Fated to Love You Episode 13 Previews

Preview 1; mini Preview; Preview 2; Preview 3; Long Preview; Old Preview

Since I won’t have the time to recap the next episode on time, I will briefly recap the preview 1 (and post a bunch of previews for your enjoyment.)

Cun Xi realizes that he couldn’t let Xin Yi go. He is determine to find her.

Xin Yi arrives at Shanghai with Dylan. She reverts to her old buying-coffee-and-making-photo-copies-for -co-workers-post-it-girl habit. Dylan sharply points out her current state of seeking escape is not praiseworthy. She absorbs his criticism and starts to work hard towards a transformation.

Xin Yi adopts the name Eileen and gets a make over – new hair cut and contacts – her pursuit of art commences. Soon, Eileen has her first work on an exhibition. At the same time, Dylan starts to woo Xin Yi, officially.

She agrees however, if someone buys her first work, she will go out to dinner with Dylan.

Cun Xi comes to Shanghai to deal with problems in the company. He enters the exhibition and sees Xin Yi’s work. He is enthralled by it. Cun Xi observes that although it’s a gift, what it transmits is a deep sentiment of sadness. He buys it. (I can only say it’s fate.) Xin Yi is happy to have sold her very first work and calls the buyer to as asks if she can thank him in person. (Of course they are fated to be together. They can’t even recognize each other’s voice on the phone! How long has it been since they parted?) Cun Xi curtly replies that she only has five minutes.

25 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Episode 13 Previews”

  1. tnx again!! I really appreciate this!! Tnx and take your time with the next episode’s recap . . . . good luck with the exams!!! hehe 🙂

  2. I can understand how they don’t recognize each other’s voice.

    Sometimes I get calls from an unknown number, but its my sister or mother, and I still can’t tell its them. its natural if you think about it. lots or reasons…

  3. lol….wanna see this……….
    i like that….transformation from an ugly duck to a beautiful swam…although Xin Yi dnt need much of the transformation..she is cute…not that ugly..it is more likely the professional side that is more needed than the appearance.

  4. i love your recaps and preview. im so busy with work that i hardly have time to watch fated to love you. but thanks to your blog, i can visualize all the scenes on my mind. i am truly captivated by FTLY. good luck with your exams and papers. break a leg!! ^_^


    that would be so crazy if she did

    what happened with Anna anyhow?

  6. I hate anna, it’s all her god damn fault, such a bitch and for what? a man? anna doesn’t even love cun xi she just wants attention from him since she is no longer a star

  7. I just want to share these same previews too for FTLY fans out there (esp. for those that can’t wait). I found them on you tube. Best of all ITS SUBBED 🙂 enjoy!!!

  8. omg it’s getting more and more interesting. I can’t wait to see the next episode. I was crying so much when she losts the baby. I don’t blame cunxi for it, I blame on that bitch Anna, if she didn’t do that then none of this would have happen. Well anyways it’s just a drama, so what happens, happens.

  9. preview 2… O___O holy. i bet those kisses are all in the last episode or something -__-;

    anyhow, THANK you irugnotmis for posting all the previews! you’re the best! :D:D fated to love you isn’t letting us down after all, eh.. so don’t give up your recaps 🙂

  10. btw why is your website link iurgnotmis but your display name irugnotmis? which one is the ‘right’ one? ^_^;

  11. This is so cool I saw a clip and it saod that they have been split for 2 years and then they saw each other again!!! AHHHH I can’t wait to see all the other episodes!! I don’t want this drama to end!!!!!!

  12. I’m a super fan of the show! I was just wondering, though: anyone here know when ep 13 will be available to watch? I kinda already want to see what happens!!!! 😛

  13. I think Anna is not a “B****” because in today society, there are many women who has goals and ambitions. Some men really likes women who are goal-oriented. It makes a women less useless other than the kitchen. Today, women are able to do housework, obtain a stable career, and still be able to be a great mother. Notice the part where she cried and apologize in the rain to Xin Yi because she was truely sorry. Even though she didn’t apologize in front of Xin Yi, it still doesn’t make her a “B*****.” This movie is basically telling you, that’s how life is, and how men are. They are greedy species. They would love to have a successful women, but at the same time they want a mistress. So ladies, if you are having problem with ur man being selfish, dump the dude and find yourself someone more deserving you ur true values. Don’t put down your values.
    P.S. Hope there are more men who are “FAITHFUL” and “HELPFUL” in the relationship!
    Overall, this movie is a really great movie.

  14. How could Cun Xi engage with Anna, and still chase after Xin Yi, or how could he pay her to leave after she had the baby. There is no point of him chasing after Xin Yi when he is the one who hurt Xin Yi’s feelings and caused the miscarriage. “Cun Xi is the “bad guy.” The women in this movie are all innocent. Anna just wanted to achieve her goal. Xin Yi love Cun Xi but I think Dylan is the best GUY, and Xin Yi is the great GIRL, so they should end up together with love, of course!

  15. Even though the two ladies in this movie portrays two different character: a house wife, and a successful woman, I don’t think it is trying to give a message that men want a housewife more than a goal-oriented woman. It’s more like a scenario of today’s society of the two different roles. Cun Xin really tried hard to be faithful, b/c even though his heart is with Xin Yi he was in denial and chased after Anna instead. Cun Xin didn’t really woo Xin Yi, their love just grew naturally after spending time together. Cun Xin loved Anna very much, it’s just that Anna neglected him a lot. Love needs nourishment…. ALWAYS. It’s not easy to revive a wilted flower.

    Funny if they separated for two years and get back together, b/c Anna was away for ONLY two months ^_^

  16. I love the storyline of this drama because it gives ordinary girls out there a chance to dream about their “prince.” Xin Yi is just a typical girl who’s very clumsy and isn’t the prettiest nor the smartest, but she has a heart of gold. She cares deeply about other’s feelings and would never hurt a fly to save her life! She’s quite the catch and this is why a lot of viewers fell in love with her because she resonates something in all of us. I love watching every single part of her onscreen, when she’s sad to when she’s happy, and especially when she’s with Cun Xin. Anyone who’s smart will know how much she love and care for him, even though he bullied her around a lot. I’m sooooo happy after watching ep. 12 when he finally realized how much he love Xin Yi and am even more happy when he told Anna he didn’t love Xin Yi because Anna wasn’t around (so basically Xin Yi is not just a subsitute for Anna) but that he loves Xin Yi for her qualities and her good heart…very touching. I really hope this drama has a good ending and doesn’t dispoint us all. After all, every ugly duckling deserve a Happy Ending. 🙂

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