Fated to Love You Episode 14 Preview

100th post!

Alors… ici, l’aperçu plus attendu!

Ji Cun Xi wallows in sorrow for two years, then fate converges the two diverging people once and for all. Cun Xi goes to Shanghai on a short business trip. Before returning to Taiwan for his fiancée ‘s dance class opening, he decides to go to an art gallery. (Yes, Anna has been promoted to being the fiancée, which makes Ji Cun Xi a committer of bigamy. tsk tsk!)

At the gallery, he sees a porcelain horse named souvenir and takes an immediate liking. Xin Yi calls Cun Xi to thank him for purchasing her work and arranges for an in person meeting to express her gratitude. They of course miss by inches, like the other 848323439480 drama scenes. On the ride to airport, Cun Xi opens the description brochure that comes with the art piece and notices that the designer is Chen Xin Yi. (As if the horse, the name of the pottery, and Xin Yi’s voice on the phone are not enough to light a bulb in Cun Xi’s memory.)

Cun Xi immediately orders the driver to turn back – we all know what that means, he is going to stand Anna up. (Come on, everybody has their ‘first time’!) That’s not all,

Cun Xi finds out Elaine (AKA: Chen Xin Yi post-transfiguration) is celebrating her success with Dylan. He follows them to the party and somehow gets hold of a mask to disguise himself with. If his instinct didn’t prepare him for seeing Some intimacy between Dylan and Elaine before his impulse took over, then watching Dylan spoon-feed Elaine definitely takes care of it.

Cun Xi asks Xin Yi to dance, first the romantic waltz, then the wild tango. (Where is the swoon-inducing romance? Where is the enticing swirling that makes every cell of your body ready to be swept away? Sorry, I must be to insensitive to feel the sensation that’s Supposed to carry out by the scene.) Apparently, the chemistry is lost on Xin Yi as well, for she absolutely cannot figure out who the man she has been wildly dancing with is.

Can’t recognize Ji Cun Xi? That’s not the direction a drama “should” venture into. So, Xin Yi and Cun Xi SOMEHOW, EVENTUALLY get back together, in bed – where they first started – while Ji Cun Xi confesses his love to Xin Yi.

Ta-da, end of preview.

Second preview. I’m sure most of you have seen the clips from the previous previews when the production team was madly advertising for the Shanghai scenes. Which means, the producers have been pulling scenes from a large number of future episodes to attractor audiences. Which also means, the development is going to be slllllllllllllllow. (heck, 22 episodes, we’re only on what..? 13?)

38 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Episode 14 Preview”

  1. “If his instinct didn’t prepare him for seeing Some intimacy between Dylan and Elaine before his impulse took over, then watching Dylan spoon-feed Elaine definitely takes care of it.”
    You are hilarious!! i love your writing!!
    Thanks for the preview!! Gosh, but 2 years is a lot, didn’t like that part.
    Cant wait for the recap! good luck with your exams!!

  2. wow…but from the 4 minute preview it seems like things won’t go as smoothly as we all think. i think hes going to end up saying in shanghai for a bit to see if there’s any hope to save the relationship. but the funny thing is how the hell did they get back into bed together lol ooh well..lets just hope by extending the drama episodes that it still keeps viewers watching instead of killing the rest of the episodes.

  3. I totally believe not recognizing someone’s voice, face, whatever it happens. But seriously 22 episodes, I hope they don’t stretch it so becomes boring, however there’s a lot to talk about other that XY and CX. The grandma and the old guy, the stepmom and etc, however that’s not romance, so wonder if it will sell.

  4. aww….. i cnt believe that i;ve been waitingfor nothing !!
    i really wanted the bed scene to happen already…..
    haha serves anna rite because shez guna be dumped for lying to xin yi AND cun xi bout the abortion thing… i hate her><“

  5. OMG, Ewww I can’t believe CunXi and Anna are freakin’ engaged.. WTH?! I mean, I still have hope that XinYi and CunXi will reunite, which is pretty obvious, but goodness, how many more twists are needed in this movie.. Anywho, all in all, I still love this damn movie..

  6. OMG, CX will marry Anna. Oh i hate her, her not a good person. She makes CY’s son die. How CX can marry her!
    And do u know what happen with Dylan, and the love of him with CY, hope CX & CY together! Thanks your previews!

  7. i frickin’ hate anna… cun xi never found out about anna giving xin yi abortion papers??? and even plans to marry her??? stooooopid. wahaha. i hope xin yi gets pregnant AGAIN. ahahaha… that’ll leave anna with NOTHING. serves her right… =DDDD

  8. ah!!!
    what is the part where the grandma calls cun xi and ask him to rush home cause someone is preggies or something?!!
    omgosh hope its not anna\i feel nthing but contempt for her!!!

  9. is it elaine or eileen? i swear i saw elaine in the c-subs of ep13, but the preview says eileen…… x.X;

  10. considering the oral skills of the FTLY cast members, elaine and eileen probably’d be pronounced the same by them. o.o;

  11. lilli on June 8, 2008 said:

    omg…when and where can i get epi 13??? i really looking for it. Any body knows?:-(((


  12. Bon, tu parles français aussi? Alors je vais pratiquer un peu avec toi. Merci! Bref, je pense que l’épisode va être plus plat que prévu, étant donné que les ‘preview’ incluent les scènes des autres épisodes.

    Est-ce que tu prefères qu’elle reste avec Dylan ou elle s’en va avec notre galant Cun Xi?

    Bisous, et bonne chance pour ce qui reste de tes examens!


  13. Je préfère qu’elle reste avec Dylan. En le même temps, je veux que Cun Xi trouvera l’autre femme au lieu de retourner à Anna, dont il n’aime pas encore. Par là les deux avanceront avec leur vie dans une manière réaliste.

    PS: N’hésites pas de corriger ma grammaire ou orthographe.

  14. hello…i was just looking around for some other country’s drama and i found ur website….u rily knw hw to explain the previews n things….u rily help a lot……thnks for d previews…….wud u knw wen the 14th episode wud be???

  15. The upcoming episode seems interesting…….but i hope that it does have imaginative romantic scenes…by that i means very unexpected and nice to watch…=)

    i dn’t understand what the purpose of Cun Xi staying with Anna when he does love Xin yi…”why is it that man is so complicated?”….”les hommes”…”ils sont pas facile a comprendre” hi!hi!

  16. je ne savais pas que tu parlais français. je te corrige:
    Je préfère qu’elle reste avec Dylan. Mais en même temps, je aimerai/préférerai/voudrai que Cun Xi trouve une autre femme au lieu de retourner avec Anna, qu’il n’aime plus. Ainsi/comme ça les deux avanceront dans leur vie de manière/façon réaliste

  17. Vraiment? Je pensais que tu préférais une grande réunion à la fin entre Cun Xi et Xin Yi.

    Et moi, Gaby, corrige-moi aussi! (T’es pas FC, par hasard?)

  18. i agree with anna becoming CX’s fiancee…
    and somehow, i agree when XY got her baby lost. it make sence that anna and XY will be a rival on havin’ CX… as XY lost her baby, i knew that CX’s feelin’ is known by us. he couldn’t pretend that he love ONLY XY’s baby, but he really really really really loves XY not just her baby.. >.<

    i think thiz fiLm’s gttin’ eXiteddddd

  19. ii dOn’t understand.. is anna pregnant?! and ii hOpe dat CX and CY get back.. ii jst wished they can c-sub it quicker!

    and why On earth dOes CX have 2 get engaged with anna?? she’s a bxtch! she gave CY abOrtion papers. and neva really cared abt CY. all she cared abt is CX.

    ii dOnt get dOes CX have 2 care 4 anna soO gOdamn much.. she is soO mean tO CY!

    ii think this mOvie is getting excited..and that dOes anyOne knOw when the next ep is gOnna cOme Out?!

    thnx soO much 4 this report.. waiting 4 ages.!


  20. I don’t care if the total episodes last to 100 as long as Xin Yi ends up with Dylan and not Cun Xi! Dang!!!

  21. Are you serious! I hate it when guys like Cun Xi still gets the best girl. What’s going to happen to Dylan?

  22. People, give Cun xi a break, you have to be logical, Xin yi came to change his live out of the sudden, and even so, he couldn’t resist her charm, but in the end Anna was first, so when the decision was to be made, he chose her. Now that he found his real love, he is dumping Anna, whom he was with out of guilt, cause according to her, she was fired when she had that accident, rushing to his birthday.. But he is so cute in his own way towards Xin Yi, i love him!!!!!

  23. 22 episodes? LOL I don’t want it to end 😦 But what the heck are they going to fill 9 episodes with? Another baby? o__o

  24. Wow!! Anna is promoted as Cun Xi’s fiance!!! haha . . i was a bit lost about the part with the bed thing? . . hmm . . i guess I really should watch it till the end . . I hope things become more exciting and not that slow!!! haha
    thanks again!!

    I CANT WAIT FOR THIS TO COME OUT!! [everyone, this whole drama is out on mysoju.com!!!!] and, ANOTHER bed scene?!! damn, they got it going! jkjk lol…and awww theres gonna be little ji bao be’s [im guessing thats how u spell it, i forgot lol] everywhere around the house! yaay yaay yaay!! lmao. aanndd WOOT WOOT theres alot more eps! [22] but omg i dont want it to end!!! lol
    peacee out <33

  26. the drama is getting somehow borring… i mean in the reality why would u go back to someone, who treated u like the last dreck?????? i mean come on…this drama will have a happy end….but that’s soooooo stupid… what bout the art guy (Dylan)????? he really loves Xin Yi, even she was a bit ugly and helplesss…and what does Cun Xi??? nothing except engaging with anna and then chasing after Xin Yi, just because she’s changed a bit….

    Xin Yi is soooo stupid…. hallo?? why would she still have a feeling for Cun Xi???? she decided to forget the past and Cun Xi is the past.. i hate pathetic women like her… (sorry if i was too harsh)

    and just thinking about another 9 eposides to come…..kann es noch langsamer gehen???

    but i’m curios about one thing. how did they end up in a bed again???

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