Fated to Love You Episode 13 Preview – second round

4 Minute Preview

Let’s jump right in:

The miscarriage catalyzes Xin Yi’s dormant desire to take command of her own life. She starts afresh in Shanghai, hectically trying to get used to the new life. Cun Xi in contrast can only passively sit in the empty bedroom late at night, filling his sorrow with memories of Xin Yi and wondering if she is doing well.

You could take the role of a father while I could be the mother. We were once fortunate enough to have a child of our own. Except, the three of us were not meant to be together.

With Xin Yi gone, Anna tries her best to fit in the Ji family and be the best potential daughter-in-law she can possibly bring herself to be. Life only resumes for Cun Xi.

But life has just begun for Xin Yi. She learns to pursuit her interest and, of Dylan’s affection. Then, Xin Yi decides to forget Cun Xi.

But fate intervenes once again. On a business trip to Shanghai, the two fatefully meet on the street. The finally pacified surface is disturbed again by the ripples of this “accidental” encounter…

Yet, afraid of getting hurt again, Xin Yi decides to eradicate any residual ties with Cun Xi – even if she still can’t forget him. As heartbreaking as the final break up is for both Xin Yi and Cun Xi, it also makes Cun Xi realize how much it really meant to him to lose Xin Yi.

And so, passion reignites..

18 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Episode 13 Preview – second round”

  1. whhoaa ppl have left comments in the preview vid that…

    anna is dylan’s brother? what the….. o.O” what an unnecessary and totally random ‘twist’.

    have fun w/ your 5hr classes:D

  2. you mean dylan is anna’s brother** right? =P lol

    yeah that would be completely unnecessary. i hope that its only a rumor and not true.. but then again when everyone said she was going to have a miscarrage, it was true. T_T well, i dont like anna, so i really don’t want her to have any happiness or reunite with some long lost brother.. sigh*

    thanks a lot for providing these previews and recaps! <3333 i can’t understand without subtitles so you help alot 😀

  3. heh, gender confused for a sec ^^; yes that’s what i meant.

    and lol from the looks of the preview, anna isn’t going to be very happy.. even if she does have a long-lost brother ^^

  4. aaaaahhhh… so anna being dylan’s long lost sis is just a rumor for now… cuz there’s talk about that on facebook… so we’ll just have to see what happens!

    thanks for the little summary… grrr i really wish i can speak/understand mandarin again!!!

  5. Same long preview but SUBBED!!!! Jez Anna still around to drive us crazy with her acting 🙂 Idoubt if anna is Dylan’s missing sister. I am currently reading the novel (someone is kind enough to translate them in English). I am into chapter 7 but so far no mention of them being related. The novel has only got 10 chapter and an epilogue and so far the drama series is kind of following the novel plotline religiously close.

  6. thank you (: i wanted to thank you for taking your time to do all these recaps of btw there was an eng sub one preview if anyone wants to see it. but yeah thanks and i hope you can do the sunday recap although it hink its finals for you ? well thanks (:

  7. The book in english??? Can someone tell me where i can get the book in english? I wanna compare. Thank you so much!

  8. I cant wait for this episode…its just getting hotter…I saw XinYi and Cunxi’s kissing scene and its HOT!! i wonder if it will part of episode 13 as well.

  9. OMG!! this is sooo exciting!! I so want to see the Shanghai scene!! EKKK!!!!
    Anna as Dylan’s long lost sister!! Please…I don’t like her character much after eppy 12, so I don’t think she is allowed to find her long lost brother..plus she has NEVER mentioned it!! Rumor is just a rumor!!!
    But omg!!! I want Dylan to Woo Xin Yi all the way!! ^^

    OMG! there is a english version of the novel?? WHERE????? Can someone link it????

  10. Thanks again, for pleasing all the fans of FTLY, now the waiting for tomorrow”s episode is more bearable!!!


  11. loool….very intriguing preview…hope that this episode will be funnier and romantic as their first encounter…

  12. sorry addict2asiandrama for the ambiguous wording.

    what I meant was Anna has a mom. why would a woman be so hard on a daughter if the daughter is adopted?

    so no, i don’t think there’ll be a Anna-Dylan sibling twist at the end. but if there is, then the drama just sinks deeper into the cheesy, wanna-be-intriguing swamp of unoriginality.

  13. quick question..can someone please tell me where can i get a copy of the translated book of FTLY?..coz i found a chapter summay at asian fanatics but it was only up to chap 7.

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