on the bus ride home…

My roommate and I were flaked out by yet another irresponsible person today, after extensive effort and waiting.

I always think it’s easier to see the good in others than in myself. Maybe this only pertains to me, but part of my reasoning is that when you are good at something, you automatically assume that, because that “something” comes so naturally to you, it must be so with other people as well. After all, that’s the intuitive approach people tend to take. Of course, this mentality undeniably reflects both a lack of understanding and a so-called high expectation of others.

So it’s time to open my eyes to the real world.

In the real world, there is always a portion of people who are irresponsible. That much is given. Yet, actually experiencing irresponsibility after irresponsibility in times of tremendous stress reminds me how great a quality being dependable and responsible really amounts to be.

So I am glad that I can proudly claim myself to be a responsible person. A pat on the shoulder for a little self-love in a critical time like this.

It would be Wonderful to sit down to a breakfast like that after everything at hand Finally works out.

8 thoughts on “on the bus ride home…”

  1. This is exactly how i feel about myself too..P I admire how expressive you are when it comes to writing in full context…Rare are those type, so do you. =)

  2. *pats* Unfortunately the world doesn’t work in ways that would let the irresponsible people get their comeuppance, but being a dependable person gives a the sort of self-satisfaction you describe, and that’s great.

    Whoo. I think my English teacher would kill me if he saw that sentence. (Run-ons r us!!)

    You know we love you, even if you decided to hit that flaky person on the head later on.

  3. nah, i’m not mad at the people for flaking off. i kept coming up with excuses to justify their actions. it’s the fact that i have a very short amount of time to have to settle a number of very important things and i haven’t had much luck that frustrates me.

    but yeah, thanks!

  4. isnt it too tiring to justify actions of irresponsible people sometimes?it wears me off once in a while…but yeah, as what as sevenses said we still love you…Take it easy!! and btw, howre you doing with your exam?? i hope youre okay=)

  5. true. rather than wasting time even thinking about irresponsible people, i should think about my papers and exams and lab proposal and many many other things.

    i took one exam today, which means, one less thing on my laundry list! yay!

  6. How many left? (But yays for the advancement towards freedom.)

    Mmm, breakfast. *hands you lemon curd and scones*

  7. lol *takes the curd and scone and starts jumping up and down in glee then suddenly stops when remembering that are still 3 more exams, 1 oral, 2 papers, a lab report and a problem set left*

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