entirely satisfied with it, but, it’s done at last!

23 thoughts on “Fated to Love You 13: Rebirth”

  1. The grandmother is giving birth? Ai.

    iPods can’t record. One cannot wander from Shanghai to Su Zhou in one day. Otherwise, lols at the silliness.

  2. thks for that good summary!!
    No it’s not granma who is giving birth lol, she wrote “She”, we don’t who she is for the moment but i think it’s Ji Baobei ! 😀

  3. no no, grandma can’t be giving birth! she’s 80! menopause!! that’s why the “she” is italicized. the theory about Ji Bao Bei giving birth is ingenious! 😀

    the reason I didn’t remark on his use of ipod is b/c i figured he could just record something on computer then transfer to ipod. but, how extravagant!

    also, considering the China-Taiwan relationship, they can’t just Go to China. there’s the long visa-waiting process!

  4. Actually, they can. China – Taiwan is harder. The other way around, however, does not afford so much trouble.

  5. i think it’s ji bao bei that’s having the baby, and what’s this about anna and wedding gown ?? she’s getting married O.O.. i still can’t forgive anna, the nerve she still has to make herself look like a victim to …-.-…

    thank you for your report i understand more now. i feel they’re doing a lil to much stretching to the drama. i love the CX now but omg Dylan <33 that man is just a girls dream really. the part of him feeding her *faints*

  6. heh. i really want dylan and cxy together. they would be the cutest couple – “are” the cutest couple ever.

  7. It takes at least a 2 hour train ride to get from Shanghai to Su Zhou. HAhaaa these writers are totally tricking audiences, i guess its because the setting in su Zhou is more “artistic”.

  8. i love you, u must know that…. but i love this recap …..ur fabulous i love how u got the story of the three little pig in there i would have never thought of it ….love you and thanks again

  9. Dude. I’m starting to think that ZSL’s woman he loved is grandma. Remember in the beginning when Dylan gave her the vase, and she was like, “Oh, to have ‘the vase’ again.” and then Dylan asked her, “Again?”.

    It’s possible.

  10. Grandma definitely is the one. It’s just gonna be one of those things to stretch out the drama but ends up poorly handled.

  11. Hello Again, This time I’ve seen the episode with subbed but i still visited your blog. Now, i know you do write really well (with good translation). You see, i can understand a little bit of mandarin but when i watched the episode with the subbed i thought i translated some of them incorrectly (ex. “Wei Yi” meaning one and only right(?)) but they subbed it as if only or something. I guess they did it wrong. Also, It’s nice to read your own translation through your blog it gives me a different version (a better one, at that) of the story. Again Thanks!!!

  12. It’s grandma alright. It’s in the novel too. she is Master ZSL first love 🙂 and no mention of anna as being Dylan’s sister too.

  13. thanks for your compliments!
    yup “wei yi” means one and only. (btw, ‘one and only’ sounds so much better than ‘the only one’, which i have up there. :))

  14. Thanks for the recap!! Is the dog the one who is pregnant . . . I was confused. . . anyway thanks again, hope you could recap the next episode as soon as possible . . hehe. . 🙂

  15. ~^~ ar!sse ~^~

    ganda tlga nito!
    ang gwapo ni steven..!,,
    xa ba yung dati ng partner ni joe chen sa frog prince?
    or kamukha lng nya?!
    na bka kapatid or cousin nya!?
    or pumayt lng xa?!
    gwapo tlga nya!

  16. guys iba yun cia un ung nasa green forest si ming dao ung guy sa frogprince eh infairness ganda ng fated to love you…

  17. and guys ung sakurano owkie din un noh joe chen nd ming dao din un,, idont know jung anu relasyon ni ming dao dun sa bago ka partner ni joe chen…

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